Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Occupy Movement and Failed Immigration

I am really excited about the occupy movement because we are taking on the 1%’s corporate corruption and control of our government. Similar movements are happening in Mexico too. BTW, I primarily focus upon Mexican immigration because they are our direct neighbors and make up close to 50% of the undocumented in the US. Of course the 1% profiteers of many countries force members of their 99% to migrate to survive too. IMHO all undocumented are members of the 99%.

At some point the occupy movement will affect failed immigration because failed immigration is part of the 1%’s control of government.

I foresee the 99% peacefully occupying the US Mexican border. Interrupting the 1%’s one billion dollars a day trade will get their attention. I also think that all Mexicans who have been persecuted by the US backed drug war should apply for US asylum (protection). That includes the persecuted people in Mexico and the persecuted undocumented who are in the US too.
Does not America supply the demand and weapons that fuel “their” war? How many people (including US agents) have to die before these two governments come to their senses?  Do you know that since 2006 close to 60,000 people have been killed in the US backed drug war in Mexico?

Of course US immigration courts have a horrible record of granting Mexicans asylum. Yet what would our government do if it suddenly had to deal with say one million (costly) Mexican asylum applications? Would the 1% (who runs both governments) suffer worldwide embarrassment and be put in a position to actually address the problem?  

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Stage Setting, Pump Priming, or Seed Planting for War with Iran

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Sounds a lot like stage setting, pump priming, or seed planting for a war with Iran.

How can you expect the 99% to buy into this after the lies we were told leading up to the invasion of Iraq? We believed both houses of congress and the Bush Administration's claim that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

Since when does a "mistake" of that magnitude happen with no one in our government taking any responsibility whatsoever?

Where does one find faith in the words of his or her government after that atrocity? 

Another infuriating example of our government missing the boat (or manning the Titanic) was the mortgage meltdown of 2008.

I assume most of the 99% had faith and trust in President Regain, Clinton, Bush and Obama and their clan of financial gurus like Greenspan, Rubin, Summers, Paulson, Geithner, and Bernanke. Yet the Glass Steagall Act was repealed in the name of "financial modernization." This financial dream team members refused to listen to the warnings of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission chair person Brooklsey Born culminating in the mortgage/global meltdown of 2008. Wall Street continues to bank roll the current Obama administration and to date there is nothing in place to avoid another meltdown.

Strike one, strike two, and now the pitch for war with Iran?

Have you people lost your minds and your hearts? 

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mexico Makes the Drugs - America Makes the Guns

And the top 0.01% bi-national elite make the profit.  Now there’s a MÉNAGE À TROIS made in hell. 

Isn’t it interesting that on May 10, 2011 President Obama campaigned from El Paso, Texas and did not say one word about the Mexican Drug War?

Yes, the failed US backed drug war in which our tax dollars via Merida Funding go to support their madness.

Yes, that failed US backed drug war that has left +/- some 50,000 people dead.

FYI, the sister city to El Paso Texas is Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.  It is located directly across from El Paso, and is ground zero for the war on drugs in Mexico. 

Maybe all of the fencing blocked President Obama’s mind from thinking of Ciudad Juarez?

Or maybe the two countries’ .001%’s greed and economic interests (Mexican oil, labor, US owned maquiladoras, and one billion dollars of cross border daily trade) are of more importance that human life.

I find it interesting that President Obama did not mention Mexico or the drug war in his recent State of the Union speech.  I also find it interesting that President Obama did not mention the Occupy Movement either.  You know that movement that has spread across the United States (and the world) in which people are protesting the top 0.01%’s greed, mortgage meltdown, crony capitalism, and financial influence upon our government?

Two, huge, 500 pound gorillas, one for the drug war, the other for the occupy movement,  standing like King Kong’s brothers and sisters on top of the White House, and Washington remains silent?

What will it take Washington?  A May Day occupy event that shuts the entire country down?  Or a mass Mexican drug war asylum exodus that shuts the entire border down?

We the 99% are like children pleading and crying to our parents to get their act together!  
Or maybe we are grownups who finally realize that a responsible interdiction is the only way to save ourselves and the lives of our children and grandchildren.      

Finally, please read this article by Professor James Petras entitled “Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide”

Washington:  we need to know the truth and it is your job to fess up and fly right or step down and let someone with real integrity run the show.