Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Insidious Collusion Between 1% Profiteers

 Written in response:

Thank you Mr. Jouet for exposing the wealth gap between the 1% “haves” and the 99% “have not’s” as the true root cause of illegal immigration.
As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I am most familiar with issues pertaining to the Mexican undocumented. 

Mexican illegal immigration stems from an insidious collusion between the 1% profiteers of both countries. The Mexican 1% exports their poor and related costs North so that the US 1% can profit from the backs of the undocumented laborers. Then the medical, educational, and loss of quality of life expenses are absorbed by US taxpayers, not the 1%.

Other facts that demonstrate the extreme insidiousness of the two 1% owned and operated governments. Mexico is America’s third largest trading partner and second largest source of oil. There are billions of dollars of remittances and drug money sent north monthly. Approximately 1.25 billion dollars and one million cars, trucks, and people cross the border legally every day.

Think of the failed US backed drug war in Mexico and the privatized corporations who profit from that fiasco. Think of the 60 thousand lives lost and profits made from US made guns going south. Finally think of the hate propaganda that perpetuates this profit making system by blaming the undocumented for America’s woes.

This inhumane system of rape of US taxpayers and the Mexican poor will never change until the 99% wake up.

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