Friday, March 18, 2011

Put Them in a Position To Do the Right Thing

Put Them in a Position to Do the Right Thing
A Peaceful US/Mexican Protest by John Randolph 3/18/11

For the last 30 years I have not only worked within the US government, but watched as our government and Mexico’s government failed to take responsibility for their ineffective immigration and "drug war” policies. 
My conclusion today is that these failures of the two governments are conspiratorial and by design. 
My conclusion today is that Mexican cartels and elite run the Mexican government while the American corporations and elite run the American government. 
The two governments work together to abuse American taxpayers and the Mexican poor. They are two sides of the same filthy coin.  Profit is their only goal while human life and human rights are of little or no consequence.     
Here is what I see.  America’s corporations and elite need Mexican oil, trade, investment opportunities, and labor.    Mexico’s elite and cartels need American trade, drug profits, remittances, and tax payer funding to take care of their poor who Mexico ignores.
On one side the American elite’s politicians tout increased law enforcement as a fix to these issues.  More border agents, drug agents and drug war funding will stop the problems.  More enforcement agents targeting business who hire illegal aliens will stem the flow.    
On the other side the American elite’s politicians tout dream acts, amnesty, or work programs that never quite solve the problem, and never will. 
This is the elite’s design to dangle carrots in front of American burro voters.  The status quo of making higher and higher profits is maintained none the less.  The insidious part of their plan is that they not only give American tax paying voters false hope, but they give Mexico’s  poor false hope too.      
Do you ever wonder why their plans never really work?  Could it be that they are working, but not exactly as they promise(d)? 
Their enforcement and entitlement propagandas get  average American taxpayers fighting with each other about illegal immigrants.  It is a brilliant plan that keeps voters choosing one side or the other while no real results ever take place.   Both sides become entrenched and brainwashed.
So the rhetorical and ideological battles of both sides’ politicians go on and on, and the results stay constant.  The rich keep getting richer at the expense of American taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented.     
Do you think America’s corporate rich and elite care one bit that you and I foot the medical and educational expenses of Mexico’s poor?  They have their own lawyers and politicians who have made sure that they (the rich) legally avoid the same taxes that you and I pay.
Do you think for one second that Mexico’s rich care one iota about US taxpayers taking care of their poor?
Do you think that America’s rich care about the billions of dollars that we pay to take care of the enforcement, medical, judicial, and incarceration expenses for America’s addicted or Mexico’s illegals?    
American taxpayers need to wake up to their own misunderstanding of what is taking place.  This is no easy task considering the lifestyle that the American elite have all of us living.  Who has time to figure this out when we are working our lives away just trying to make (their) ends meet?   
I believe that the Mexican poor already are aware of this.  What they are not aware of is the power that they could exert against those on both sides of the border who dominate and abuse them. 
So here is the plan.  Victims unite to bring worldwide attention to the crisis facing both countries. 
But first, just who are those victims who must unite?
·       eleven or twelve million undocumented in America
·       Mexicans fleeing Mexican narco-violence
·       Qualifying family members of the 35,000 +killed in our drug “war”
·       Family members of Mexicans who have died crossing the border
·       Mexicans who are starving
·       Mexicans who are out of work
·       Families of Mexican women killed or raped in Juarez
·       Mexican farmers who lost their farms to NAFTA
·       Mexicans arrested in “Operation Streamline”
·       Americans funding overcrowded schools
·       Americans funding overcrowded medical facilities
·       Americans who lost jobs to the undocumented
·       Americans who can’t find  jobs
·       American victims of crimes of illegal aliens
·       Americans who are sick of Washington’s failure to act
·       Americans who support any or all of the above
Are you getting the picture of the enormous amount of people I am talking about?  Millions of people on both sides of the border uniting.
So here it is.  Victims from both sides unite and drop the “A” bomb.  “A” bomb as in millions of undocumented people peacefully seeking US asylum while millions of supporters peacefully denounce the noted US/Mexican immigration and drug policies.    
But wait, how can Mexicans asking for asylum do anything?
Please check out the official United States Citizenship and Immigration Services link below.  Mexican asylum cases are being approved today in a very small number.  
I cut and pasted the parts below.  The yellow is my hi-lighting.
AsylumAsylum status is a form of protection available to people who:
·         Meet the definition of refugee
·         Are already in the United States
·         Are seeking admission at a port of entry
You may apply for asylum in the United States regardless of your country of origin or your current immigration status.
Refugee status is a form of protection that may be granted to people who meet the definition of refugee and who are of special humanitarian concern to the United States. Refugees are generally people outside of their country who are unable or unwilling to return home because they fear serious harm.
OK, let’s say they in theory they could line up by the millions and ask for asylum.  Won’t that just cost American taxpayers more money and more jobs?
It very well could at first.  Yet funding a protest now could save us billions later if it would force or embarrass both governments enough to make them make real changes.  
Now the Plan
I foresee an organized, peaceful protest of several hundred thousand or better yet, several million people.  Plan a special day or week and unite.
Victims from both sides of the border will make a statement that the world will hear.   The statement being that the two immigration and drug enforcement policies of both nations have failed.  This failure has cost American taxpayers billions of dollars.  It has cost the good people of Mexico thousands of lives.  Neither government will fix the problems, so we are here to protest their failure.  
So here it is folks.  We peacefully gum up the system in such a way that the two governments have to make positive changes.  We bring world wide attention to their failure.  We show the world that they put profit before the lives of their own citizens.  We embarrass the crap out of them so that they have to act!  
All of the above mentioned undocumented and their families and supporters  form lines at all Ports of Entry (POE’s), immigration offices, federal buildings, and US border patrol offices across the US.   Form lines and ask for US asylum.  Form lines and stop playing their game.
Ask for refugee status because of your fear of narco-violence in Mexico.  Refuse to return to Mexico.  Make your stand.  Be prepared to be held in custody until the fight is over.
Make the POE at El Paso (which is directly north of Ciudad Juarez) a focal point.  Because of cartel narco-violence, Cuidad Juarez is currently the most violent place on earth.  
Everyone - remember Egypt and what the voices of their common citizens did.  Make this protest massive.  The world will hear your message.  Mass media and social networking will make world wide headlines.  The US and Mexican governments will now take their turn at being under the spot light.  
The Mexican and US governments will be forced to address your peaceful protest.  
US Immigration will not be able to keep all of the undocumented asylees in custody for any lengthy period.  They don’t have the space or resources to do so.  At some point the asylees will be released on bond, by wearing electronic bracelets, or on their own recognizance.  
They will be released and free to live within the US until their  immigration cases are heard.  These hearings will be scheduled years down the road.  They may even be authorized to work in the US legally until their cases are heard.  Most of all, they will be able to live without the fear of the cartel violence that plagues them in Mexico.    
If this protest is well organized and enough people participate in it, the media coverage will put the US and Mexican governments in such  a position that they will have to address the situation.   Why?  Because of the cost and the embarrassment.  It costs $100 a day to keep an undocumented person in custody.  Do the math.      
Here is what they will have to address:
·       the failure of US/Mexican immigration policies
·       the failure of the US/Mexican war on drugs
·       35,000 + narco deaths in Mexico
·       two US agents killed this year
·       the corruption and human rights violations in Mexico  
·       poverty, lack of jobs and insufficient pay in Mexico
·       prohibition of drugs in both countries 
·       millions of undocumented Mexicans living within the US 
·       the cost to US taxpayers of millions of undocumented aliens
·       US jobs lost to those undocumented
Go Egyptian on them.   Put them in a position to do the right thing.
The most difficult part of this protest will be to convince American taxpayers and the Mexican undocumented to trust each other.  Some illegal aliens have committed unspeakable crimes to some American citizens. The opposite is true too.
Can both sides look beyond their fears for a better future for all?  Think of this.  Do you really believe that the Mexican undocumented would risk coming to the US if they could make a decent living wage working safely at home?  Why would they? 
Do you realize how many jobs would be available to unemployed Americans if Mexico’s undocumented chose to go home or stay home? How about the billions saved in not having to take care of their bills?
Let’s act.  Let’s get some “star power” behind this.  Let’s focus upon the true culprits and victims of this crisis.  Let’s put them in a position where they have to do the right thing.

John Two Pesos