Monday, June 30, 2014

Washington Tries To Put The Illegal Immigration Fire Out At the End Of The Road Rather Than Where It Starts

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Washington Tries To Put The Illegal Immigration Fire Out At the End Of The Road Rather Than Where It Starts

These Washington immigration reform profiteers will do anything but address or admit that their own NAFTA and CAFTA "free trade" agreements created this mess to begin with.

Pouring billions more into border security is like trying to put the fire out at the end of the road but ignoring the self-created conditions and fuel that keeps said "fire" burning north.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Washington handles immigration like some "B" movie plot

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Washington handles immigration like some "B" movie with a "good immigration cop/bad immigration cop" plot. Keep everyone guessing, angry, confused and the predictable results are - the decades' old illegal immigration status quo grinds on.

Millions more undocumented will escape their home countries where US trade policies like NAFTA and CAFTA favor only the respective bi-national rich. Thousands more will die crossing the border as human life becomes said elites' cost of doing the nasty business of exchanging cheap labor for remittances.

Meanwhile Washington will continue to scam US taxpayers out of billions of dollars in planned ineffective border security. Kind of like the never-ending war on drugs, no? The 40+ year long war where simultaneously the "good" drug enforcement industrial complex and the "bad" drug cartel elite keep raking in the dark money and tax payers' dough.

Stirring The Emotional Illegal Immigration Pot Rather Than Attacking Its Root Causes

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Stirring The Emotional Illegal Immigration Pot Rather Than Attacking Its Root Causes

Ms. Foley is very well informed about immigration issues.   I must say I am a bit perplexed as to why she primarily focuses upon the symptoms of illegal immigration (deportations, family separations, immigration reform, the recent childrens' border crisis) rather than the root causes of illegal immigration?

Those root causes are: 

(1)  greed-based US foreign economic policies that create this unprecedented disparities in wealth and poverty in both the undocumenteds' home counties and the US

(2) the US backed drug wars that have created unparalleled home country violence that exacerbates illegal immigration too

I think most Americans are very sympathetic to the horrible conditions that push their fellow human beings to flee their home countries.

I also think that most Americans are also sick of Washington's greed-based, politically motivated immigration games that not only put the undocumented at risk but affects the lives and welfare of US citizens too. 

Who foots the bills for billions of dollars in border and interior immigration enforcement boodle that to date has proven and/or are designed to be ineffective? 

Who suffers the consequences of over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs to the undocumented and unjust demographic changes that have made many American home towns resemble border towns? 

Ms. Foley none of this is entire ordeal is fair to either the undocumented, their families or US taxpayers and their families. 

Today Americans are not going to automatically swallow another of Washington's "immigration reform" pills that will undoubtedly increase illegal immigration, increase its effects upon US taxpayers while simultaneously ignoring the horrendous fact that hundreds if not thousands of more border deaths will be a result of Washington's insidious plan. 

We all need to educate ourselves as to the root causes of illegal immigration.  That is the only chance we have of solving the problem.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Watch As Washington's Self-Inflicted Illegal Immigration Crisis Blows Up In Washington's Face

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Watch As Washington's Self-Inflicted Illegal Immigration Crisis Blows Up In Washington's Face

The injustices created by Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration requiring profit-driven immigration reform have come to an ugly head.

Washington's immigration profiteers can no longer pretend that Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, G.W. Bush's creation of DHS, or Obama "immigration reform" were actually intended to effectively stop illegal immigration.

Corporate America can't hide its lust for cheap labor.  It not only wants the laborers but wants the billions of US tax dollars funded for  "border security" boodle too.

Americans who are normally compassionate now know that they are being used by this scam too.  They are the ones who deal with over-crowded hospital emergency rooms, losses of jobs to the undocumented and unjust changes to their home-town demographics.

How much do NAFTA and CAFTA trade policies exacerbate illegal immigration to the US?  Notice that that subject is not even considered when Washington talks about "immigration reform". 

How many more hundreds or thousands of border deaths will "immigration reform" cause?  That subject is dismissed too as only a fool would believe that "reform" would not draw millions more undocumented to the US.

Please read VP Biden's speech to the Mexican economic elite.  It is very revealing.  It lays out what the US economic elite's plans are with Mexico.  It promises what the US will bring the undocumented out of the shadows.  Yet nowhere does Biden discuss what effects these economics and continued illegal immigration will have on American taxpayers. 

Nowhere does Biden mention the border deaths and illegal immigration that will surely continue to come.



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Americans Turn Their Blind Eyes To Washington's Illegal Immigration Truths

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Americans Turn Their Blind Eyes To Washington's Illegal Immigration Truths

This entire mess is caused by our government creating trade policies that favor the rich and create immense disparity in wealth present in both the US and in the undocumenteds' home countries. 

The foreign rich greedily create their own subclasses of economically disadvantaged citizens and de facto export their own citizens to the US in exchange for remittances returned to said foreign plutocratic economies. 

Simultaneously co-conspiring US rich cash in on this scam with a never-ending supply of expendable laborers and billions of US tax dollars in "border security" boodle.

Yep they will secure the border and effectively stop illegal immigration about the same time that they win the 40+ year old, ongoing war on illegal drugs, no?

Washington and its profiteering politicians set the scope or parameters of the debate for American non-thinkers.  It's either boot 'em all out or let 'em all in with the preponderance of responsibility for  this decades-old crisis entirely pinned upon the undocumented  "invaders" their du jour accompanying political party. 

Meanwhile not one politician will address poverty as the root of illegal immigration.  And not one will dare consider that Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA have exacerbated this problem to the level it is today.

Our Washington profiteers would rather spend a trillion dollars fighting a losing cause in Iraq than demand that the corrupt governments of Mexico and other Latin American countries provide some level of prosperity for their own citizens (so that American tax payers don't have to).

So congratulations to Washington, conspiring elite foreign looters and Americans too lazy to figure this out for yourselves.  This too shall pass.


Monday, June 23, 2014

Washington Has Created A Corrupt Monster That Can Not Be Controlled

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Washington Has Created A Corrupt Monster That Can Not Be Controlled

Washington what do you expect people to do? You say it is illegal to enter the US without documents yet you grant amnesty. Don't come but if you make it - you can stay. Reagan granted amnesty to almost 3 million. You profiteers pass NAFTA and CAFTA which pushes millions more here because of the poverty those programs created in the undocumenteds' home countries. Obama grants DACA and both parties wave the immigration reform flag. Your war on drugs and coups in central America create the need for temporary protective status (TPS) for millions.

This illegal immigration mess is self-inflicted by the elite of all countries involved. It has now become an integral part of the US and many Latin American countries' economies (laborers leaving in order to send billons back home in remittances.

Finally - as with all of the enforcement industries dependent upon undocumented laborers, illegal drugs and even the manufacturing of "legal" weapons for illegal war, you have created a corrupt monster that cannot be controlled.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Washington's Frankensteinian Illegal Immigration Monster

Washington's Frankensteinian Illegal Immigration Monster

Washington "it" is coming home to roost.  Your corporate thieves have used NAFTA, their lust for laborers and their lust for "border security" boodle to construct this aberration of human suffering.

Now what do you do?  Is Mexico's economy (and therefore their undocumented) so financially tied to America that you political immigration profiteers not only can't but won't control illegal immigrarion? 

As a retired US Border Patrol agent, I am broken-hearted and ashamed.


American Exceptionalism Is American Ignorance

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American Exceptionalism Is American Ignorance

I totally agree with this article, especially as it applies to illegal immigration to the US and immigration reform in the US.

The vast majority of Americans blame the undocumented for coming here without understanding Washington's insidious political and economic schemes that exacerbate illegal immigration.  These are "self-inflicted" wounds perpetrated on the undocumented and US taxpayers by the elite who run Washington and the undocumenteds' home countries.  Consider the article below which addresses this as a global problem:

Illegal immigration is about millions of illegal laborers and billions in remittances sent back to the undocumenteds' home countries.  This scheme by the bi-national elite denies prosperity to these people at home in order to keep them coming here and sending money back.

And yes, US taxpayers also suffer the costs and consequences of this scheme.  Isn't ironic that they blame the other victims instead of blaming those who cause this?  


Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Border Is Not The Problem

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The border is not the problem

The problem is the NAFTA and CAFTA elite who run governments and put greed above the lives of their own countries' citizens.

The problem is the fact that the majority of immigration reform activists (on both sides of the debate) ignore the root cause of illegal immigration (greed based economic policies) that create the ensuing poverty, illegal immigration, border deaths and immigration reform that recreates the entire scenario – over and over again.

This suffering is caused by the elite’s demand for cheap labor, remittances and billions in border security profits that combined outweigh common sense and basic respect for human beings.
With all of the above said focusing upon the various symptoms of the problem (deportations, children’s suffering, family separations etc.) rather than the cause of the problem (greed based economic policies) is an exercise in futility as the problem will only get worse – not disappear.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Reformers Fear Death Of Immigration Bill - The Hill

Washington has created this illegal immigration catch 22.
NAFTA has exacerbated illegal immigration to the levels it is today. NAFTA has simultaneously satisfied corporate lust for cheap labor, border security billions and increased NAFTA trade profits.
Combined with huge investments in Mexico, the elite who run Washington have sold America's soul to the corrupt Mexican few. This insidious relationship will not allow for the effective control of illegal immigration or illegal drugs. It that were to happen the economy of corrupt trade partner (in NAFTA) crime would implode which would in turn hurt the US trading elite's bottom line.
Please take the time to read VP Biden's recent speech to the Mexican economic elite. You will have a much clearer picture of the corner Washington has painted America into if you do.

You know if the corrupt US and foreign government economic elite would stop their insidious system of profit-driven, poverty-creating trade polices which create profit-driven illegal immigration which creates profit-driven immigration reform and instead provided all citizens an equal shot at prosperity - the undocumented would not come or stay here in the US.

As if the jobs you mentioned were the only jobs taken by the undocumented. I read many posts like yours. Logical posts and solutions. Somehow the point you and many posters like you can't quite connect are the corruption dots that throw all logical solutions under the immigration reform bus.
Illegal labor, illegal drugs, and immigration reform are huge money makers for the corrupt elite who run not only our country, but the undocumenteds' country too. Reform will only exacerbate their profits, border deaths, and millions more undocumented coming to the US. Corruption is the problem that no one will discuss and guarantees the problem will remain unsolved.

I beg to differ. Washington's system of profit-driven illegal immigration requiring profit-driven "immigration reform" is exactly human trafficking of foreign laborers for corporate US and home-country corporate profit.

Thank you for bringing light to the Washington elite's scam for putting cheap labor profits above American workers. Most people do not bother to read the fine print where Americans are typically thrown under Washington's immigration reform bus. .

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Response To Posters Comments: Cantor Loss Won't Kill Immigration Bill

Illegal immigration and immigration reform are ultimately huge money makers for the corrupt corporate elite who run Washington and the corrupt cartel elite who run the undocumenteds' home country governments.

Meanwhile the majority of posters here who rant and rave about mass deportations and closing down the border do not realize that the same bi-national, corrupt corporate elite have intermeshed all of the economies involved to the degree that continued illegal immigration, immigration reform, tax payer costs and border deaths are simply their costs of doing business.

So you think that it is only the democratic fa├žade of our kleptocracy that profits from screwing American taxpayers? The Senate's S.744 comprehensive immigration reform calls for 46.3 billion dollars for border security. Do you think only the corporate democrats are going to rake in that boodle? Hahaahhaa

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Responses To Posters

Does anyone actually think that Washington will allow border enforcement to be so effective that it would stop their cronies' source of undocumented laborers? Or that they would let border enforcement interfere with their 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national NAFTA trade? Or that they would let illegal drugs be controlled in such a way that their conspiring banksters would lose out on laundering cartel profits? Or that privatized prisons would run out of prison inmates? Or that it would be so secure that the economy of their 2nd largest source of oil (Mexico) would implode? Or that they would let border and interior enforcement be so effective that they would stop asking for billions in border security boodle?
We have become so illegal immigration brainwashed that we can't begin to see the true source of the problem. That of course is by design and will guarantee that the problem will (by design) never be solved.

Who do you blame for the 1986 Amnesty? 1994 NAFTA? 2002 creation of DHS? All Washington immigration profiteers associated with these programs promised that their program would end illegal immigration. Obama's actions are simply a link in the historic chain of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

This isn't about individual politicians: it is about corrupt system. We could swat flies forever but that won't change the rot that they breed from.

Every notice how our discussions of this problem are limited to several parameters only - boot em' all out, let em' all in and who is to blame for this mess?
Where are the discussions about the economic profits of illegal immigration (labor and remittances)? How about the economics of the border and interior security industries? How about the economics of NAFTA, CAFTA and pending TPP?

How about the economics of profit-driven poverty which drives profit-driven illegal immigration and results in profit/political driven immigration reform?
We as a nation have no chance of addressing this problem if we can't see the problem.

twopesos is absolutely correct. Our government, regardless of who holds office, is addicted to cheap migrant labor that isn't concerned with minimum wage or any other standard of the typical employer/employee relationship.
Here is a small example:
Several years ago, I worked as a carpenter on multi-million dollar homes in an exclusive, private resort area.  This job paid far better than comparable jobs in the area. As more illegals moved in, they began getting more and more of the work, for the simple fact they they would work far cheaper than anyone else. My work became a matter of handling detail oriented projects, supervising crews of illegals who cannot speak the language, and repairing any work they did incorrectly. As they became more skilled, my hours dwindled to nothing. Meanwhile, the same contractors who were hiring illegal labor were the first to complain about them "taking over", but refused to face the reality that their own addiction to cheap labor was fueling the influx of illegal immigration. At this point, the wages for these skilled positions are now lower than they were when I entered the field twenty-five years ago.

Do you know that the bi-national NAFTA elite (US/Mexico) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? Do you know that Mexico is our 2nd largest source of oil? Do you ever dare to consider the billions dollars in dark money made by US banks laundering Mexican cartel profits?
Why do you think the Harvard elite in 2012 gave Mexican Drug War/NAFTA tyrant president Felipe Calderon a lucrative fellowship?
The writing in on the border wall. The bi-national elite do not give a damn about these undocumented people, their kids, or the US taxpayers who have to suffer the costs and consequences of Washington's insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.

Our national sovereignty has been traded for labor and border security profits. Blaming or attacking the undocumented does not address the root cause of this problem.

We live in a kleptocracy parading as a democracy. Part of that passing parade includes the illusionary major two parties of the system. Part of that problem includes ignorant Americans who can't see the truth that both "parties" are in fact two sides of the same coin.
By the way, I worked as a border patrol/ice agent for 26 years and have studied immigration issues for another 9 years in retirement. Never once in all my years did I believe that any administration was serious about effective border or interior enforcement. From the fraud of Reagan's amnesty to the huge increases of the undocumented resulting from Bush/Clinton's NAFTA -.this scam is all about profit from illegal labor, billions of dollars in bi-national elite trade and billions of dollars in tax payer funded border security boodle. Blaming one side or the other is all part of their scam that guarantees the failed and profitable status quo.

How does setting America's undocumented count back to zero via "immigration reform" solve the problem of illegal immigration? Wait! The Senate's S.744 calls for 46.3 billion more for border security! That will effectively solve illegal immigration right?
Isn't that what Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush W's 2003 creation of DHS promised?
I am starting to wonder if someone isn't making more money off decades of trying to fix the problem rather than actually solving it. Kind of like our 40+ year long war on drugs, no?

In case you haven't figured it out by now, it does not matter what you and 63% or 100% of Americans want. Illegal immigration and immigration reform are huge money makers for the rich running (and ruining) our country. In addition to that, Clinton's NAFTA has forged US trade and the US economy to Mexico's. Washington will not allow any effective border security to interfere with that. Read how Biden kisses the Mexican NAFTA elite's culos and promises to bring the undocumted out of the shadows (thereby enticing millions more to come).

    Wednesday, June 4, 2014

    Poverty And Illegal Immigration Are Created By The US And The Undocumenteds' Home County Elite

    In response:

    This explanation came to me and I wanted to put it into writing.

    Poverty And Illegal Immigration Are Created By The US And The Undocumenteds' Home County Elite

    The US and undocumenteds' home country elite financially benefit from the poverty that contributes to illegal immigration and the undocumented being present in America.

    Think cheap labor, remittances, and billions in border security boodle. This is clearly the case with poverty in all countries involved. Rich people get richer by creating poverty and illegal immigration.

    Yet rather than blaming the rich and their Washington shills who create the economic conditions that exacerbate poverty and illegal immigration, many Americans blame the undocumented for illegal immigration.

    That does about as much good as blaming the poor for poverty.