Wednesday, July 11, 2012

132's and the 99%

Mexican elections, US elections and immigration issues always go back to the same question: who is it that profits from the status quo and who is it who pays?

The bi-national 1% elite and their prostituted politicians are the ones who profit. They have huge investments in trade, oil, cheap labor, illegal drugs, illegal weapons, NAFTA, Merida funds, remittances, privatized prisons, privatized security and political immigration capital.

Who pays? Call them the Mexican 132’s or the US 99%. They are the average Mexican citizens and the average US taxpayers who pay.

Why doesn't that corrupt Mexican government pay for its own citizens’ services? Would undocumented Mexicans come or stay here if they made equivalent wages at home? US citizens foot the medical and educational bills that the Mexican 1% refuses to provide their poor. Mexican citizens die by the thousands in the failed US backed Mexican drug war. They also die being exported here in order to provide for their own. US citizens pay via loss of jobs either by NAFTA or the undocumented working for less money.

And US 1% politicians seldom criticize the Mexican government for anything? Of course they do not. They are both in this together.

Tens of thousands of Mexicans are protesting their Mexican version of the 1%’s sham “democratic election".

Many American voters still believe the US 1%’s immigration propaganda that blames the undocumented for US woes.

All are waking up to the truth and peaceful revolutions will bring down this 1%’s facade.

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