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Real Problems Caused By Bi-National Greed

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Real Problems Caused By Bi-National Greed

Lately Washington seems to be concerned with US drug addiction and overcrowded US prisons.

Yet they remain absolutely mum about Mexico's 2006 Drug War started by President Felipe Calderon and continued today by Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto?

This is oh-so-familiar to the manner in which Washington handles Mexican illegal immigration.  The problem originates in Mexico yet we try and "fix" it here while wondering why nothing improves.

Oh I know and agree that it is our faults for using and abusing the stuff. 

Yet imagine this if you can:.

An elected US president ordering the US military (known for its cartel and organized crime connections, corruption, and civil rights abuses) to go to war with rival drug gangs on the streets of US cities.  Imagine six years pass and 120,000 people have been slaughtered, another 25, 000 are missing, and 240,000 have been displaced from their towns.  

Imagine the be-headings, hangings, bodies in barrels of acid, mass graves of 100 people or more, bodies dumped on the sides of freeways, journalists murdered for speaking out, thousands of kidnappings for ransom, politicians executed, barrooms riddled with bullets and dead bodies, and then in 2013 that US President is awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global leader's award plus a lucrative fellowship.

Yes Washington, we have a problem with drug addiction and overcrowded prisons. Yet you remain silent about your support of raging drug war started by your number-two trading partner just to the south?  You remain silent about your support of said horrific drug war and the 120,000+ people dead (including some US citizens and several US agents)?  You remain silent about the unspeakable drug war violence as if being silent about it will mean it doesn't exist or didn't happen?
Check out Vice President Biden's recent speech to the Mexican elite in Mexico.

My guess is the our politicians do not want to upset that 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico.  So shut up about the drug war deaths.  Shut up about NAFTA caused Mexican poverty that translates to 62% of the US undocumented being Mexican.

Shut about the real problems caused by bi-national greed and focus only upon the symptoms of those insidiously co-created, profitable problems.


"¿Qué están esperando cabrones?" Pancho Villa

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"¿Qué están esperando cabrones?"  Pancho Villa

Don't be discouraged.  CIR should die.  It should die because it does nothing to solve the very profit-driven poverty that drives illegal immigration that started this insidious problem to begin with.

It should die because it will do nothing to prevent more undocumented from dying while crossing our border in order to put food on their tables (and ours too).

We need a Global immigration revolution - one where people around the world would not be forced by their own governments to leave their homes in order to put food in their families' mouths.

One where people would not be forced into a system that requires them to escape their own homes and families in order to survive.  Forced into a system in which their home-country elite and ours profit off of the blood and tears of their own and each other country's citizens. 

You got to get this folks.  This problem is global and we in the United States can be on the front lines of solving this.  Did you know that the illegal immigration that takes place between the US and Mexico is simultaneously happening all over the world? 

Don't give me that crap that this isn't our problem.  It is our problem because our government condones, conceals and profits from it.

And if there are any of you out there who want to start attacking the real problem - count me in. 
I am thinking a bi-national (Mexico/US) peaceful border protest that would rock the world would be a good start.

Just imagine.  11.2 million undocumented, their supporters, US citizens who want this immigration nightmare to end, Mexican citizens affected by the US backed Mexican drug war, the countless family members who have been affected be NAFTA created poverty and record deportations, the Indigenous Peoples of Mexico who have been mistreated  and disenfranchised by the Mexican government and/or other governments who try and steal their resources, Native Americans who have been mistreated, murdered, and disenfranchised since "America's"  beginning, Black Americans who are still praying for Dr. King's Dream,  White Americans who have been ripped off by The Great Recession of 2008, failed health care and the lies of the Iraq War, and all other minorities who have been used and abused for the elite's American Dream.....

Read what Chris Hedges (a personal hero of mine) writes:

I wish Pancho Villa was still alive.  He is not - and not to many people like him are, but his words make me smile:   "¿Qué están esperando cabrones?"

What are you bastards waiting for?

CIR: I Got Mine So The Hell With The Rest Of You

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CIR:  I Got Mine So The Hell With The Rest Of You

After years of immigration related human-rights abuses (by the undocumenteds' home country "governments" and the US government too), years of their profit-driven/poverty-producing  economic policies, and years of Washington's failure (by design) to effectively control illegal immigration, what would anyone expect at a public discussion including Washington's current version and convoluted contemplation of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR)?

CIR is a profit-driven attempt at compromise that if approved will allocate billions more of US tax dollars being pumped into Washington's crony "border security" black-hole -  AND, will not - I repeat - will not (by their design) effectively stop illegal immigration. 

So here are the real questions that neither side of the debate will address:  Besides the obvious immigration benefit to 11.2 million undocumented people, who will also profit from this CIR and who will profit from the next, and the next, ad infinitum?

We were promised an end to illegal immigration with Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS in 2003.   Why in God's name should we believe you now?
Mexican poverty currently runs at about 48% and 62% of the US undocumented are Mexican.  Why does CIR fail to mention (Mexican) poverty as the root cause of US illegal immigration?  The US shares 1.25 billon dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade, yet Mexico's poor have to leave Mexico in order to sneak into the US in try and etch out a bit of prosperity they are not afforded at home?

Tell me oh wise Washington CIR politicians:  have you ever bothered to ask the Mexican undocumented if they would bother to come or stay here if they could have similar opportunities to prosper at home?
Tell me something all of you CIR advocates:  How many more undocumented people will die crossing the border and will continue to suffer poverty because this CIR, and the next, and the next ad infinitum will not address or solve the root cause of illegal immigration?

CIR is an insult to the 11.2 million undocumented who accept a bribe of a possibility of US citizenship for 13 years of labor peonage. 

CIR is an insult to the undocumenteds' home friends and families who will be left with the same or increasingly worse conditions and choices that you (the current 11.2 million undocumented) had before you came to the US.

CIR is an insult to the many Americans who will lose high tech jobs to foreigners who will be granted (thanks to CIR) an increased number of  H-1b visas.

CIR is an insult to the many Americans who suffer the undocumented consequences of over- crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes to their home towns. 

CIR is unfair to everyone except those who profit from it.  Yet greedy people from the top to the bottom will demand this CIR despite its inherent or planned incapability to solve illegal immigration.
Will CIR give America's farmers the laborers they need to harvest their crops?  Time will tell.  Yet if the past is any indication of what will happen now, this temporary work visa idea will die on the vine too.  Why?  Because the big-Agri complex makes more money off of illegal workers than legal ones.

CIR will also be known as "I got mine so the hell with the rest of you".       

Immigration Reform - An Exercise In Futility That Only Guarantees More Of The Same

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Immigration Reform - An Exercise In Futility That Only Guarantees More Of The Same

Behind all of the compelling and tragic human stories connected to our failed immigration,  Washington's attempt to reform (legal and illegal) immigration remains insidiously profit-driven.  If you look hard enough you will see that this kleptocracy parading as a democracy uses immigration as another way the kleptocratic elite enriches itself at our (meaning US citizens', the undocumenteds', and all supporters') expense.

The two major US political parties may have very different public approaches to immigration but the tie that ultimately binds them both is their desire to profit from all aspects of immigration (enforcement, feigned reform, privatized prisons, cheap labor, profitized-ineffective border security,  and the need to continue this cycle of never-ending illegal immigration).

This tie, by the way, extends to the undocumenteds' home country elite and is further self-entrenched by both elite's disastrous, poverty producing economic policies (NAFTA) and a horrendously violent Mexican drug war (120,000 + dead since 2006) that the Washington simply ignores.
If We the People do not recognize and address their ties and lies for what they are, immigration reform is an exercise in futility that only guarantees more of the same.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another US House Republican Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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Valadao said "I am serious about making real progress and will remain committed to doing whatever it takes to repair our broken immigration system."

Please take one example Mr. Valadao - Mexican illegal immigration.

Do you think Mexican poverty is the root cause of Mexican illegal immigration? If you do in fact think that, please explain how you would address Mexican poverty and its connection to Mexican illegal immigration.

Please suggest something other than the "tried and failed" use of billions more of our tax dollars being pumped into the US Border Security Industrial Complex.

Common sense dictates that the very existence of the US Border Security Industrial Complex depends upon continued (Mexican) illegal immigration.

This of course is very similar to the US Drug Enforcement Industrial Complex and the drug war it has been fighting and losing for over 40 years.

Of course there is the connection to Mexico too where some 90%+ of our drugs come from and some 62% of our undocumented come from.

Care to discuss and expand upon all of the above topics?

Don't Buy Into Their CIR Lies - They Do Not Intend To Effectively Stop Illegal Immigration

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Don't Buy Into Their CIR Lies - They Do Not Intend To Effectively Stop Illegal Immigration

CIR also known as Border Security Myth With Mexico - Their Profit Driven, Propagandized, Designed-To-Be-Ineffective Non-Solution To Illegal Immigration

When I was a US Border Patrol Agent one of the favorite sayings of the undocumented people who we were sending back to Mexico was "Hasta mañana" (See you tomorrow!).  Sarcasm?  Ironic humor or the simple truth?

My response in Spanish was ¡Ojalá que sí! ¡Sin ustedes no tengo trabajo! (I hope so! Without you I don't work (or have a job)!  Sarcasm?  Ironic humor or the simple truth?

Fast-forward some 35 years later and this is what I believe about illegal Mexican immigration:

It is insidiously profit-driven
It is a profit-driven, propagandized "threat" to your national security
It is bi-nationally created by co-producing poverty for profit
It is not designed to be effectively controlled
The US and Mexican elite profit from this insidious system (labor and remittances)
They profit from billions of tax dollars being pumped into border security
They profit from never-ending political platforms and potential votes
They profit from 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade
They profit from Mexican oil
They profit from billions of dollars in the proceeds of illegal drugs

Most of all they profit from the ignorance of the very citizens who they are elected to serve.
Bi-national citizens who are either too busy, too poor, or too trusting to discover or demand the truth.

Bi-national citizens and their supporters who are willing to push and work so hard for their piece of the American dream while ignoring that this CIR non-solution promotes the very poverty that they fled from and/or caused their illegal immigration.

They push so hard while ignoring the undocumented who have died and will die as this problem remains unsolved.  They push so hard while not acknowledging the impact that their choices and presence have had on the hard working, common Americans - the majority of who are kind people who also need jobs and have families too.

I am asking all of you from both sides of the fight to use common sense.  Profit-driven CIR does not even pretend to put a band aide on the cancer (poverty) that is the root of your problems and ours too.

Don't buy into this CIR lie; it will not solve the problem. 

We need to bypass this CIR bribe that they are offering us both.  For the undocumented and supporters it is the bribe that "gives" you a possibility of US citizenship for 13 more years of labor peonage.

For the US taxpayers and supporters - it is the one that swindles you again by promising an end to illegal immigration in exchange for billions more of your tax dollars poured into their ineffective border security.

We need to unite and demand that the bi-national governments truthfully address the poverty that caused and will continue to cause illegal immigration and immigration reform.




Piecemeal Illegal Immigration Reform? Why Washington Should - But Won't - Start With Mexico

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Piecemeal Illegal Immigration Reform?  Why Washington Should - But Won't - Start With Mexico

These jokesters crack me up.  Piecemeal approach for illegal immigration?  How about focusing upon Mexico - our good neighbor to the south who provides 62% of undocumented illegal immigration to the US?

These jokesters won't include anything about Mexico in their CIR.  That is a can of worms they will kick down the road in perpetuity.

Example?  Clinton's 1994 NAFTA that pushed more undocumented people into the US than ever before.  

Tell me how they would address the infamously corrupt Mexican government who they share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with?  Mexico - who is our number two source of oil, our number one source of illegal drugs, and our number one source of undocumented immigration. 

Mexico whose own corrupt Calderon government started in 2006 to use the biggest cartel of them all - the Mexican military, to attempt to wipe out its competitors. 

Six years and 120,000 drug war deaths later, we have Obama's alma mater, Harvard, who is now pampering none other than Calderon with a lucrative fellowship.

Mexico - the shining example of why CIR is a complete joke.  CIR by design does not address the  bi-national elite's co-created poverty that causes Mexico's illegal immigration to the US.

Nope, these profiteering jokesters won't even think about piecemealing anything that would upset that golden tea-cart.


Why Does Not One CIR Politician or Group Address The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration?

Why Does Not One CIR Politician or Group Address The Root Cause Of Illegal Immigration?    

That is one point you won't find on any of these propagandized charts.  Do you wonder why?

Common sense questions should supersede any corporate charts or statistical mumbo jumbo every time.  

Would the undocumented choose to come or stay here if they had similar opportunities at prosperity working and living at home with their families?

Who profits from labor and remittances provided by undocumented immigration?

Ask yourselves this - why are no Washington CIR politicians or their supporters addressing the poverty in undocumenteds' home counties as a possible cause and cure to US illegal immigration?

Who profits from border militarization, immigration prisons, immigration deportations, and immigration reform provided by decades of continual illegal immigration?

Who profits from NAFTA despite the fact that it created the largest influx of undocumented people into the US ever?

Who suffers the costs and consequences of illegal immigration into the US?  Our millionaire politicians or our average taxpayers who deal with overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses to the undocumented, and unfair undocumented demographic changes to their home towns?

Explain to your friends how comprehensive immigration reform always enriches the home-country and US elite first (remittances, 11.2 million laborers in peonage, billions for their border security cronies, political sway), the undocumented second, and US taxpayer's third.

How dare these millionaire US politicians who don't "live in the trenches" with the US middle class, US poor, or the US undocumented push CIR solely as a means to stay in office, gain political power, or profit for themselves and/or cronies.

The US elite not suffer the costs and consequences of profit-driven illegal immigration any more than their corrupt counter-parts in Mexico (El Salvador, Guatemala, Colombia, Honduras, Nicaragua etc.) do.

All of these people (Washington politicians, their home-country compadres, the undocumented and their supporters,  The Border Security Industrial Complex, The Corrections Corporation of America,
the H1-b Zuckerberg's of America, immigration lawyers, etc. have vested, profit-driven self-interests in CIR) -  none of which address or solve the problem of illegal immigration.


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Pretend Everything In Mexico is Fabulous (Ignore That Ongoing Drug War)

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Pretend Everything In Mexico is Fabulous (Ignore That Ongoing Drug War)

This is like saying one kid's parents are outperforming their neighbors' parents:

Yep, they make good money, do their civic duties, play sports well, they work real hard at their jobs, and are the happiest people on the block.

See how much better my parents are than yours?

Oh did I forget to mention that they are also flaming drug addicts and like to murder people?


Immigration Reform: The Jig Is Up

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Immigration Reform:  The Jig Is Up

HP probably won't print this. 

99% of the posters who go back and forth here about immigration reform are sickening.

One extreme has American idiots vowing to arm drones and start shooting those "criminal invaders" who illegally cross the border. 

On the other we have the undocumented and supporters who could care less about their poor fellow citizens at home.  Give us our reform now because we got through.  Who cares about the rest of you at home?  Asi es la vida, no? (That's the way life is, right).

Then we have these US politicians who are paid to keep us all insidiously confused about immigration.  Enforce immigration laws?  Who cares - give them amnesty.  Border security corruption?  Who cares as long as my people get their contracts.  120,000 dead from the Mexican drug war?  That isn't our problem - just keep the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and oil coming for my cronies.

Clinton's NAFTA rapes good people on both sides of the US/Mexico border?  Who cares as long as the bi-national rich keep getting richer, reform passes, and Hillary gets elected in 2016! 

Since 2006 there have been 120,000 + drug war slaughtered in Mexico - yet President Bill Clinton supports awarding Ex-Mexican Drug War/NAFTA puppet President Felipe Calderon Harvard's 2013 First Angelopoulos Global Leader award and lucrative fellowship?

Calderon fought (and now President Pena-Nieto is fighting) Mexican organized crime, right?  Hey estupidos, Mexico and Washington are both organized crime organizations run by political criminals, no?

The undocumented would not come or stay here if they could have a decent shot at prosperity working at home with their families.  Yet our own governments' NAFTA and foreign policies pushed more undocumented here than at any other previous time in history. WTF (Washington Trained Fools)?

You ignoramuses would rather argue with each other than fix this mess.  And that is exactly what the bi-national elite want you to do.  Argue and keep arguing and keep arguing for God knows how many decades more. 

By the time you figure it out it will be (if it is not already) too late.

If you all had one once of integrity you would scrap this reform now and start today going after the elite who prosper from profit driven poverty and profit driven illegal immigration.

Take just one case:   Mexico (62% of our undocumented).  Stand up to Washington and make our politicians stand up to that corrupt, murderous trading partner of theirs. 

Notice to all US and Mexican (El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan, Honduran, Colombian, etc.) corrupt elite and your corrupt politicians:  Your immigration reform is done.  The jig is up. 

Start sharing the opportunities for prosperity that we all deserve, or else.

Screw your reform.  We want an immigration revolution, and we want it now.

Do it now or suffer the consequences that all your money can't  or won't hide.



They Fiddle Around While America Burns

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They Fiddle Around While America Burns

"The movement of goods and money is governed by global norms and institutions. The movement of people is not. The most intimate form of globalization is the least orderly and least understood."

The movement of people is not governed by global norms and institutions?
Migration - legal and not - is the least orderly and least understood? 

Seriously?  You people at Oxford and The Atlantic might as well move to and write from other space.

Home-country poverty is co-created by the migrants' blood-sucking home-country elite and the US blood-sucking elite.  Both groups force legal and illegal immigration to the US where that same American blood-sucking elite will profit from the migrants' bloody, laboring hands.

What in God's name is not orderly or understood about that?

Then those laboring migrants' will send remittances back home to their families (as they have done for decades) because that same blood-sucking home-country elite have stolen every chance at legitimate prosperity from their own hard-working citizens.

Earth to Oxford.....come in Oxford?  Aw, never mind.

Your rosy assimilation propaganda does not take into account the millions of US taxpayers who suffer the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, job losses, and unfair hometown demographic changes (not the mention the billions of tax dollars flushed down the elite's border security, designed to be ineffective, black hole) shoved down their throats, now does it?

Least orderly and least understood my foot.

You guys keep fiddling around while America burns - and stay tuned.

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We Need An Immigration Revolution

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We Need An Immigration Revolution
From the article:

“This is not just an idea whose time has come; this is an idea whose time has been around for years now,” Obama said, standing alongside Vice President Biden. “It's good for our economy. It’s good for our national security. It's good for our people, and we should do it this year.”

President Obama here are the illegal immigration realities that have been around for years that you and Washington Immigration Reform profiteers fail to mention:

Profit-driven US economic policies produce poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries
Profit driven-poverty produces profit-driven illegal immigration into the US
Profit-driven illegal immigration into the US produces cheap labor and billions in remittances
Profit-driven illegal immigration produces profit-driven amnesty or immigration reform
Profit-driven immigration reform produces profit-driven votes for
Washington politicians
Profit-driven illegal immigration produces billions of tax dollars for crony security corporations
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in profit-driven border enforcement designed to be ineffective
Profit-driven reform results in billions of dollars for corporate H-1b visa programs
Profit-driven reform results in job losses for US citizens in high tech industries
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in a never-ending cycle of people crossing our border
Profit-driven illegal immigration results in people continuously dying crossing our border
Profit-driven reform results in over-crowded US hospital
emergency rooms and school rooms
Profit-driven reform results in unfair demographic changes for US hometowns
Profit-driven reform promises (bribes) the undocumented with US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage
Profit-driven reform guarantees future immigration "reforms" brought to us by you and paid for by US taxpayers

I am sure there are a few "ideas" that have been around
for a years that not only I missed but that you missed too President Obama. Oh yes! The profit driven Mexican drug war that also promotes Mexican illegal immigration and thousands of asylum applications! Oh yes, that one.

Here are a few ideas about Mexico and the drug war that have been around for years that you guys ignore:

120,000 people killed in President Calderon's US backed, 2006, ongoing Mexican Drug War in which Calderon (now Pena-Nieto) uses Mexico's corrupt, murderous Mexican military to fight Mexican "organized crime"

Why did VP Biden forget to mention that fact during his recent speech in Mexico?

Americans have forgotten or never knew that the US lucrative (now institutionalized ) war on drugs started over 40 years ago

US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade (plus their undocumented, 62% of ours)

Mexico is our number 2 source of foreign oil Harvard University recent award of a fellowship for Mexico's 2006 Corrupt Drug War/NAFTA President!

Why don't you guys just admit it. Mexican trade, profit-driven illegal immigration, and illegal drug proceeds are more important to you than stopping illegal immigration or illegal drugs?

Wouldn't Mexico's economy (part of the tres NAFTA amigos) and possible ours collapse if we actually stopped illegal immigration or legalized drugs in the US?

Isn't Mexican oil and trade more important to you and your Washington profiteers than a few million US undocumented, a few thousand border deaths, and the billions in the costs and consequences suffered by US taxpayers because of your feigned border security and immigration "reform" fiascos?

Wouldn't the Mexican undocumented either go home or stay home if they could have similar prosperity working safely at home with their families?

You guys need military and drug wars to profit. You need failed health care systems that keep people sick in order to profit. You need Great 2008 recessions to profit. And -

For decades you have needed illegal immigration to keep profiting too.

That is the truth that has been around for years that you try and cover up with your immigration rhetoric, promises and propaganda.

We (the good people of the US and the good people of the undocumenteds' home countries) don't need your stinking, decades-old, regurgitated immigration reform.

We need an immigration revolution.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Zuckerberg and CIR Throw American Kids Under the Immigration H1-B Reform Bus

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform awards US high tech jobs to the undocumented and H1-B foreign workers so that the likes of billionaires like Zuckerberg can make even more profit?

Screw you - you capitalist traitor!

Why don't you move to Mumbai or Mexico City?  No tax breaks there?  No US luxuries or safety?


Taxpayers Pay The Price of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) - Not Washington's Millionaire Politicians

Taxpayers Pay The Price of Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) - Not Washington's Millionaire Politicians

Here we go again - another US politician pushing CIR while not bothering to mention the single most blatant cause of illegal immigration to the US - the undocumenteds' home-country poverty.

(Note:  although not the topic of this comment, it is also important to highlight the millions of dollars that high tech lobbyists have poured into CIR's goal of outsourcing US jobs for foreign workers). 

Most Americans are kind and very sympathetic to the suffering of the undocumented.  Most Americans know that the majority of the undocumented are good, hard-working people simply trying to bring some level of prosperity to their lives.

AND these same Americans are also sympathetic to changes that the influx of undocumented have brought to their own hometowns.  These Americans (unlike Washington's millionaire politicians) are forced to endure the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair demographic changes brought to their neighborhoods by the influx of the undocumented to the US.

Please tell me Rep. Wasserman-Schultz, how does your CIR protect the rights of the US taxpayers who suffer the decades-long costs and consequences of profit-driven illegal-immigration? 

I speak as a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.  I speak as someone who has had first-hand experience of working with and arresting undocumented people crossing our border.  I speak as someone who witnessed a 20 year-old undocumented man fall to his death while running from us.  I speak as a friend of two hard-working, decent, honest co-workers who lost their lives enforcing US immigration and drug enforcement laws.

Wake up folks.  Despite all that our politicians say, illegal immigration - and all of its ramifications in the US and the undocumenteds' home-countries - is profit-driven.  It is all about money,  government-induced poverty, dispensable cheap labor, remittances sent home, billions of contract dollars to crony border security corporations, voting power, privatized immigration prisons, Mexican trade, Mexican oil, and US immigration "reform" that never effectively solves illegal immigration.

Of course none of our illustrious Washington politicians want to talk about the ongoing US-backed Mexican drug war either.  120,000 people have been slaughtered in Mexico since crony NAFTA/Drug War Mexican President Felipe Calderon started that government/military-sponsored cartel takeover and atrocity in 2006.

Common sense dictates that Washington is turning the "fight" against illegal immigration into another institutionalized profit-maker not unlike our 40+ year long failed "war" on drugs.

If Washington politicians are so concerned with the family tragedies that prompt CIR, why in God's name do they say nothing about the recent drug-war slaughter of 120,000 of our friendly neighbors in Mexico? 

Why do they remain silent about Ex-Mexican President Calderon (and his legacy of drug war corruption and blood) come to the US and serve as a Harvard fellow?

How can you Rep. Wasserman-Schultz support CIR which de facto offer bribes of US citizenship to 11.2 million undocumented in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage?

We (US taxpayers, the undocumented, and all supporters of both) all must stand against CIR.  We must force our Washington politicians to tell the truth about governmental induced poverty (NAFTA) which breeds profit-driven illegal immigration to the US which causes US taxpayers to suffer all of the US costs and consequences (not to mention the continuing border crossing deaths of the undocumented which CIR will not stop).



Saturday, October 26, 2013

The "Powers To Be" Do Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

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The "Powers To Be" Do Not Want To Solve Illegal Immigration

Who in their right (albeit simpleton) minds couldn't fix illegal immigration? Secure the border and fine the bejesus out of US employer's who hire them, right? Make eVerify mandatory and fine the heck out of employer's who won't or do not use it!

Why in the Sam hell can't those idiotic Democrats simply follow our current immigration laws? My God, this is not rocket science. Yet these clowns do nothing! The only option is to boot them out and get someone in there who will follow the darn rules!

I am not saying that the above solutions won't work. They would, and do - to some degree.

Yet after having not only worked within the system (US Border Patrol) for 26 years and studying not only illegal immigration (specifically Mexican) but the Mexican Drug War in retirement, I have come to the conclusion that many Americans are really immigration brainwashed and/or immigration ignorant.

I have heard these back and forth immigration arguments for some 35 years now. I saw how Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS all failed to effectively stop illegal immigration as promised.

Here it is folks: the "powers to be" who run our government and the undocumenteds' governments too do not want to solve illegal immigration.

Both elite groups profit from home-country poverty (remittances), profit-driven illegal immigration (cheap labor), and profit-driven illegal drugs (banks laundering cartel profits).

Until we face that realties of their profit-driven poverty and their profit-driven illegal immigration, we are unconsciously spinning our collective immigration "reform" wheels.

Read what our own US Department of State says about
"our" relations Mexico: tp://

Please don't skim over it. Read the whole thing. Read about how "we" share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico. Read how Mexico is one of our largest trading partner and how Mexico is our number two source of oil.

Now read about how Clinton's 1994 NAFTA not only shot down the Mexican poor, but shot us in our immigration feet too.

Read about Mexico's poverty.

Read about the percentage of Mexican undocumented in the US (58%).

Now check out this article about Mexican President Felipe Calderon, his horrendous 2006 US-backed drug war, and his current fellowship at Harvard University.

Our problems with illegal immigration are much more complex than either party in Washington wants us to know. Illegal immigration is just not about hungry people crossing our border in search of work and better lives. It is about the economies of the rich and how they profit off of self-induced poverty, illegal immigration and illegal drugs.

And it is for these reasons that the "powers to be" do not want us to solve these problems.


Friday, October 25, 2013

CIR Is Wrong Because It Ignores Home-Country Poverty, Promotes Illegal Immigration, And Guarantees More Deaths On The Border

In response:  

CIR Is Wrong Because It Ignores Home-Country Poverty, Promotes Illegal Immigration, And Guarantees More Deaths On The Border

As a retired US Border Patrol Agent, I will go to the mat for the people's immigration revolution, not Washington's profit driven comprehensive immigration reform.

We (US taxpayers, the undocumented and all supporters of both) need to stand up to Washington profiteers and the undocumenteds' home country profiteers - and revolt.  We need to force them to fix their insidious profit-driven home-country poverty/US illegal immigration system once and for all.

For example: would those of you are Mexican undocumented either come to or stay in the US if you could have equal opportunities to prosper and work safely at home with your families?

You know in your hearts that this CIR does nothing to solve the very poverty and/or violence that made you or your parents decide to cross into the US.  I must say that although I understand your desire to improve your lives, your choice to push for this CIR does nothing to help your friends and families at home.  In fact this entire cycle will repeat itself and people will die crossing the border unless you act and we unite to put an end to this madness.

This CIR offers you the undocumented an unscrupulous bribe -  13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship.  This CIR lies to US taxpayers again and rips them off for billions more dollars for border militarization that is designed to be ineffective in stopping undocumented people from making it in to the US. 

We (you, your friends and family at home, and US taxpayers) will all go through this nightmare again -  just as we did after Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA.

I know the majority of Americans want this to stop.  Some will be sympathetic to you.  Many will continue to incorrectly blame you for illegal immigration when the truth is the rich from your countries and the rich from ours are the ones that cause this.

I ask you to use your heads and say know to CIR.  CIR is wrong because it won't solve the problem of home-country poverty.  The same poverty that the US elite have helped your elite create. It therefore will not stop illegal immigration because they need your labor our tax dollars.  Most of all, CIR is very wrong because more people from your countries will die crossing the border and their deaths will be on not only the corrupt politicians hands, but yours too.

Don't play the game.  Don't make this deal with the devil's elite in your country or ours.

Let's unite to make the bi-national elite create prosperity in your country and therefore in ours too.
There are good people in the US and in your countries that can and will fix this once in for all. 

Yet it will take your unplugging from their CIR game.



Washington's Good/ Bad Immigration "Cops" Work for Same Kleptocratic Immigration Police Department

In response:

Washington's Good/ Bad Immigration Cops Work for Same Kleptocratic Immigration Police Department

As long as "bad immigration cop" politicians like Jan Brewer criticize "good immigration cop" politicians like President Obama, the majority of voters will never even dream that both Brewer and Obama actually work for the same kleptocratic governmental "immigration police" department.

This deception of course is be design.  As long as immigration issues divide the public and our two major political parties blame each other, very few people will figure out that these Washington profiteers do this on purpose. 

We need to cut through the decades of propaganda and rhetoric and simply observe what has taken place.  Observe how their alternating administrations fight and fight for their immigration solutions, but neither side has effectively stopped illegal immigration or effectively enforced their administration's own immigration laws. 

It started with Reagan's 1986 fraudulent-laden Amnesty which promised Americans the end to illegal immigration - and failed.

Then we had Clinton's 1994 NAFTA which had a two-fold promise that also failed:  1) the Mexican people were promised millions of prosperous border factory jobs, and 2)  Americans were thereby assured that the Mexico's border factory jobs would finally put and end to illegal immigration.  I guess we could also throw in Bush's expensive and impulsive creation of DHS as a means by which America would certainly be safer.

Spin or explain away as they may, the truth is we are now dealing with 11.2 million undocumented people living in the US.  With that said, they now are telling us that our immigration system is broken and only this current Comprehensive Immigration Reform will solve the problem.

How does the old saying go.....fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times and try to fool me again with CIS.......I shall not write what I say out loud after that.

I did not just fall off of the turnip truck.  I worked for 26 years as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent, and it has taken me another 8 years in retirement to study and get to the bottom of this.

Here is what Washington is not saying and never has:  the elite who run not only our government but the undocumenteds' governments not only create ( for example NAFTA) but profit from home-country poverty and the ensuing illegal immigration to the US.

They profit off of cheap labor, remittances, border militarization, drug wars, immigration reforms, immigration prisons, deportations, and the promising political/economic sway of the undocumenteds' heritages and countries of origin.

This scam has been going on for decades.  Yet none of Washington's immigration reform politicians will listen to the many American citizens who, to put it mildly, have simply had it with Washington's political immigration promises that are buried under those citizens' real life dealings with overcrowded hospital emergency/school rooms, losses of jobs, and the unfair demographic changes to American hometowns that the undocumented unfortunately bring.

US immigration policies as they deal with the undocumented are nothing more than a system of profit-driven illegal immigration.  We The People have been - and continue to - pay the price.

Nowhere is this insidious system more outrageously and blatantly evident than America's problems with Mexican illegal immigration.

Mexicans make up 62% of our undocumented.  The largest influx of Mexican (and all other undocumented people) came after Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.  Someone in America and Mexico enjoys 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with each others countries.  Mexico is our number two source of foreign oil and our number three trading partner.

Looks pretty good, no?  Yet Mexico has a poverty rate of 50%.  And most Americans are not aware of what Clinton's NAFTA really did to the poor people in Mexico let alone what it did to American jobs.

Here is the final nail in our bi-national coffin.  Do you realize what the US backed Mexican Drug War has done to Mexico?

Where is the outrage in the US?

I am telling you folks - if you want this insidious illegal immigration saga to end you better understand the tragic game that you are being hoodwinked into.  We are being played by our own government and people are not only suffering but dying in the process.

It is up to the good people on both sides of the argument and fence to resolve this nightmare because the "immigration cops" - "good and bad" - are part of the corrupt, bi-national, multi-national, global kleptocracy.

Everybody Wants Their Private Piece Of The Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) Pie

In response:

Everybody wants their own private piece of the comprehensive immigration reform (CIR) pie.  Meanwhile - the insidious home-country poverty that pushes people here to begin with is not even on the CIR radar screen.
Sure Washington - let's fix a broken system by failing to address the root cause of its illegal immigration. 

The real shame here is that people are suffering and dying, and will continue to suffer and die because many US voters are too busy to figure out what lurks below this decades-long sham:

Billions of US tax dollars being pumped into a border security system that profits best by being ineffective.  Billions of dollars annually being sent back to the undocumenteds' home country.  US NAFTA that actually pushes their profit-driven illegal immigration.

11.2 million undocumented ready to sell 13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship.  Washington promising again to fix a broken system by pushing this CIR which will only guarantee the need for another "reform" some years down the road.

And why?  Because everybody wants a piece of that lucrative immigration reform pie.  Cheap undocumented labor, immigration clients, immigration courts, immigration prisoners, immigration deportees, immigration votes, immigration remittances, and the never-ending enrichment of the immigration border enforcement industrial complex. 

The real sham here is that CIR supports a profit driven system based upon home-country poverty that is necessary to keep the insidious cycle in place.  Poverty, illegal immigration, remittances, profit-driven undocumented labor, profit-driven border militarization, and profit-driven "reform" that leaves no doubt about this entire boondoggle happening again, and again. 

Meanwhile - US taxpayers will continue to endure the overcrowded hospital emergency room, losses of jobs, billions of tax-dollars wasted on border "security", and the undocumenteds' unfair demographic changes to those taxpayers home towns.     

Shame on all of you who participate in this horrendous scam.  We can stop this insanity.  It will take committed activists from all sides who are willing to expose the system for what it really is.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Letter To President Obama re: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Letter To President Obama re:  Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Dear President Obama,

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I know that the major cause of Mexican illegal immigration (62% of our undocumented) is Mexican poverty.

Washington's CIR regretfully says or does absolutely nothing about Mexican poverty -  yet you want my support for CIR? 

Mr. President I have worked during Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA - both of which promised to effectively control illegal immigration but did the exact opposite.  As a result Mr. President the undocumented demographics of my small town of San Jacinto California make it unrecognizable from the town that I grew up in and loved. This CIR will do nothing about the presently over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, school rooms, and losses of jobs that my hometown friends are dealing with today.  In fact, despite all of the billions of more dollars poured in "border security" my educated guess is that history will repeat itself and this situation will only get worse.    
This CIR will continue the insidious cycle or profit-driven poverty and profit-driven illegal immigration .  More innocent people will die crossing the border in anticipation of our next "reform".

Please Sir - how can 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico result in their poverty rate being at 50%?  How about the 120,000 people killed in Calderon's US backed Mexican drug war? 

How in God's name can you support that corrupt, murderous Mexican government as it horrendously uses its corrupt military to annihilate its own people and ours too?

Then ex-Mexican Drug War President Calderon is awarded Harvard's 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award and lucrative fellowship?

Permission to speak candidly President Obama - who are you guys trying to kid?

I am saddened and ashamed as this CIR bribes 11.2 million undocumented people with a promise of US citizenship in exchange for 13 years of CIR labor peonage.

We could economically sanction Mexico until it cleans up its act.  Of course that would mean standing up to the profiteers who benefit from this current CIR and the unequivocally certain immigration "reforms" to follow. 


John Randolph

Thank You!

Thank you for contacting the White House.

President Obama is committed to creating the most open and accessible Administration in history.  That begins with taking comments and questions from you, the American people, through our website.

Our office receives thousands of messages from Americans each day.  We do our best to reply to as many as we can, but please be aware that you may find more information and answers to your questions online.

We encourage you to visit regularly to follow news and updates, and to learn more about President Obama's commitment to moving our Nation forward.

For an easy-to-navigate source of information on Federal government services, please visit:

Thank you again for your message.

The Office of Presidential Correspondence


Ignorance and/or Brainwashing Drive Many Americans' Opinions About Mexican Illegal Immigration

In response:

Ignorance and/or Brainwashing Drive Many Americans' Opinions About Mexican Illegal Immigration

I am not talking about stupidity.  I am saying many Americans lack information or have been  purposefully misinformed about illegal immigration.  I say that knowing that even thou I worked as a US Border Patrol Agent, I was in the same boat too. 

Unfortunately many Americans do not have or take the time to educate themselves about the abusive, profit-driven system that keeps illegal immigration in place. 

I have taken the time.  Here is what I have found:   if the zapato fits wear it.

Signs one is ignorant or does not fully understand our profit-driven system of illegal immigration: 

If you find it so easy to blame one political party or the other, the Federal Government, the undocumented, American anti-immigrants, etc., or any combination of the above, you do not fully understand the system. 

If you buy into their "deport them all", "secure the border", "E-verify", "fine all the employers", "reform immigration" rhetoric (or any combination of the above) as a fix to illegal immigration, you do not fully understand the system.

Signs one is on the right track to understanding the profit-driven system: 

If you know about Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA and wonder why these two programs did not effectively stop illegal immigration as promised, you are on the right track.

If you know that Clinton's NAFTA brought WalMart to Mexico, destroyed small Mexican corn farms, exported American jobs, and pushed more undocumented people into the US than ever before, you are on the right track.

If you wonder why the US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade yet Mexico's poverty rate is at 50%  and Mexico's US undocumented rate is at 62%, you are on the right track.

If you wonder why Washington supports the ongoing 2006 Mexican drug war yet you seldom if ever hear about the 120,000 people who have been slaughtered since then, you are on the right track.

If you wonder why the US Government pays Border Patrol Agents to chase human beings around like animals in the night (especially when some of those human beings are coming to pick our fruits and vegetables) you are on the right track. 

If you know Mexico is our number two source of oil you are on the right track.

If you have had it with the undocumented overcrowding US emergency rooms, taking US jobs, and bringing unfair demographic changes to your hometown, you are in the right track. 

If you know that the US has institutionalized the War on Drugs, and Mexico's War On Drugs is but another chapter in our 40+ year-long boondoggle,  you are on the right track.

If you know that Bill Clinton (yes that same NAFTA Bill Clinton) and wealthy Greek Ambassador Gianna Angelopoulos supported Harvard University in awarding Ex-Mexican 120,000 Drug War Dead President Felipe Calderon Harvard's' 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative fellowship, you are really on the right track.

We all need to get on the right track about how these bi-national profiteers create and profit from Mexican poverty, Mexican illegal immigration, US/Mexico trade, the US/Mexico Drug War, US Immigration Reform, US Border Militarization, US privatized immigration prisons, institutionalized  US deportations of Mexican undocumented, and ignorance and/or brainwashing that drives many Americans' opinions about Mexican illegal immigration. 

By the way, I have been accused of being bigoted toward Mexico.  I am bigoted towards the corrupt, cartel run Mexican government and the corrupt corporate-run US government.  I actually love the regular, everyday wonderful people of both nations. 

I also have been criticized for continually speaking of insidious US/Mexico economic relations and foreign policies.

I am convinced that (in different degrees) the relationships of the profiteering US elite and the profiteering elite from other US undocumenteds' home-countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Columbia etc.) are not different in kind, just degree.

After 26 years I retired from the US Border Patrol/INS/ICE investigations and have studied Mexican illegal immigration and the Mexican Drug War since 2006.


Washington's Immigration Reform - Don't Touch Mexico's Golden Labor, Drugs, Oil, or Trade!

Washington's Immigration Reform - Don't Touch Mexico's Golden Labor, Drugs, Oil, or Trade!

Immigration reform - as it applied to Mexican illegal immigration - is such an insidious, unethical scam.  

How can Washington reform illegal immigration without addressing the undocumenteds' horrendous home-country poverty as its root cause? 

It would be comparable to politicians trying to solve a drought by not discussing water, their control of the water (that creates the drought), or the enormous profits they and their cronies make by creating and maintaining the drought.

Earth to Americans - connect the dots!  Mexican illegal immigration constitutes 62% of our undocumented.  Mexico has a poverty rate of 50%.  Clinton's NAFTA pushed more undocumented into the US than at any other previous time (3 million to 11.2 million).  The Mexican and US elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is our number two source of foreign oil.  US investors invest more foreign capital in Mexico than any other investors do.  The Mexican economy (and therefore ours) would tank without the billions upon billions of dollars in remittances and illegal drug profits pumped south annually.

Look at how our on US Department of State glorifies "our" relations with Mexico!

Is it any wonder that Washington remains mum about their backing of the Mexican drug war that since 2006 has left some 120,000 dead?  How about their Mexican tyrant President Calderon currently serving as a Harvard fellow despite his legacy of corruption and blood?

Is it any wonder that Washington's  immigration reform will not touch the goose that lays Mexico's golden labor, golden drugs, golden oil, and golden trade?

Never mind that 120,000 people have been slaughtered in their co-corrupt war FOR drugs.  Never mind about the undocumented who die and will continue to die crossing our border.  Never mind the overcrowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, billions in border security costs, and unfair demographic changes US citizens have to suffer.         

Never mind that 11.2 million undocumented are so desperate for a better life that they will sell 13 years of labor for a chance at US citizenship and family unification.  Never mind that "immigration reform" institutionalizes the entire process and guarantees another reform/amnesty/overhaul scam down the road.

Mexican illegal immigration translates into bi-nationally created poverty which produces profit-driven illegal immigration and ensuing profit-driven immigration reform. 

Priceless.  Simply priceless.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

When Immigration Reform Transforms Into Immigration Revolution

When Immigration Reform Transforms Into Immigration Revolution

I wonder if Mr. Gutierrez will say "conflict is part of the fun" when immigration reform transforms into immigration revolution?

Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform is a convoluted attempt for the major "players" to game theystem for their own self-serving interests

Washington politicians try to sway the Latino vote.  The undocumented want U.S. citizenship albeit in exchange for thirteen years of labor peonage.  U.S. Technology corporations want cheaper foreign workers via increased foreign workers' visas.  Washington's cronies of the U.S. Border Security Industrial Complex want those never-ending, highly lucrative government defense contracts.  Privatized prisons corporations want that continued turn-over of "customers" for their "hotels".  Of course the undocumenteds' home elite want to keep those billion dollars in annual remittances coming back to their homes.  Mega U.S. corporations (agriculture, hotel/motel, construction) who profit off of undocumented labor have much to continually gain by retaining the status quo.

At the bottom of the pecking order in the U.S. are the citizens who will continue to suffer over crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs, increased taxes, and the unfair demographic changes to their home towns.

At the bottom of the pecking order in the undocumenteds' home countries will be their poor who will be coerced into crossing into the U.S. too.  Some will lose their lives in the process yet what will remain unchanged will be that which causes them to continue to try:  home-country poverty.

You see none of these Washington reforms will address home-country poverty as the cause of illegal immigration.  Not because Washington can't do anything about it.  On the contrary - Washington is invested in the never ending cycle:  profit-driven poverty creating profit-driven illegal immigration creating the need to "reform" the system to make more profit for all concerned.

We do not need immigration reform we need an immigration revolution.  We need it in the undocumenteds' home country and in the U.S. too.

We need a revolution to force the greedy elite who run this insidious system to end their home-country profit driven poverty.



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Which Is Worse: The NSA Spying On Mexico Or Washington Ignoring Mexico's Murderous Drug War?

In response:

Which Is Worse:  The NSA Spying On Mexico Or Washington Ignoring Mexico's Murderous Drug War?  

Which is worse:  the NSA spying on the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government or Mexican Washington ignoring Mexican President Felipe Calderon's use of the Mexican military to conduct a six-year long, US backed drug war that resulted in not only the deaths of over 100,000 people, but the 2012 insidious appointment of Calderon as Harvard University's 2012 First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Award and lucrative fellowship?

I can not understand the America's apathy for either government's insidious, murderous behaviors.


CIR - A Means To Outsource US Jobs to Foreign Tech Workers

In response:

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - A Means To Outsource US Jobs to Foreign Tech Workers

I wonder how many of the 11.2 million undocumented Zuck is really interested in helping? 

This is another example of how Washington's comprehensive immigration reform simultaneously uses aspects of its profit driven illegal immigration scam to benefit corporations while passing all the costs and consequences on to US taxpayers.

Washington pretends that it cares about human beings by waving banners for family unity and dreamers.  Then they turn around and attach some 700 amendments to "CIR" that will fatten all of the pocket books of the likes of Zuckerburg to their cronies at the US Border Security Industrial Complex. 

Tell me Zuck - do you really care about qualified US workers who you won't hire because it is cheaper to hire foreign tech workers?

Zuck is a businessman  -  visas for foreign tech professionals i.e. lower wages, health care, retirement costs are what underlines his profit driven interest for immigration reform.

If he is really so interested in solving the problem of illegal immigration he would use his wealth and influence to focus upon Mexican poverty - not legislation to make more slave tech workers for his Facebook empire.

ICE needs to go after Zuck for aiding and abetting illegal aliens with his Hackathon.  .

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The US Hacked Calderon's Email? Give Him A Harvard Fellowship!

HP I cut and pasted the web address from your article (copied below) and the article title reads "Mexico Demands Investigation Into U.S. Hacking Allegations".

America should be demanding an investigation into Harvard University's awarding Felipe Calderon their first Angelopoulos Global Leader's Award and accompanying lucrative fellowship.

This man's US backed 2006 decision to use his corrupt Mexican military to fight rival drug cartel competitors brought about the deaths of over 100,000 people.

Our petition to boot Calderon out of Harvard is still active. Google Harvard, Calderon, 100,000 dead, petition.

The story here should not be about whether the US hacked Calderon's emails or not.

The story here should be why would Harvard give this tyrant with a legacy of corruption and bloodshed a fellowship after he ordered his corrupt Mexican military to fight other rival cartels resulting in the slaughter of over 100,000 people in Mexico?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Immigration Reform: How The Elite Profit From Both The Legal and Illegal Sides Of The Problem

In response:

Immigration Reform:  How The Elite Profit From Both The Legal and Illegal Sides Of The Problem   

What is disturbing to me is that people who are at odds about illegal immigration and immigration reform blame anyone and everyone but the actual insidious system that keeps the problem in place.

Take one example:  Mexican illegal immigration.  Common sense dictates that at its roots, Mexican illegal immigration is caused by Mexican poverty. 

Who profits from - or off of - Mexican poverty?  And who creates that profit-driven poverty? 

Certainly the Mexican elite does as billions in remittances are poured back into Mexico each year.  The Mexican elite also profit from the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with the US.  How about Mexican oil which is our number two source of oil to the US?  How about US investments in Mexico from US investors who invest more in Mexico than anyone else?

With all of that prosperity going on in Mexico, why is their poverty rate at 50% and why is the number of Mexican undocumented in the US at 62%? 

By the way, Clinton's NAFTA caused the largest influx of undocumented people into US ever!  How many Mexican undocumented died as a result of NAFTA?  How many US workers lost their jobs because of NAFTA?  Consider also the long waiting lines in US hospital emergency rooms and the unfair demographic changes to many American hometowns.   

Someone in the US obviously profits off a never-ending supply of cheap, expendable Mexican laborers.  The US border industrial complex reaps billions and asks for billons more of tax payers' dollars while employing "designed ineffectiveness" to pretend to be willing and able to "secure the border".  Don't forget the privatized US immigration prisons who get approximately $125.00 per undocumented person per night after night.  Then we have the two major US political parties who - because of illegal immigration - are guaranteed (despite amnesties and reform attempts) to have a never-ending platform to try to win over the growing Latino vote. 

Don't forget the Mexican Drug War and the billions of dollars in profit that go to Mexico's cartel-run government and the US Drug Enforcement Complex that has been "fighting" the drug war for over forty years.

These bi-national governments set up "our" perpetual problems then the bi-national elite ensure that they themselves profit from both the legal enforcement side and the illegal distribution side of the problems. 

We know who pays the price for all of this - as the people of Mexico and the Mexican undocumented know too.

Yet many seem to be very confused about who is responsible and how to not only fix these problems, but stop them too.


Friday, October 18, 2013

Who in their right mind would want to head Bush's Frankensteinian concoction called DHS?

In response:

Who in their right mind would want to head Bush's Frankensteinian concoction called DHS?

We need a team of Super Heroes:

Weapons control = Ironman

Border Patrol = Spider Man

Crowd Control = The Hulk  

Air Patrol = Batman

Water patrol = Aquaman

Justice Patrol = Superman

Crime Control = Dick Tracy, Lone Ranger

Money Laundering = The Untouchables

Terrorism Patrol = Capital America

War Patrol =  Xmen

Prison Control = The Punisher

Climate Control = Thor

Distribution of Wealth = Robin Hood, Zorro

Any other ideas?


President Obama - A Few Questions About Mexican Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

President Obama - A Few Questions About Mexican Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform

I have some Mexican illegal immigration and immigration reform questions for you and Congress  President Obama.  I tried to pass these on to my congressmen but they are not interested.

Mexican illegal immigration and US/Mexico trade: 

Is Mexican illegal immigration actually profit-driven by the elite who run our two governments? 

Please have Congress investigate how the Clinton's NAFTA nearly quadrupled the number of undocumented in to the US (3 million to 11.2 million).  Please - while they are at it - have them   report the correct number of US jobs exported from the US because of  NAFTA.   Note:  discuss why Washington's newest trade agreement - the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) - has been labeled "NAFTA on Steroids" and just ramifications that trade agreement will have on US workers and consumers. 

Please explain why Mexico's poverty rate is at 50% yet our two nations share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?   

Does Mexican poverty have anything to do with Mexican illegal immigration and Mexico having the highest number of undocumented in the US at 62%? 

Address how many Mexican families and the Mexican economy are dependent upon billons of dollars in remittances being annually sent back home to Mexico by their undocumented and others.

Immigration reform:

Mr. President if Mexican poverty is the cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US, why is that subject not addressed or discussed in Washington's Immigration Reform plans?

How will immigration reform solve our problems of overcrowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs to the undocumented, losses of US jobs to NAFTA, and unfair demographic changes to our hometowns? 

Why do we seldom if ever hear any US politicians blame the notoriously corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in the creation of Mexican illegal immigration?

Isn't Washington's reform plan of creating a new American sub-class of 11.2 Registered Provisional Immigrant workers in exchange for the possibility of US citizenship and 13 years of labor a form of modern day labor peonage? 

Won't immigration reform actually convince more undocumented people to take the risk of coming to the US (despite all of Washington's border build up)?

Mr. President do many US corporations (agriculture/hotel-motel/construction etc.) actually want and profit from cheap undocumented labor?  Are those corporations really in favor of effectively "securing the border" and stopping the laborers they want and need?  

Would Mexico's economy collapse if Washington's border surge did in fact effectively seal border?

Please discuss why the US elite invest more capital in Mexico than any other investors do.  Tell us just exactly how much US border maquiladoras pay Mexican citizens to assemble our clothes and electronics per day.  Explain what the invasion of WalMart and US corn have done to Mexico's poor.

Mexican Drug War:

Has not the 2006 US backed Mexican drug war resulted in the slaughter of some 120,000 people?

Please explain why the US media rarely covers that war and how our tax dollars are being used in support of such carnage.

Explain to America how Washington stands by and supports the corrupt Mexican government's use of their corrupt Mexican military (known as the largest drug cartel of them all) in the Mexican "government's" all-out attempt to orchestrate a government-sponsored cartel takeover of rival cartel competition? 

President Obama why is (after six years of raging drug war in Mexico) Mexico's most notorious cartel kingpin, El Chapo Guzman, still in full operation today?  The US Military can find and assassinate Osama in Laden in Pakistan but it can't find Chapo Guzman in Mexico?

Is it possible that Chapo Guzman actually is in cahoots with the Mexican government and our CIA as indicated by the heroic Mexican author, Anabel Hernandez, in her book "Narcoland"?

Why is the country which is America's number two source of foreign oil able to lauder cartel drug profits through US and global banks?  Would the economy of that same country, America's third largest trading partner, collapse without the billions of dollars being pumped back into their economy by America's addicted each year?

Why do many hard-working Americans blame Mexico's undocumented for illegally coming here while Washington says nothing about the insidious profit-driven economic and foreign policies that push Mexico's undocumented here?

Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon

Mr. President how in God's name can Harvard University award Mexico's drug war tyrant - Felipe Calderon - Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and accompanying year's-long, lucrative fellowship?  

Is it OK with you that the hundreds of thousands of dollars Calderon receives from Harvard lecture fees are blood soaked from his horrific drug-war decisions and legacy?

The People's Plan 

The writing is on Washington's planned 2,000 mile-long border militarized wall.  The good, hard-working, common people of both the US and Mexico are being raped by the bi-national elite and their politically created poverty and profit-driven illegal immigration to the US.

I have this fantasy of a peaceful, bi-national border protest as millions of us peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day trading and murdering machine. 

Let's shut it down until we can have honest people mutually represent both nations from  our respective governments. 

There is plenty of prosperity to go around for the citizens of both nations. 

The good people of Mexico would not have to be chased like animals because they simply need to put food on their families' tables.  The good people of the US would not have to pay for and suffer the consequences of the bi-national elite's profit-driven illegal immigration to the US.