Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Tattooed" At A Very Personal and Cellular Level

In Response: "Tattoos As Self Mutilation"

I got my first tattoo inside my left forearm while traveling two months ago in Bangkok.  I was changed inside by travel to Viet Nam, Bangkok, Singapore, India, Egypt, Israel Palestine and Greece.  There are many wonderful people in this world who just want a chance to live peacefully, be healthy and prosper.  The poverty and tyrannical governments of these people did not stop them from being friendly and returning smiles to me (with the noticeable exception of Israel).
My Bangkok tattoo (yes Bangkok got me) is the Om sign, a Hindu/Buddhist/Jain call to god.  My second was a trio that I got in Haifa Israel:   a Star of David, a Cristian cross, and a Muslim moon. They sit in a pattern connected to the Om sign.  Centered between these three will soon be peace sign.  I have the word AMEN tattooed on the outside of this same forearm. It is placed and lettered in such a way that a person walking behind me could see and read it.

I will also add an anarchy sign inside my left wrist.  I figure that will about cover my love for people in the world and my distaste for tyrannical and oligarchic governments who abuse them (including our own).   
All are done in shades of blues.   The location of my tattoos makes them noticeable yet not on (or in) your
face noticeable like Charles Manson or Mike Tyson.  When completed they will all be in an area about 10" long, and 4" wide.  Although I am impressed by the artistry, I am not interested in tribal or total body art tattooing.  

Did I get them to be "cool"?  Yes.  Did I get them in order to guarantee that I do not forget what moved me so much on my trip?  Yes.  Did I get them to make a personal statement?  Yes.  Am I sometimes embarrassed of them?  Yes.  Do I care that I get embarrassed.  Nope.  I have always been afraid or embarrassed of one thing or another.  I have always worried about what I thought others thought of me.      
I am 60 years old.  Right now I really like my tattoos.  I think it takes guts to make a "written" statement at such a personal and cellular level.

If it turns out that I hate them I don't have a gazillion years to worry about it. 

I have work to do, and not a whole lot of time left to get it done.  My tattoos will remind me when I forget. 
Otherwise my negative thinking has done much more self mutilation than a few tatts could ever do!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Pardon My French: Bull$hit!

In response:

The majority of Americans are clueless concerning the motivations behind our government’s 40 year long drug war and its collusion with the Mexican government to abuse the Mexican poor at the expense of US taxpayers. 

How to explain to Americans blinded by patriotism or propaganda that US drug and immigration programs are designed to be unending sources of profit for the 1% of both countries?

No, our government wouldn’t to that!   Bull$hit!  Read this article:  Imperialism: Bankers, Drug Wars and Genocide,

Here are current statistics concerning US and Mexican trade and oil.

You have to educate yourselves folks because the 1% profiteers and their crony politicians bank on you remaining ignorant. 

I am ashamed of my government.  It caused the 2008 mortgage meltdown and recession.  It uses drones to murder people without due process.  It supports a failed drug war in Mexico which has left some 60,000 people dead and countless others displaced or orphaned.   Then when our wonderful neighbors need protection they throw ever road block in the way to deny asylum applications.

I say flood the border and the interior with millions of drug war asylum applications.  Shut the system down until these fools come to their senses.  


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Food For Thought - Send Mexico the Bill

In Response:

Food for thought: "Mexico is the United States’ second-largest export market (after Canada) and third-largest trading partner (after Canada and China). In 2011, Mexico was the second-largest supplier of oil to the United States. Top U.S. exports to Mexico include mechanical machinery, electronic equipment, motor vehicle parts, mineral fuels and oils, and plastics."

"According to the Pew Hispanic Center, 57 percent of those entering the country illegally are from Mexico." see

Why doesn't our prosperous trading partner to the South (the Mexican government) take care of its own people? Could it be that it cheaper to "export" them here? Who wins and who loses by "exporting" them here?

Why doesn't the US government bill the Mexican government for all of the costs the US taxpayers pay to support Mexico's undocumented citizens' medical, educational, and now immigration fees too? I guess the 1.25 billion in cross border trade might have something to do with that! see link #1 above.

We financially sanction many other governments for wrongs that they do to the USA, why not Mexico?

There is something very wrong with this picture, and it is not the undocumented who are at fault.

It is two corrupt corporate/cartel run governments screwing the 99% on both sides of the border who are at fault!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Insidious Collusion Between 1% Profiteers

 Written in response:

Thank you Mr. Jouet for exposing the wealth gap between the 1% “haves” and the 99% “have not’s” as the true root cause of illegal immigration.
As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I am most familiar with issues pertaining to the Mexican undocumented. 

Mexican illegal immigration stems from an insidious collusion between the 1% profiteers of both countries. The Mexican 1% exports their poor and related costs North so that the US 1% can profit from the backs of the undocumented laborers. Then the medical, educational, and loss of quality of life expenses are absorbed by US taxpayers, not the 1%.

Other facts that demonstrate the extreme insidiousness of the two 1% owned and operated governments. Mexico is America’s third largest trading partner and second largest source of oil. There are billions of dollars of remittances and drug money sent north monthly. Approximately 1.25 billion dollars and one million cars, trucks, and people cross the border legally every day.

Think of the failed US backed drug war in Mexico and the privatized corporations who profit from that fiasco. Think of the 60 thousand lives lost and profits made from US made guns going south. Finally think of the hate propaganda that perpetuates this profit making system by blaming the undocumented for America’s woes.

This inhumane system of rape of US taxpayers and the Mexican poor will never change until the 99% wake up.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Just Fill In the Frickin' Blank March

When are we going to stop the "dog chasing its tail" debates about our insidiously failed government of the rich and throw a peaceful, massive, nationwide demonstration that will bring the 1% corporate "evil doers" and their puppet government shills to their knees?  

Why?  Corruption, influence peddling, mortgage meltdown recessions, no jobs, illegal wars, Citizens United, NDAA, ALEC, NRA, NAFTA and all its off springs, drone murders, failed health care, failed education, poverty, CIA impunity, the destruction of our environment, climate change, fossil fuels, drug wars, failed immigration, AND, you know - just fill in the frickin' blank and march!  

But why?  Because nothing else will work and you know it.

How about combining this with the Occupy Movement's one year anniversary on September 17, 2012 in Washington D.C.?    

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Demand that corruption and big money payoffs be ousted from Washington.

Americans cannot seem to unite and organize themselves effectively in order to stop special interest money and groups (like the NRA) from bribing our government officials, profiting, and simultaneously putting citizens lives at risk.

This is true with our health care, our environment, our food, our housing, our jobs, our retirement, our elections, our education, our civil rights, our military wars, our foreign policies, our immigration policies, our drug war policies, our need for foreign oil, just to name a few.

We need to unite and throw a peaceful demonstration the likes of which America has never seen. We need to prove to the 1% that we can come together and demand that corruption and big money payoffs be ousted from Washington.

We have been brainwashed to think that things will be OK, and that we are really powerless to demand change. Both of these concepts are false and not the truth.

We Reap The Horror They $ow

What magnitude of tragedy will it take to cause millions of us Americans to have a nationwide peaceful demonstration in which we demand that our government not only boot the NRA lobbyists out of Washington, but all lobbyists out of Washington?

These tragedies happen because we are too damn lazy to shame Washington into addressing all of the “moral and profitable wrongs” in our country which contribute to hopelessness and fear :  illegal wars for oil,  worldwide arms sales, US gun sales, drug prohibition, recessions, poverty, financial inequality, the cost of education, the cost of healthcare, joblessness, the highest prison population in the world, the media's glorification of violence, the media’s sensationalism of offenders, NDAA, Citizen’s United, the 1%’s control of politics, and a president who uses drones to murder without due process.

We reap the horror they $ow and they profit from what we reap.   

Thursday, July 19, 2012

"Dog and Pony Show" of a Government

In response to:

Put another way big business’ greed is more important to the 1% than Americas’ well being. Or yet another way: big business owns big government and greed is more important to both than America’s well being.
So when are Americans going to short circuit this insidiously unhealthy connection with big government and big business?

Let’s see: the repeal of Glass-Steagall, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the mortgage meltdown of 2008, bank bailouts, failed health care, loss of jobs, failed budgets, failed immigration, Citizen’s United, NDAA, 40 years of drug wars, and a government who thinks it is OK to do drone murder without probable cause, just to name a few.

How much more evidence do we need? Isn’t there at least one substantial reason that all Americans should not be furiously mad at this “dog and pony show” of a government for?

Who is going to start talking about what we are going to do rather than what they continue to do to us?
We need to step out of this cycle of madness in order to stop it. More talk and debate will not save our country as it swirls around the already draining toilet.

We need to demonstrate to those who don’t give a damn about our well being that we do. We need to make it perfectly clear that we not only give a dam our well being, but we care deeply about our country and the futures of our children and grand children too.

Purposed “Millions Mad March” on Election Day 2012:

Illegal Alien Bashers are True Victims Too

In response to:

"Illegal alien" bashing posters are true victims who are very angry. Like bulls who keep charging red flags, they keep typing to gore their undocumented targets. Yet the 1% matadors who hire the Joe Arpaio types of officers and politicians are actually the ones who have been stabbing their backs.

Most baffling to me is that these posters can't seem to figure out that the same 1% who stabs them is the same 1% who stabs the undocumented.

Failed immigration is created and designed by the 1% who runs our government. This is no different than the failed mortgage crisis, failed health care, failed wars, or our failing economy. This insidious 1% causes these failures because that is how they profit. With failed immigration, they specifically profit at the expense of both these US taxpaying posters and the Mexican undocumented.

Are posters so really so propagandized that they can't figure out why not one single U.S. politician criticizes the Mexican government for anything? The Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if that filthy, corrupt co-trading partner of the American 1% would take care of its own citizens. The majority of undocumented care deeply about their families and would stay at home if they could make a decent living wage working with their families.

Wake up if you can. It’s about bi-national drug profits, trade, oil, remittances, the privatization of prisons, cheap labor, weapons profit, NAFTA, and a 40 year long political platform that only sways back and forth.

Of course you should be angry and seeing red!  It is we the taxpayers who pay for the medical and educational expenses of the Mexican undocumented.   AND, you might want to gore the right target to finally bring this 1% scam to an end.    

Pushing Them Into Fields and Prisons

In response to:

From above:  “The number of Mexican citizens serving a federal prison term for an immigration offense increased from 2,074 in 1994 to 17,720 in 2010.” 

Check out this article about Arizona's "Operation Streamline" for the answer to the above increase.

The Mexican undocumented and US taxpayers are simply expendable pawns to the 1% super rich of both countries.  Mexico's 1% profits by pushing people south while their remittances come north.  The US 1% profits by pushing them into their fields and prisons.   Mexico's 1% profits by avoiding the expenses of providing basic services for their own.  The US 1% profits by handing off the undocumented’s medical and educational expenses to US taxpayers. 

Meanwhile, the elite from both countries profit from one billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Oh did I forget to mention the billions of dollars in cartel drug profits and money laundering?  How about the failed US backed drug war in Mexico that has taken some 60,000 lives?   

And brainwashed, propagandized US voters think that the undocumented are the problem?     

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

America The Pitiful

How much more information do we need before "We The People" have a peaceful demonstration the likes of which our crony capitalist 1% run government and its puppet politicians have never seen before?

I am 60 years old and I don't have the years left to dawdle around while arrogant and ignorant American voters debate the obvious. 
Are you all so propagandized that they truly believe there is a substantial difference between the ways a Romney or Obama will run our government?  They both answer to the same 1% masters!

Our political system has become a 1% illusion folks, and the futures of our children and grand children (which are circling the 1%'s toilets as we speak) are going down for good if we don't act.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The American Cruise Ship Is Sinking

 in response to:

BREAKING NEWS! The “American” cruise ship that we are on is sinking; it’s going down in flames!
And what are we Americans doing? Having a gabfest symposium about who is at fault, how it could be fixed, how much it will cost, whose theory is best, how things used to be, what’s the price of tea in China, blah, blah, blah.

I was having a chat with a German friend about the US banking scam, mortgage meltdown, and lack of government responses to the same. She was appalled at the apathy, laziness and arrogance of the American people. She said in Germany millions of families and workers would peacefully strike and shut the damn country down until something was really done.

What is wrong with us? We give all our power to the 1% corporations and their puppet politicians and then arrogantly sit back and debate how it should be fixed? Meanwhile the 1%'s actions have brought us to the worst crisis we have ever faced?



The time for talking is over. We need to do a peaceful intervention in Washington called the "Millions Mad March".


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Millions Mad March (MMM) Request to Deepak Chopra

This is in response to Deepak Chopra's article "Just Capital - What the 99% Really Need"

Dear Mr. Chopra,

First of all - I know that I speak for many. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your compassion.

There are many of us out here who have also had it with our corporate-run failed government. At 60 years of age I am ashamed to admit that our government and political system are both shams.

And as you say, what to do?

I have an idea to "shed light on the current state of affairs" that will cause a "collective consciousness shift" and will be embraced worldwide as the "American Spring".

Please consider supporting a Millions Mad March (MMM). Imagine millions of American workers and their families peacefully demonstrating in Washington.

We the people are the ones who suffer from the 1% caused plutocratic crisis. We the people need to bring the 1%'s "governmental" madness to a screeching halt. We the people know that the changes that we demand are not possible within the current political and electoral voting systems.

Mr. Chopra, please help. We need your voice as a renown, trusted and respected speaker and thinker.

Namaste, John

Millions Mad March - Request to Bill Moyers

  •  In response to "Banksters Take Us to the Bank"

    Dear Mr. Moyers,

    There are many of us out here who have also had it with our corporate-run failed government. At 60 years of age I am ashamed to admit that our government and political system are both shams.  Beyond that, what to do?
    Do we occupy?  Do we boycott? Do we revolt?  Do we give up or give in as our children's and grand-children's futures are destroyed?

    I am not going down without a fight.  We have to get the corrupt 1%'s and their prostitute politicians' attentions in such a way that it will bring these plutocrats to their knees.

    Decades of insidious lies about world climate change, hunger, poverty, vital resources, jobs, labor,  and war have proven their insane agenda for profit. We now face a crisis that no typical governmental propaganda or mirage triage can solve.
    I want a Millions Mad March.   Please discuss it on your show.  Please open the space to create the way for leaders to appear. 

    Imagine millions of American workers and their families peacefully demonstrating in Washington.  The only requirement to attend is that you know that you are mad at our failed government and its failed policies of greed.

    We need those who really know to bring it to the streets and bring this "governmental" madness to a screeching halt.  

    We need not only to get the 1% run government's attention, but also to get worldwide attention.

    Please help. 


    John "twopesos" Randolph

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pulling the Propaganda-laced Immigration Wool Over Voters Eyes

The rich have always pulled the propaganda-laced immigration wool over voters’ eyes. Ignorant and arrogant American voters blindly go to the polls righteously believing that voting will fix illegal immigration.

I did the USBP/INS/ICE work for a living - I have that perspective. Immigration enforcement is not designed to be effective. It will never be fixed because there simply is too much money to be made maintaining the ineffective status quo.

Yes you will see the immigration tides sway this way and that, yet any real change is rare.

Mexico is where over half of the undocumented in the US come from. We seldom if ever hear any US politicians complain about the part the corrupt Mexican government plays in their own poor coming here.

Would Mexicans come here or stay here if they could make a decent living wage working at home safely with their families? This Is also true of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

The 1% in Mexico profit by keeping their people poor. Sound familiar? We the people pay the price. Research the amount of US foreign aid that we annually pay them. How much oil do we get from Mexico? How many billions of trade dollars? How about drug, drug war, and weapons profits? How about remittances? How about the devastating effects of NAFTA? How much does the US military industrial complex make in the militarization of the border? How about private prisons and cheap labor?

Educate yourselves - we fight a common enemy.