Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Paid Piper

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At what point did our government become the paid piper leading us to self destruction? At what point do we stop following our "leaders" and stop believing in their lies?

Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Push/Pull of Illegal Immigration

The push/pull of illegal immigration is absolutely one of the most insidious profit makers ever created by the bi-national elite (Mex/US). Millions of Mexicans are pushed into the US in exchange
for the millions in remittances pumped back into the Mexican economy. The US elite pulls the undocumented here with the hope of jobs, amnesty and a future for their children. The US elite get a never ending supply of cheap laborers and prison profits to fatten their wallets. The US elite also get a never changing political platform to lie to the American voters about.

Who pays, and who profits? American taxpayers pay as their jobs and qualities of life are stolen from them. Have you ever been to a hospital emergency room in Sacramento? Pack a lunch and a dinner.
The Mexican undocumented pay as many have to leave their homes and families in order to survive. Some pay with their lives as they cross the treacherous border. Question: would they come or stay here if that filthy corrupt Mexican government provided equivalent pay and services found in the US in Mexico? The answer is no.

To understand this further, look into the deep economic ties between the bi-national elite. Mexican oil and 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade keep the mouths of our politicians shut about criticizing Mexico. And if you don't think the illegal drug and gun industries are not part of their scam, think again.

Why do you think Harvard University just awarded Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon a year's vacation/fellowship?
Did they forget to mention the 100,000 people dead and 25,000 people missing as a result of Calderon's insane war on drugs?

Please sign my petition to Harvard: 100,000 signatures; one for every person sacrificed during Calderon's senseless US backed war.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

US Corporations Do "Buy Outs"; Mexican Cartels Do "Rub Outs".

In Response:

"Anti- Drug Effort?" That is the first and foremost lie Calderon and his US supporters pitched in starting his 2006 war for drugs.

Why in God's name would the Mexican narco-elite and US profiteers kill the goose that lays and has been laying golden eggs for some 100 years?

Calderon's drug war was and still is Mexican version of a government sponsored corporate or industry buyout. These just do things a little differently down there. Instead of doing "buy outs" they do "rub outs".

And how did the US elite reward their Mexican Drug War CEO Calderon? With a year's paid vacation at none other than Harvard.

First Angelopoulos Global Public Leader fellowship my foot.

Please support our petition to obtain and deliver 100,000 signatures to Harvard: one for every person sacrificed during Calderon's senseless, US backed war.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Shamful Scam Perpetuated By Ignorance

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The bi-national elite (US/MEX) create the conditions that push/pull the undocumented across the US. Profit is the elite's only motive: profit from cheap labor, remittances, prison inmates, political platforms, border militarization, DHS budget increases, NAFTA, etc.

DHS is all about lying with numbers and Operation Streamline takes the cake. They take "economic aliens" to court, 100 at a time, charge and convict them of illegal entry (first offense is a misdemeanor) and then deport them. Wallah! Now the previously defined "economic alien" (a US Border Patrol term defining a non-criminal undocumented entrant looking for work) reenters and is now classified as a criminal alien (because of previous Operation Steamline conviction and deportation).

And now the US Attorney's Office in Arizona can boast about the thousands of criminals that they are convicting!  Don't you feel much safer?  

See America! I told you we are being invaded by more criminals! Mr. Congressman we need more agents, more drones, more equipment, more prisons, more courts, and higher walls!

What a shameful scam which our ignorance perpetuates.

The Undocumented: A Commodity to 1% Profiteers

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The undocumented are nothing but a commodity to these 1% profiteers. AND, it is the normal US taxpayers who suffer because of wasted taxes, losses of jobs, and over crowded emergency/school rooms.

McCain supported privatized immigration prisons. Now he wants to cash in on Latino votes via some from of amnesty which of course will draw more undocumented to the promised land and more prison inmates.

These are the same lies spewed during Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA, both of which made the bi-national (US/Mex) 1% richer at the expense and quality of lives of many Americans.

These liars will also profit off of increased enforcement budgets that will accompany their amnesty plans.

If Washington had any integrity or guts at all it would force the corrupt Mexican government to take care of its own people. That in itself would cut our undocumented population by over one half.

But no, Mexican oil, labor, trade and drug profits are more important to Washington than its own citizens.

This immigration scam is a vicious, insidious circle of lies that the bi-national 99% continue to pay the price for.

The undocumented do not line the corners or hospital rooms where McCain frequents.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Déjà vu - Amnesty II

This makes me sick.  We got screwed by Reagan (Amnesty I) and Clinton (NAFTA) and now Obama is pushing Amnesty II.  All of Reagan's and Clinton's talk about the end of illegal immigration were lies.  In fact, the largest influx of illegal immigration came after Clinton's NAFTA.  It screwed the common people on both sides of the fence.
Call my brother who lives in San Jacinto, CA.  Our hometown is unrecognizable because of failed government immigration, "free" trade, and illegal drug policies.   

US citizens lost jobs that were NAFTA exported.  Then they lost jobs to the undocumented who poured over the border from NAFTA as those undocumented lost their common agricultural land to the Mexican elite.  Cheap US corn has ruined many small Mexican corn farmers.  
How about all of those small Mexican (and US) mom and pop shops that lost their small businesses to Walmart?    Walmart is the number one retail story in Mexico and the US today.
And the US owned border maquiladoras?  Government sponsored slave labor.  Who the hell can live on $5.00 to $8.00 a day?

The US government will not stand up to the corrupt, cartel-run Mexican government because of Mexican oil, labor and trade.  And if you think the billions in cartel drug profits laundered by US banks has do not have  something to do with Washington's apathy, you have another think coming.

Obama's immigration plan is a rehashing of the old fiascos of Reagan and Clinton failed.    

We need to support the Occupy Movement and stop the global 1% who are destroying our world.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Someone Will Profit, and Someone Will Pay

in response:

Immigration propaganda 101:  The setup for Amnesty II.

Review Reagan's Amnesty of the mid 1980's and see how it was touted as the final cure for illegal immigration. Remember all of those employer sanctions provisions and the huge increases in BP and INS budgets that turned out to be so ineffective? Don't forget the rubber stamping of at least 50% of the 3 million amnesty applications that were proven to be fraudulent. Sometimes political success is more important than telling the truth.

Don't forget Billy Boy Clinton's NAFTA of the mid 1990's. Remember how all of those maquiladora jobs on the border were going to be the final cure for illegal immigration? Liars! Did I (or they) forget to mention that the largest influx of illegal immigration came AFTER the passage of NAFTA? They just didn't foresee (wink wink) that US elite's corn, Walmart, and the Mexican elite's robbing of their poor's communal agricultural land (ejido system) would do exactly the opposite of what they told us NAFTA would do.

Critically analyze this article and the current political dust up about amnesty II. Ask yourself these simple questions: who will profit, and who will pay?

As far as the ties of the US/Mexican elite are concerned, educate yourselves about our bi-national economies (oil, trade, investments) and the bi-national illegal drug, drug war, and cheap Mexican labor industries.

Someone will profit, and someone will pay.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Those Who Profit Bank Upon Our Ignorance

In Response:

Many posters seldom explore the conditions that create these tragic murders. That would involve critical thinking instead of simply making someone wrong in order to be right.

I speak of border madness after having participated in it as a BP agent. Ultimately the separation wall exists because the rich on both sides of the line profit at the expense of the common people from both sides of the line.

Someone profits off of poverty in Mexico and border militarization. Someone profits off of our failed immigration and drug war policies. Someone profits off of 1.25 billion a day in cross border bi-national trade while Mexico's minimum wage is of 65 CENTS per hour. Someone profits off of drugs going north and guns going south. Someone profits off of the undocumented going north and their remittances going south. Someone profits off of US owned maquilidoras and Mexican labor. Someone profits off of the undocumented harvesting our crops while US corn from NAFTA goes south. Someone profits off record deportations and amnesty happening simultaneously. Someone profits off of border patrol agents doing an inhumane job while being expected to always act like humans.

Most of all, someone profits off of American ignorance that underlies our bi-national immigration and drug enforcement policies.

Good people on both sides of the border should be mad and they should be smart enough to figure out what the real cause of this border madness is.

Those who profit bank upon our ignorance.

LIst of Harvard/Calderon Articles



Coverage of the delivery


Friday, February 8, 2013

"Open Season on Illegal Aliens" Bumber Sticker

In response:

Those who profit from our immigration status quo love it when they see you react with angry bumper stickers and comments.

Imagine blaming the high cost of food on the poor who stand in food lines at homeless shelters. Logic dictates that those people are standing there as symptom of a larger problem. Yet the poor are not the actual cause of that problem.

Why can't most Americans make that same logical connection with the undocumented? The bi-national rich (US/Mexico) who profit from this problem pay politicians to keep you confused. As long as you are ranting and raving at the symptom of the undocumented symptom, you will never see the cause as the 1%'s greed.

It is all about profit and who pays. What you don't see is that they are also profiting at the expense of the undocumented. That is the hold they have on you.

Simplest form: Mexico's 1% export their poor to the US in exchange for billions in remittances annually pumped back into their economy. The US 1% profits from cheap labor, prison inmates, border militarization, drug profits, and a never ending political platform that you can't quite figure out. And don't forget Mexican oil, trade, and investments. Mexico is our number 2 supplier of oil. 1.25 billion a day in cross border trade keeps the bi-national rich smiling.

Remove the blinders or keep suffering as our schools, emergency rooms, street corners and jobs are all gone.  

Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This fellowship is horribly wrong in so many ways. Calderon’s ill-fated war on drugs has left 100,000 people dead, 25,000 missing, and 400,000 displaced in Mexico. Don’t buy into Calderon’s propaganda that 90% of those killed were criminals. Many innocent people and children were slaughtered as Calderon’s corrupt military fought not the war on drugs, but the war for drugs.

What “global leader” would do that to his on people? What renown US university would turn a blind eye to Calderon’s horrific drug war truth as if it did not happen?

Please help us obtain 100,000 signatures to appeal to Harvard: one signature for every person sacrificed during Calderon’s senseless war. Please read the many comments on the petition. Comments from the good people of Mexico who have suffered this nightmare firsthand. Read as they over and over again refer to Calderon’s legacy of “corruption and blood”.

This Is What We Need To Debate

What really drives the Mexican immigration debate is profit for the bi-national 1% at the expense (and lives) of the bi-national 99%.

The Mexican elite profit off of the "exportation" of their poor in exchange for billions in remittances pumped back into their economy. Do you really think their undocumented would come or stay here if that filthy corrupt 1% run government of theirs provided wages equal to our own?

The US elite profit from cheap undocumented labor. Why do you think BIG AGRA skirts I-9 laws and immigration raids? Otherwise, there is plenty of 1% profit to be made with privatized immigration prisons, privatized border "security" contracts and the border militarization industry.

And who beside the undocumented are getting hosed by this scam? The same US taxpayers who are suffering because of failed health care, the Great Recession (aka banking scam) of 2008, and "free trade" agreements that move our jobs away.

This is always about who profits, and who pays. It is the bi-national 1%'s greed that is the sole reason that the Mexican undocumented are in the US. That same bi-national 1% who profit from 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross border trade, Mexican oil, US investments in Mexico, and Mexican labor.

Our taxes go to support the bi-national 1%'s profits while we suffer the consequences of overcrowded schools, overcrowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and the loss of our quality of life.

This is what we need to debate

Monday, February 4, 2013

Drug War Riddle

Profiting from the illegal industry while at the same time profiting from a war against the illegal industry. 

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Drug Industry Elite (DIE)

The Mexican and US elite not only profit off of the illegal drug industry, but profit off of the drug war industry too.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Harvard's Motto "Veritas" (Truth) Is A Drug War Lie

(Photo credit Jessica Rinaldi Reuters)

Six years of his bloody, senseless drug war, 100,000 dead and 25,000 people missing, and Harvard grants Ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon the first Angelopoulos Global  Public Leader fellowship.

As Author Charles Bowden commented  about this Harvard Crimson article

"After 375 years I am surprised Harvard University can’t tell right from wrong."

Harvard's Kennedy School Dean David Ellwood stated the Kennedy School administrators  believe the fellowship offers students the opportunity to “engage with world leaders and to ask difficult questions on important public policy issues.”

Seriously?  How many of Harvard's students or faculty were raised in areas such as Ciudad Juarez where Calderon's drug war has torn communities apart?  This is about the privileged and the poor where the former lives a secluded and moneyed life completely insulated from the drug war horror of the later.

The actual difficult question here HKS Dean Ellwood is "Why does Harvard ignore Calderon's legacy of blood and corruption?

Defenders of Calderon give him a hero status as having the "huevos" to take on organized crime.  HELLO, this is Mexico, where organized crime clandestinely runs the majority of government, politics, the military, and all federal, state and local police.

For those of you who don't know, the world's most powerful  cartel leader, El Chapo Guzman is still running free in Mexico after he escaped from jail some 12 years ago.  My guess is that Caldron's "war on drugs" was just an excuse for "government" sponsored  corporate (cartel) takeover which employed non-other than  El Chapo Guzman.    Read this NPR article questioning why El Chapo's Sinaloa cartel seemed to be favored in the drug war.

So tell me, just how much "Veritas" (Harvard's motto on their coat of arms) is there with Calderon's selection as the first Angelopoulos Global Leader fellowship?

Harvard has shot down (surprise-surprise) our bi-national petition to have Calderon's fellowship rescinded.    Here is the email sent to co-petitioner Eduardo Cortes and me.




Office, Dean's



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Office, Dean's (Dean_Ellwood'
Tue 1/29/13 9:57 AM
To: (; (

Dear Mr. Cortes and Mr. Randolph,

Thank you for taking the time to hand deliver a copy of your petition. We understand your concerns and respect the effort you have made.

One of the fundamental tenets of the Kennedy School is the free exchange of ideas. In keeping with our educational mission, the School has a long tradition of providing an opportunity for leaders from around the world to speak to and interact with the community on important public policy issues. Just as important are the opportunities that these engagements provide students to ask unfiltered and often challenging questions of these leaders. 

Mr. Calderón’s one-year fellowship will provide members of our community with the unique opportunity to engage in rigorous discussion and active debate, while exploring the choices and the consequences of alternative strategies for dealing with the hardest problems faced by national leaders. We consider this to be an integral part of our school’s academic and intellectual life.

I commend your deep commitment and your efforts on behalf of what you believe. 


David                                                                                                                                              David T. Ellwood, Dean                                                                                                               Scott M. Black Professor of Political Economy

Harvard Kennedy School                                                                                                                      79 JFK Street                                                                                                                           Cambridge, MA 02138

 Our new goal is 100,000 signatures:  one for every life sacrificed as a result of Caldron's ill-fated drug war.  Please help with signatures.  I will deliver the appeal to Harvard again once it gains  100,000 signatures to .