Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Americans Turn Their Blind Eyes To Washington's Illegal Immigration Truths

In response:

Americans Turn Their Blind Eyes To Washington's Illegal Immigration Truths

This entire mess is caused by our government creating trade policies that favor the rich and create immense disparity in wealth present in both the US and in the undocumenteds' home countries. 

The foreign rich greedily create their own subclasses of economically disadvantaged citizens and de facto export their own citizens to the US in exchange for remittances returned to said foreign plutocratic economies. 

Simultaneously co-conspiring US rich cash in on this scam with a never-ending supply of expendable laborers and billions of US tax dollars in "border security" boodle.

Yep they will secure the border and effectively stop illegal immigration about the same time that they win the 40+ year old, ongoing war on illegal drugs, no?

Washington and its profiteering politicians set the scope or parameters of the debate for American non-thinkers.  It's either boot 'em all out or let 'em all in with the preponderance of responsibility for  this decades-old crisis entirely pinned upon the undocumented  "invaders" their du jour accompanying political party. 

Meanwhile not one politician will address poverty as the root of illegal immigration.  And not one will dare consider that Washington's own NAFTA and CAFTA have exacerbated this problem to the level it is today.

Our Washington profiteers would rather spend a trillion dollars fighting a losing cause in Iraq than demand that the corrupt governments of Mexico and other Latin American countries provide some level of prosperity for their own citizens (so that American tax payers don't have to).

So congratulations to Washington, conspiring elite foreign looters and Americans too lazy to figure this out for yourselves.  This too shall pass.


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