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Many Americans Guarantee The Corrupt and Inhumane Illegal Immigration Status Quo

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Many Americans Guarantee The Corrupt and Inhumane Illegal Immigration Status Quo

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent and immigration awareness activist, I spend hours reading Americans' responses to articles about illegal immigration and immigration reform. 

The vast majority see illegal immigration as an easy enforcement fix i.e. enforce current laws, deport them all, secure the border and mandatory E-verify.

Every once in a while someone will post a response that demonstrates the tragic human consequences of  this nightmare:  family separation, racism, and death on the border.

I rarely and sadly ever hear anyone blame either poverty or US economic polices as contributing factors to our own illegal immigration.

Blaming the undocumented or addressing only the human tragedy aspects of Washington's insidious system of profitized illegal immigration (for cheap labor) and reform (for billions of tax dollars in crony border security contracts) will never solve the problem. 

Washington's slimy comprehensive reform is ultimately about raping the undocumented out of labor and raping US taxpayers out of tax dollars. 

That is what needs to be exposed and addressed in order to get to the roots of this cancer.

So until Americans understand and stand up against the true causes of illegal immigration their ignorance only guarantees the corrupt and inhumane illegal immigration status quo.

Might it occur to you that our own government simultaneously promotes and profits from illegal immigration and its reform too?  Many American's simplistic black and white "illegal versus illegal" approach it the typical way Americans myopically approach this problem. 

That approach actually guarantees the corrupt and inhumane illegal immigration status quo because it distracts from the fact that illegal immigration and its ensuing reform bring not only cheap labor and political profit to America, but rape US taxpayers out of billion of dollars in ineffective border security contracts.

Please Let Me Come Speak About Our Insidious System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration

I have a PowerPoint presentation and am ready to speak about this subject.  I ask only for transportation and lodging costs.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Labor For Remittances (And Billions In Border Security Tax Dollars) Scam

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Immigration Reform:  The Labor For Remittances (And Billions In Border Security Tax Dollars) Scam

This insidious cycle will never end until the true underbelly of our institutionalized illegal immigration/reform for billions in border security industrial complex's profits is exposed.

The rich who run our government's and the undocumenteds' governments have profited for decades from this "labor for remittances" scam. 

This won't be fixed by legalizing 11.2 million people or by pouring 46.3 billion more taxpayers' dollars into a system that profits by remaining ineffective.  Check out Section 6 (CIR Funding) in the Senate's passed S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.

Look a little further in the same section to see how John McCain (Gang of 8) worked in an extra 200 million for his Tucson Border Patrol Sector.

This is a system that as corrupt as it is inhumane.  Yet only attacking the inhumane part without the corruption is a waste and will only ensure the continuation of the insidious status quo.

John McCain's Profitized Agenda For S.744 Immigration Reform Uses The Undocumented To Rip-Off US Taxpayers

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John McCain's Profitized Agenda For S.744 Immigration Reform Uses The Undocumented To Rip-Off US Taxpayers

Before McCain's "Gang of 8" immigration reform shenanigans Arizona's "Operation Streamline" takes many undocumented laborers and profitably runs them through Arizona Federal Courts and the Corrections Corporation of America in order to convict them into "real" criminals!

Don't forget that The Corrections Corporation of America's privatized immigration prisons charge "We The People" $120 per day for each undocumented inmate.  Nationwide that is 34,000 inmates.

Now comes McCain's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  Let's take 11.2 million undocumented people and give them 13 years of labor peonage in exchange for $46,300,000,000 in tax payer "border security" payola!  But wait!  How about an extra $50,000,000 for McCain's beloved Tucson Border Patrol Sector so that his cronies can expand this shady "Operation Streamline" brainchild that simultaneously screws both US taxpayers and undocumented laborers!

But wait again!  Now go to S.744's buried Section 6 "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Funds" to see how much their insidious system of profitized illegal immigration and reform will cost us this time.  By the way the initial two-year costs for Reagan's 1986 Amnesty was about 900 million dollars to legalize 2.7 million undocumented.

Pay particular attention to Section 6 (a) (2)(A) INITIAL FUNDING $46.3 billion and
Section 6 (a)(3)(C)(i) which covers USE OF FUNDS and PROGRAM IMPLEMENTATION  under which (i) refers you to section 1104(a)(1) which describes $50,000,000 going to McCain's Tucson Border Patrol Sector for 4 consecutive fiscal years totaling $200 million dollars in John McCain pork for Arizona.   

And McCain warns us to watch out for Obama?  Both are players in our kleptocracy parading as a democracy.

We All Need To Understand What Israel Is Doing To The Palestinians

Here are a couple of video links to Democracy Now! and their interviews of Max Blumenthal author of what I think is the most accurate description of the true relations the of current Israeli Jewish right against Palestinians.  I highly recommend Blumenthal's newest book "Goliath:  Life and Loathing in Greater Israel".

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Only Thing Illegal About Illegal Immigration Should Be The Insidious Poverty That Causes It

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The Only Thing Illegal About Illegal Immigration Should Be The Insidious Poverty That Causes It

My heart hurts.  I grieve for the people of Mexico, Latin America and the entire world who are immorally coerced into leaving their home lands in order to labor afar for survival.

I worked as a US Border Patrol Agent.  I have that visceral experience of arresting and deporting people the vast majority of who would not come here if they had any real chance at prosperity at home. 

There is a reason that the undocumented do not have prosperity and Washington plays a much bigger part in this nightmare than most of you know. 

How in anyone's God's name can we permit our governments to allow this to happen?

It is coming back to haunt Americans now.  The same greed that creates poverty in other lands is happening here.  What happened to Detroit?  Look what Clinton's NAFTA did and is doing here and in Mexico. 

The corporate elite who run our government export American jobs and import undocumented laborers who - to some degree - take good American jobs.  Said elite then turns around and attempts "immigration reform" that de facto institutionalizes their own, planned, despicable system of profitized labor-driven illegal immigration, profitized legalization of 11.2 million people, and $46,300,000,000 for their cronies' border security (militarization) industrial complex.

They rape the undocumented, they rape US taxpayers and then reform absolutely nothing that  addresses the poverty that is the root cause of illegal immigration.  They in affect ensure their decades-old, unconscionable, illegal immigration status quo.   

This inhumane, corrupt system is no different than their institutionalization of fighting military and drug wars for perpetual profit.

See how they rewarded ex-Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader fellow?

Where is the outrage in America?  The good people of Mexico were and are outraged about this Calderon/Harvard atrocity.  How many of you do not even know about it?  How many of you care?  When will "We The People" see through their lies?  When will "We The People" we stop them?


Friday, December 27, 2013

Washington's Immigration Reform Perpetuates Bi-Nationally Planned Poverty and Illegal Immigration

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Washington's Immigration Reform Perpetuates Bi-Nationally Planned Poverty and Illegal Immigration

Ms Andiola is right:  we can't fight Washington's insidious system of profitized poverty, illegal immigration and reform from within Washington. 

I think that in order to fight it anywhere we need to fist expose Washington's inhumane immigration treatment of not only the undocumented but US taxpayers too.

The undocumented - especially our 62%  from Mexico - are pushed and pulled here because of poverty that is exacerbated by Washigton's and Mexico's NAFTA.  Then these bi-national political profiteers parley the undocumenteds' cheap labor and remittances into US immigration "reform" that with the Senate's S.744 would initially cost US taxpayers $46.3 billion tax dollars.

Check out Section 6 of the Senate's  S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act:

S.744 is a slap in the face to 11.2 million undocumented as it dangles the carrot of US citizenship in their faces in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  What about the lives of the next wave of undocumented who will surely come because of the home-country poverty that Washington promotes, condones and profits from?

The supposed leaders of both countries do not care about the poverty that their own economic policies create.  They do not care about the splitting up of families or the border deaths that their increased border militarization for profit has caused and will continue to cause. 

They do not care about the over-burdening of US medical and school systems caused by their own policies that increase illegal immigration. 

They don't care that US taxpayers' are being raped out of $46,300,000,000 as it will be poured into Washington's corporate cronies' border security black hole.

Finally - neither government cares about the unfair demographic changes caused to many US citizens' hometowns because of their own greedy system of profitized illegal immigration/reform.

Why should they care?  Most are millionaires who live in places neither we nor the undocumented can afford. 

All of need to attack their "profit above human life" agendas of planned poverty, illegal immigration and reform promotes and perpetuates.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Washington's Immigration Reform Is As Corrupt As It Is Inhumane

Washington's Immigration Reform Is As Corrupt As It Is Inhumane

Now wait a minute!  Doesn't the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act attempt to bring 11.2 million undocumented "out of the shadows"?

Sure it does, but at what cost?  They are taken out of the shadows and given this new sub-class of labor peonage status known as Registered Provisional Immigrants.  Heavy emphasis on the adjective "provisional" which means "arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later".

Here it is again:  Washington's profitable band aide approach to avoiding the real cause of illegal immigration. 

Read the fine print. Sure the undocumented's provisional statuses might be changed if all of S.744's caveats are met i.e. 90% border effectiveness rates, border security strategies, fencing, and don't forget the $46,300,000,000 enforcement start up fees, and an additional $50,000,000 for John McCain's Tucson Sector/Operation Streamline and $50,000,000 for FEMA's "Operation Stonegarden". 

When and if all of their profit making plans are said and done, maybe just maybe after 10 more years of labor peonage those 11.2 million may have a shot at getting green cards, and 3 more years later US citizenship.

With such a humane deal like that who wouldn't come running "out of the shadows"? 

This is Washington's border security industrial complex's corruption at its finest. 

First of all, 20 years of Washington's own NAFTA has caused the largest influx of undocumented to the US on record.

Meanwhile the elite in Mexico and the US share some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  I guess there isn't much "trickle down" economics happening in Mexico either.

Sure the border is more secure and we have had record deportations.  Neither of those have proven to be effective in stopping illegal immigration but someone is surely getting rich trying.

Why does Washington refuse to address (Mexican) poverty as the root cause of "our" illegal immigration?  Are they afraid to upset their corrupt Mexican NAFTA trading partners?  Or are they simply not interested in stopping their own profitized system of illegal immigration/reform?

I did the math correct this time.  Reagan's 1986 Amnesty:  2.7 million undocumented initially cost the US taxpayers some 900 million dollars.  See Section 111 Pub. L 99-603 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986:

Divide $900,000,000 by 2,700,000 (undocumented people legalized) and "we" got $333 per undocumented person.

Fast forward to Washington's "Reform" attempt today S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act and go to Section 6 for the initial taxpayer funding of $46,300,000,000.

Divide $46,300,000,000 by 11,200,000 (undocumented people) and "we" get $4,134 per undocumented person.

A mere increase of 1,240%  in tax payers' "border security" monies being funneled into Washington's crony immigration enforcement industrial complex that as yet has never proven to be an effective fix to illegal immigration.

Do you wonder why?  Think of the other 40+ year long trillion dollar scam that also does not work:  The US War on Drugs.

Beyond the insidious, profit-driven illegal immigration rape of the undocumented and the insidious, proven-driven, illegal-immigration rape of US taxpayers are the deaths and suffering caused to the good citizens of the undocumenteds' home countries and the good citizens' of America. 

All of the present immigration reform activists' discussions focus upon the problems the current undocumented suffer from this corrupt and inhumane system.  Yet do they care about the millions more of undocumented who will without a doubt follow in today's undocumenteds' footsteps?  How about those who will die crossing the border, or those who will suffer from the same poverty that pushes all undocumented people here?  Why do these activists only care about their "immigration reform" and not the poverty that is the continual root cause of the entire problem?  Where are their protests about how Washington's NAFTA exacerbates poverty and illegal immigration?

What about the suffering caused to US citizens?  Anyone who thinks that some amount of serious crimes are not committed against US citizens by a small portion of the undocumented is wrong.  

Beyond that, how about the over-crowded, over-burdened medical and school systems, losses of jobs, and yes - rapid, unfair demographic changes to many of their home towns.        



Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Illegal Immigration and US Tax Dollars: Necessary Components Of Washington's System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration and US Tax Dollars:   Necessary Components Of Washington's System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration 

This above story talks about one Mexican man released from US Immigration Detention while 34,000 others fill The Corrections Corporations of America's privatized immigration prisons.

Just what does it cost tax payers for the detention of the undocumented?  Try $120 per day per inmate.

Let's see:  34,000 X $120 = $4,080,000 million dollars a day. There are 1,000 millions in one billion so the yearly cost is well over one billion tax payer dollars a year.

So wake up folks.  We can discuss individuals' sad stories and the rights and wrongs of their individual immigration cases all day long.  It fact - we can discuss them for decades because that is how long this system of profitized illegal immigration has been going on.

The bottom line is profit and to a large degree - specifically in the case of Mexico -  this entire profit-driven system (illegal immigration, cheap labor, remittances, reform, and billions for Washington's crony border security industrial complex) was and is insidiously created by our own Government's economic ties with Mexico and NAFTA.

The undocumented are being economically raped by the bi-national elite, and all the costs and consequences of Washington's system of profitized illegal immigration are being dumped upon US taxpayers.

To really fix this problem the disease that drives it will have be exposed. 

Giving 11.2 million people Registered Provisional Immigrant status (13 years of labor in exchange for US citizenship) puts another band aide over the problem. 

This insidious scam grew from 3 million people and 900 million US tax dollars during Reagan's Amnesty to 11.2 million people and 46.3 billon US tax dollars in 27 years. 

Just imagine what it will be like 27 years from now.



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Washington Wants Americans To Remain Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform Stupid

Washington Wants Americans To Remain Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform Stupid

Over the last nine years I have read hundreds of posts by Americans concerning illegal immigration and immigration reform.

The vast majority see this "problem" as a "no-brainer":  boot them all out, fine the heck out of the employers, fully enforce E-verify, seal the border, cut off the jobs magnet, have all police departments enforce immigration laws, arm the drones, and so on.

Here is what many American exceptionalists do not get:  illegal immigration and immigration reform have become profitized industries in the US.  They are not unlike Washington's 40+ year long war on drugs:  continual business profits are guaranteed by the never-ending enforcement "battles";  there is no money in ending the wars or creating solutions to really fix the problems.

Dig into Section 6 of this bill already passed by the Senate: S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act also known as "Comprehensive Immigration Reform":

They initially want 46.3 billion taxpayer enforcement dollars in order to legalize 11.2 million undocumented people?  Check my math - isn't that about $4,134 dollars per each of the 11.2 million undocumted people?  

One billion is one thousand million(s).  Where is all this money really going?  Reagan's Amnesty legalized 3 million undocumented and initially cost the tax payer's some 900 million INS enforcement dollars.   Check out section  111 (b) (1)

Regan's Amnesty:  $900 million divided by 3 million (undocumented people) equals $300 per undocumented person?

S.744:  $46.3 billion divided by 11.2 million (undocumented people) equals some $4,134 per undocumented person?

Where can I invest in that kind of return?  Do you actually think the US government wants to end either illegal immigration or the war on drugs with those amounts of taxpayers' monies flowing into someone's' pockets?


Monday, December 23, 2013

Immigration Reform Initially Costs Taxpayers $4,134 Per Each of the 11.2 Million Undocumented

Immigration Reform Initially Costs Taxpayers $4,134 Per Each of the 11.2 Million Undocumented

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, this is what wakes me up at night.

The initial taxpayer costs of Reagan's 1986 Amnesty was roughly 900 million dollars to legalize 3 million undocumented people.  Put another way - $300 taxpayer dollars per undocumented person.  Check out initial funding for the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act under Section 111:

Fast forward to today:  The Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act costs taxpayers 46.3 billion dollars (1000 million in one billion) for 11.2 million undocumented, or roughly $4,134 per undocumented person.  See the initial costs hidden under Section 6:

Read the fine print under Immigrant Visas:  11.2 million Registered Provisional Immigrants will have to work 13 years in order to received US citizenship. 

Mexico supplies 62% of our undocumented yet shares 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with the US.

Is bi-national greed the reason that Mexico can't provide some level of prosperity for their own people so that they do not have to cross illegally into the US?    

Anyone who thinks that this profitized illegal immigration game is not deadly is wrong.  This report show that approximately 200 undocumented people die per year trying to cross the border:

The report estimates that 12 Americans are killed per day by undocumented criminals:

This report lists the number of undocumented criminals deported the most egregious offenses:

I don't know if the above report is true.  I do know that some undocumented people commit crimes and those logically include murders.  One murder committed by an undocumented criminal is one too many and one undocumented person dying crossing the border is one too many.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Illegal Immigration And Reform: Washington's Gifts That Keeps On Giving - Priceless!

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Illegal Immigration And Reform:  Washington's Gift That Keeps On Giving - Priceless!

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I wonder why Washington's conversations concerning immigration reform do not include the primary cause of illegal immigration:  poverty in the undocumenteds' home-countries.

One only needs to study our economic ties with Mexico to really see through Washington's illegal immigration rhetoric.  Check out how our own US Department of State raves about the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade "we" share with Mexico.

Let's backtrack a bit.  Reagan's 1986 Amnesty planted the seeds of today's Immigration "Reform" by pumping some 900 million dollars into his Pub. L 99-603 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986.  Section 111 contains the initial funding for this start-up recurring nightmare.  Some 2.7 million undocumented were legalized during Reagan's Amnesty.

Next comes the bi-national (US/Mexico) elite's 1994 NAFTA economic ties that bind.  Take a peek at what NAFTA did to the poor in Mexico which increased Mexican illegal immigration to the US.  In addition to NAFTA, I find perplexing that President Bill Clinton's NAFTA rhetoric promised the end of illegal immigration he simultaneously started border militarization with "Operation Gatekeeper". 

I think Clinton knew NAFTA would push record amounts of undocumented people into the US.  I also think he knew that like the war on drugs, the "border security" cash cow arm of the US Military Industrial Complex would bring in billions for government contractors while never effectively stopping the problem. 

I would go so far to say that Washington actually creates and condones not only Mexican poverty and Mexican legal drugs but Mexican illegal immigration too.

Check out Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue September 20, 2013 in Mexico.  Not one word about Mexico's US backed drug war or NAFTA related poverty/illegal immigration

And how does the US reward their drug war co-conspirator President Felipe Calderon?

Fast forward to the reality of 11.2 million undocumented of today  Scan the lengthy text of the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  Pay particular attention to Section 6 "Comprehensive Immigration Reform Funds:

$46,300,000,000 for initial border security funding and not one red cent or one word put towards the primary reason that the undocumented come to the US.

One might think that since Washington's immigration reform politicians' pour all of those taxpayers' dollars into fighting the major symptom of the problem (illegal immigration) rather than the cause of the problem (poverty) that they really do not want to solve the problem of illegal immigration.

40+ years for "War On Drugs", 20 years for NAFTA, and now Washington pushes "Immigration Reform" to legalize some 11.2 million undocumented for the starting price of 46.3 billion dollars.

Kind of puts whole new meanings to the phrase "the gift that keeps on giving" and the word "priceless" both of which should be applied to Mexican illegal immigration and Mexican drugs.   


Thursday, December 19, 2013

When and If Passed Immigration Reform Fraud Will Be Massive

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When and If Passed Immigration Reform Fraud Will Be Massive

What a joke this warning is!  Do you have any idea of the fraud that took place during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty?

I worked as an INS Special Agent in San Diego during Reagan's Amnesty.  Everyone from our Washington offices down knew of the massive amount of fraudulent applications that were submitted.  INS did not give us the resources to do the necessary investigations before tens of thousands of  applications were "rubber stamped" through. 

It was more important for the Reagan administration to look politically successful than it was for them to tell the truth of the fraud.   It made all enforcement officers and agents sick, and if I had it to do over again, I would have gone to the press. 

With today's digital scanners, copiers and capabilities it will be easy for crooks to put together fraudulent rent receipts, school records, pay stubs, and any other documentation necessary for the undocumented who enter now to "prove" that they were in the country as of 12/31/2011.

On top of that, today's version of INS criminal investigations (DHS's ICE) will again not be able to handle the necessary investigations to uncover the true fraud, and Washington will not rock the boat. 

Immigration Activists Attack Deportations But Ignore Their Root Cause

In response:

Immigration Activists Attack Deportations But Ignore Their Root Cause 

Deportations are a result of the disgraceful illegal immigration practices that the undocumenteds' home-country governments and Washington both create and condone.  The majority of undocumented come to the US because of - as with the case of Mexico - the US and Mexican elite's  NAFTA and its creation of profit-driven poverty.

Do immigration reform activists think that by attempting to stop deportations they are going to fix the profit-driven poverty that actually results in these shameful deportations? 

I am concerned because I do not see or hear any indications that activists even care about what causes the deportations they protest.  I know Washington does not care - but that is to be expected.

Yet what about you the undocumented who were shamefully coerced into illegally entering the US because of profit-driven poverty?  What about you - their supporters?  Do you care about the root cause or do you simply want to grab your slice of the immigration reform pie by attacking deportations?

If immigration reform passed today you the majority of activists continue to protest deportations?   Or would you simply be happy with the shameful "reform rape" of the undocumented with their  "prize" of 13 years of Registered Provisional Immigrant labor status in exchange for a chance at US citizenship? 

Are you happy knowing the ugly side of the reform prize costs US taxpayers $46,300,000,000 in initial "border security" funding?  Are you happy knowing that that Washington's "border security" will cause more undocumented to die trying to cross and grab that prize that you received?

Are you happy knowing that by your acceptance of this RPI bribery you will ensure that the next wave of undocumented will come and that will cause the death of some in this process?

Are you happy knowing that by participating in this shameful immigration reform without addressing the poverty that causes it, you are just as guilty as Washington's political profiteers are in continuance and maintenance of  this decades-old atrocity?


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Immigration Reform Is About Washington Profiting Off Of Undocumented and American Families

In response:

Immigration Reform Is About Washington Profiting Off Of Undocumented Families and American Families

If we want to end this cyclic system of profitized illegal immigration/reform/border militarization we will have to reveal the insidious truths of how and why it exists.

In the case of Mexico (the source of 60% of our undocumented) poverty is being bi-nationally created in order to push people illegally into the US for cheap labor in exchange for remittances sent back home.

Once the "problem" (or our economy) reaches a head Washington attempts to "reform" it by initially soaking US taxpayers with $46,300,000,000 for "border security".   Look at this monstrosity passed by the Senate known as S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act.  Pay particular attention to the funding free-for-all under Section 6:

Yes family separation and deportations are tragic consequences of this game Washington is playing.  So are serious crimes committed against US citizens by the criminal element of undocumented.  So are over-burdened and over-crowded  hospital emergency rooms and school systems.  So are unfair demographic changes to some American towns.

Our own government helps create poverty that pushes people here.  Then they expect US taxpayers to suffer the costs and consequences of their insidious source of never-ending cheap labor.  Then they expect us to forget about our own abuse and agree to "immigration reform" that does absolutely nothing to solve the co-created host country poverty that causes "our" illegal immigration.

That's it Washington.  We have had it with your illegal immigration abuse. 

Now we will see if there are any honest politicians out there who will crack open the truth to this illegal immigration can of worms.  Who will really address it and fix it?    


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Washington's Immigration Reform Lie: Border Fences And Drones In The Sky Won't Stop Poverty-Produced Illegal Immigration

In response:

Washington's Immigration Reform Lie:  Border Fences And Drones In The Sky Won't Stop Poverty-Produced Illegal Immigration

Yes.  We are being lied to.   In the case of our neighbor Mexico - how can Washington pretend to   reform immigration without discussing the horrendous Mexican poverty as the cause of their illegal immigration? 

We have somehow become disconnected from the simple truth of our hearts that could and should guide us about the ugly bottom-line reality of illegal immigration.

The crux of Washington's Comprehensive Immigration reform initially pours $46,300,000,000 into "border security" while giving 11.2 million undocumented people Registered Provisional Immigrant (RPI) status exchanging 13 years of labor for the possibility of US citizenship.  Check out  S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, especially Title II Immigrant Visas, and Section 6 Comprehensive Immigration Reform Funds:  Read through the entirety of S.744 - not one word about poverty being the cause of illegal immigration.  

Poverty is a social disease caused by the greed of the elite who control government economics. In the cause of Mexico, the US pushed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) simultaneously exacerbated Mexican poverty and the largest influx of undocumented into the US on record.

Why in God's name are they not discussing poverty?  Look at our US Department of State's description of the relations of the US and Mexico.
Lots of lofty rhetoric about the economic and border security relations.  Nothing about poverty- produced illegal immigration. 

Read this White House press release "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue" made on September 20, 2013.  Lots of lofty rhetoric about the economic and social futures of the two countries - nothing about poverty- produced illegal immigration.

Lots and lots of propaganda about bi-national prosperity and how to stop illegal immigration.  Billions of US tax dollars necessary to achieve border security and nothing said about the root cause of undocumented people coming here.  

We are being sold a lie.  We pour billions upon billions of dollars into stopping illegal immigration while refusing to address poverty as a possible cure.  This would be comparable to America pouring billions upon billons of dollars to fight cancer while refusing to address an obvious cure.

As if building border fences and putting drones in the sky can stop poverty-driven people.

They profit from those poverty-driven undocumented laborers who they help create. They then profit from their ensuing self-created immigration reform and gouging of US taxpayers for billions in their "designed to be ineffective"  border and interior enforcement.

They re-create the conditions that cause the suffering of the undocumented and US taxpayers alike - all in the name of greed and their insidious immigration reform lies.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Immigration Reform: The Sale Of American Citizenship For 13 Years Of Undocumented Labor Peonage

In Response:

Immigration Reform:  The Sale Of American Citizenship For 13 Years Of Undocumented Labor Peonage

Joe if they the undocumented are already Americans why are you guys trying to bribe them with 13 years of RPI status for a chance at American citizenship?

Oh I forgot!  Maybe they will be Americans once you thieves get another $46,300,000,000 in taxpayer money to secure the border before their actual status reformation.

Look at the reality of  the Senate's S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act, especially the funding buried in Section 6. 

Just look at how much money your border security cronies are going to make off of taxpayers because of the price of the "profit driven illegal immigration/reformation" game you guys play!

NAFTA created Mexican poverty = illegal immigration = immigration reformation.

You are using and abusing the undocumented to gouge US taxpayers. 

Joe when is the last time you stood in an over-crowded hospital emergency room filled with people who are undocumented but "already Americans"?  How many jobs have you lost to those your system of immigration propaganda for profit calls "Already Americans"?  How many of your grandkids are  held back in school because those "Already Americans" can't speak English?  How many of those "Already Americans" have moved into you home town and changed the demographics so drastically that the primary language spoken is Spanish and your old town now resembles a border town? 

Your system harms everyone yet the rich are the only ones who prosper.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fasting to Fatten Their Own Immigration Reform Pockets

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Fasting to Fatten Their Own Immigration Reform Pockets

These political profiteers will fast for immigration reform yet they will say or do absolutely nothing about their own US elite's economic policies (NAFTA) that have caused people in Mexico to starve and come to the US illegally?

Their Comprehensive Immigration Reform S.744 Rewards Everyone Except The US Taxpayers Who Pay The Price

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Their Comprehensive Immigration Reform S.744 Rewards Everyone Except The US Taxpayers Who Pay The Price

It is obvious to me that all of the groups pushing for immigration reform have their own self-serving, reform motives.  I find those motives insidious in the sense that none of them pertain to the actual cause of the illegal immigration that spawns the need to reform.    

Because Washington's comprehensive immigration reform does not address or attempt fix the cause of illegal immigration (the undocumenteds' home-country poverty) the problem will again remain unfixed as it did with Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS.  US taxpayers will continue to suffer the costs and consequences of continued illegal immigration.   

What Comprehensive Immigration Reformists Want:

The majority of  Washington reform politicians want some of the Senate's initial S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act's $46,300,000,000 for their crony border security corporations.  Scroll down to the costs that are buried in Section 6.

The Mark Zuckerberg's of the crowd want more H-1b high tech visas to profit off of foreign laborers.

The Chamber of Commerce and AFL/CIO want to legalize undocumented laborers and bring in more undocumented dues payers.

The two main US political parties want to sway the Latino vote.

The 11.2 million undocumented want to become legal US residents or citizens.

The Mexican elite want to continue to have a safety value for their citizens and poor while keeping the billions in remittances flowing back home.

Of course reform propagandists will spin statistics to show how American will be financially better off by passing reform.

Nonsense!  Tell that to the long-time residents of San Jacinto, CA who for decades now have had to wait in overcrowded hospital emergency rooms to be treated.  Tell them how their kids and grand kids will no longer suffer inferior public education because over one half of all classes are filled with the kids of the non-English speaking undocumented.  Tell that to the US taxpayers who lose jobs because the undocumented work under the table or simply underbid them.  Tell them how reform will bring their property values up to what they would be without the unprecedented NAFTA influx of millions of undocumented to Southern California.  Tell them why they should believe that this reform is any different than the lies of Reagan's Amnesty or Clinton's NAFTA which both promised to end illegal immigration but actually quadrupled it.

Common sense dictates that the US cannot effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into our country.  If one adds to that the bi-national elite's use of the undocumented for cheap labor, remittances, political gain and the massive "border security" budget increases that accompany the eventual legalization of the US undocumented, the intent of their system of poverty/profit-driven illegal immigration and ensuing reforms become crystal clear.

Washington's system of profit driven illegal immigration and its ensuing profit-driven border security reform have become institutionalized as Washington uses undocumented laborers then passes all costs on to US tax payers.


Washington's Immigration Reform Ignores and Exacerbates The Cause Of Illegal Immigration

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Washington's Immigration Reform Ignores and Exacerbates The Cause Of Illegal Immigration

The Senate's S.744 will not stop illegal immigration, but Washington's cronies in the border security industrial complex will sure get rich "trying".

Use your heads.  This multi-billion dollar industry and the politicians who push it need illegal immigration to continue to flourish.  This is just like their war on drugs;  all of the profit is in the "fight" not in the fixing.    

How about an initial paycheck of $46,300,000,000 tax payers' dollars?  Check out that tidy little sum buried in Section 6 of the bill.

We have collectively lost our rational minds when we let these profiteering politicians spend 46 billion dollars trying to stop hungry people from coming into the US while they have purposely made zero efforts to discuss or attempt to address the poverty that pushes the vast majority (60% Mexican) of the US undocumented  here.

Look at Vice President Joe Biden's September 20, 2013 speech in Mexico "Remarks by Vice President Joe Biden at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue".

And look at our own US Department of State's glorifying description of our relations with Mexico.

You don't have to read between the lines, their message is clear.  The bi-national relationship between the two countries is all about economic profit.  As far as the Mexican and other Latin American undocumented and US taxpayers are obviously concerned, we are mere pawns in their profit driven- illegal immigration game. 

They don't care about poverty in Mexico or the US.  They don't care about US jobs exported away via NAFTA or the loss of US jobs to the undocumented.

They don't care about stopping illegal immigration as long as they can reform millions of undocumented "out of the shadows" for billions of US taxpayer's border security dollars.

Mexican trade, oil, labor, and illegal drugs are more important to the bi-national elite than the common people on both sides of the border.

Everyone concerned with  CIR needs to see their real agenda and stop reform in its tracks until these profiteers address their NAFTA poverty as the cause of our illegal immigration.


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do Abusive Immigration Policies Foster Agent Abuse Of The Undocumented?

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Do Abusive Immigration Policies Foster Agent Abuse Of The Undocumented?
I offer my insights as retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent. 
First of all, there is no justification for agents to verbally abuse or physically mistreat the undocumented - period.  Unfortunately - disgracefully and even unlawfully - it does happen. 

In my opinion the blame for this abuse of course first falls upon the offending officer(s).  With that said,   some degree of blame next goes to the US and Mexican governments for creating and condoning the conditions  that foster this abuse.   
The undocumenteds' governments (or more specifically the elite who run their governments) dehumanize their  own citizens by profitizing home-country poverty that pushes their people north for remittances.  The US government pays agents well to do their jobs.  Yet those agents to some degree have to become dehumanized in order to perform the degrading task of chasing primarily hungry people around at night like animals.  Agents who stay on the job learn quickly that they will not be given the political or public support or necessary resources to do their jobs effectively. 

Agents see their own government reward the undocumented people who they are supposed to stop  with immigration "reform".  They also see undocumented and at times their fellow officers die playing  this very confusing and sometimes deadly "game".   Any agent who has one once of common sense or humanity begins to question what really motivates our government's insidious system of border enforcement.

Again - There are no excuses for agents who abuse or mistreat the undocumented.  Those officers who commit such acts need to be prosecuted and fired. 

Beyond the individual agent's actions I say we all need to look at the trickledown effect of our government's  and the undocumenteds governments' responsibilities in creating and condoning the conditions that cause illegal immigration.   The undocumented and US taxpayers are both abused by Washington's system of profit-driven illegal immigration. 

Is it any wonder such a system would attract officers who are abusive too?     

What's Behind Washington's Use Of The Undocumented To "Reform Rape" US Taxpayers?

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It is so easy to blame the messengers when the blamers are so brainwashed that they do not know who is raping whom.

What's Behind Washington's Use Of The Undocumented To "Reform Rape" US Taxpayers?

The whole insidious reform scam is about Washigton's decades-long rape of primarily the Mexican undocumented and then in turn the rape of US taxpayers.   If you want to get to the bottom of this corruption and insanity you will have to do some homework.

Washington's Amnesty and NAFTA despite their rhetoric to end illegal immigration created social and economic conditions in Mexico that pushed more undocumented people here than ever before.

Compare The Numbers

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (Reagan's Amnesty) legalized some 2.9 million undocumented and initially cost the US taxpayers 900 million dollars.  Scroll down to Section 111 for initial funding:

Fast forward to today's Senate S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act as they want to RPI legalize some 11.2 million undocumented with initial funding of $46,300,000,000 (billion) dollars. Scroll down to Section 6:

Initial costs of today's Washington Immigration reform is about 45 billion dollars more than the initial costs of Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.

The Insidious Mexican/US Economic Factors

Here is what they are not telling us:  Washington has sold our economic souls to Mexico and created a system of  profitized illegal immigration reform that rapes the undocumented in order to rape us.

Mexico and the US share 1.25 billon dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is our number two source of oil and our third largest trading partner.  Over one million cars, trucks, and people legally cross the border from Mexico into the US daily.  Wal-Mart is Mexico's number one retailer and more US corn is sold in Mexico than Mexican corn.  Investors in the US invest more money in Mexico than any other country does in Mexico, and don't forget the US owned border factories and car manufacturers in Mexico.

On The Dark Mexican Side   

Mexico supplies the majority of illegal drugs to the US,  and also supplies the majority of undocumented to the US (60%).  Remittances from Mexico's US undocumented and supporters help the Mexican poor (40% of the population) survive. 

Since 2006 over 120,000 people have been slaughtered in the US backed drug war in Mexico while Harvard University coddles the puppet Mexican NAFTA/Drug War President Felipe Calderon .

The US sends tons of illegal drug cash and illegal guns to Mexico to feed US addictions to drugs and their addiction to money.  US and Global banks have been involved in laundering Mexican cartel drug profits.

The Hard Questions Washington Won't Address

Is it economically and physically possible to seal the US/Mexican Border?

Would Mexico's economy collapse if we did seal the border and stopped their illegal drugs and undocumented workers coming north?

Would the US economy collapse if Mexico's economy collapsed?

How many US border security and interior enforcement industrial jobs are created by illegal immigration to the US?

Why does Washington seldom if ever address Mexican poverty and violence as exacerbating factors to US illegal immigration from Mexico?


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Millions More Undocumented, Billions More In Border Security And One Question Left Unasked

Millions More Undocumented, Billions More In Border Security And One Question Left Unasked

I find it astonishing that not one Washington politician or one immigration activist raises the single most important question concerning over 60% of the undocumented in the US.    

I have not heard any of them ask once or even suggest that they include in their reform discussions why the (Mexican) undocumented come here.

Is why they are coming not important to solving the problem?

Washington's NAFTA exacerbates poverty in Mexico which exacerbates Mexican illegal immigration, yet Immigration Reform Politicians say nothing of this during their reform discussions?

Name one business corporation in the US besides the US government who would choose to disregard a subject that constitutes 60% of a problem they that are attempting to resolve.   

The Senate with their S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act wants funding of  $46,300,000,000 for the main categories of  border security, immigrant visas, interior enforcement, non-immigrant visa reform, jobs for youth,

Not one single penny or one single work devoted to the question of why illegal immigration is happening to the US.

One could assume that the question of "why" illegal immigration happens does not matter to our reform politician since the billions of "border security" dollars asked for now will  theoretically solve the problem. 

Yet prior increases in border security (1986 Amnesty and 1994 Operation Gatekeeper) and record Obama deportations have given American taxpayers no indications that this go-round of border security tax dollars will effectively solve illegal immigration.

I think the truth is that the elite who run Washington do not want illegal immigration solved any more than they want the war against drugs or military wars solved.

They can't seem to fix the either problem but they are sure getting rich trying.

In addition to non-effective border and drug controls, someone in the two countries lite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Mexico is our number two source of oil and our number three NAFTA trading partner.  Mexico has signed on to the very questionable Trans Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. How many US car companies have plants in Mexico?  How many US border electronic and clothing factories are there in Mexico?  The US invests more money in Mexico than any other country invests in Mexico.  Hell Wal-Mart is the number one retail store in Mexico and more US corn is sold in Mexico than Mexican corn.

So US taxpayers will continue to suffer the consequences of illegal immigration and Washington's amnesties/reforms.  The everyday citizens are the ones who will stand in the over-crowded hospital emergency rooms and school rooms, not the politicians.  The everyday citizens are the ones who will continue to lose jobs to the undocumented, not Washington's politicians.  The everyday citizens are the ones who will see their hometown demographics turn for the worse while politicians live way above all that. 

For the undocumented to come they will continue to have to leave their homes and families and face the dangers of crossing the border.  More will die as crossing the border will become increasingly more difficult - but not impossible.  It will never be impossible.

If Washington gets its immigration reforming way this current group of 11.2 million will sell their laboring souls for 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship.  Legalizing this group will again be the impetus for the next wave of millions more who will without a doubt come.


From 1986's Immigration Reform To Now: 27 Years, +/- 10 Million More Undocumented and 45 Billion More Expensive

From 1986's Immigration Reform To Now:  27 Years, +/- 10 Million More Undocumented and 45 Billion More Expensive

Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform:  The Profitized Cycle Of Deceit

Reagan's 1986 Amnesty sent a clear worldwide message with particular emphasis to our closest Latin American neighbors:  if you can make it through the border we will at some point forgive you.  Note in the article below the estimated amount of fraudulent Amnesty applications that were successfully rubber stamped through by the Reagan Administration's INS.

Clinton's 1994 NAFTA created a trade policy that literally pushes primarily Mexican undocumented people here.  It ruined small Mexican corn farms and businesses, and many of the border factory jobs promised were outsourced to China.

The Mexican elite is happy to  those remittances coming back to their economy, and the US elite is happy to see cheap labor coming north.

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA actually increased US illegal immigration despite their "border security" tax dollar enhancements and promises to stop it.

Increased illegal immigration created the need for more immigration deportations and more immigration prisons.  Arizona's "Operation Streamline" cashes in on Federal Prosecutions and Immigration Prison Detentions by simultaneously creating "criminal aliens" and Corrections Corporation of America taxpayer supported inmates. 

Almost 3 million undocumented were legalized during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.  Clinton's NAFTA helped push the estimated number of US undocumented to the 11.2 million who are here today. 

Today Washington attempts to "reform immigration" the same way that Reagan's 1986 Amnesty did by legalizing the 11.2 million people here with Registered Provisional Immigrant Status and increasing border security measures.

The initial funding requests for Reagan's Amnesty - Pub. L 99-603 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986  was $841 million dollars, see Section 111.

The initial funding request for Washington's Immigration reform  S.744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act  is $46.3 billion dollars.  See Section 6

Let's see:  27 years later, roughly 10 million more undocumented and 45 billion more dollars, or 45 thousand times more expensive.

We have indeed met the enemy Pogo.


Monday, December 9, 2013

Washington Why Kill The Mexican Goose That Lays Those Golden Mexican Eggs?

Washington Why Kill The Mexican Goose That Lays Those Golden Mexican Eggs?

When considering immigration reform and ending the war on drugs, there are many reasons that Washington remains silent about Mexico. 

Mexico and the US share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade
Mexico is our number two source of oil
Mexico provides our number one source of illegal drugs
Mexico provides our number one source of NAFTA undocumented workers
Mexico provides our need for $46,300,000,000 immigration reform funds (see Sec 6)
Mexico fights a drug war that Washington supports
Mexico buys many US legal and illegal guns
Mexico provides prison inmates for US privatized prisons
The US and Mexican Elite Work Together To Rape The Good Citizens of Both Countries

We have met the Enemy Pogo.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Washington's CIR Will Cause Millions More Undocumented To Repeat This Same Illegal Immigation Nightmare

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Washington's CIR Will Cause Millions More Undocumented To Repeat This Same Illegal Immigration Nightmare

Yes Mr. Escalante.  You are exactly right.  Immigration reform requires me to interrupt you and speak up.

You, the undocumented and the supporters of the undocumented are unfortunate pawns being used for immigration "reform".  You are being used in a conspiracy between the undocumenteds' home country elite and the US elite to maintain a profit-driven system of illegal immigration that initially exchanges cheap labor for home-country remittances. 

After decades of abuse and greed their insidious system has expanded to include the legalization of millions of undocumented  in exchange for billions of US border security tax dollars.

I would go so far to say that in the case of Mexico, illegal immigration (and illegal drugs) have become simply the bi-national elite's cost of doing business as they have become NAFTA enmeshed  through 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and the sale of oil (Mexico is the number 2 source of oil to the US).

American taxpayers are becoming aware of Washington's recurring immigration reform strategies as it pretends to care about the very real, heartbreaking and emotional accounts of the undocumenteds' family separations in order to continue their (Washington's) profitized scheme. 

Their current plan is to legalize 11.2 million undocumented in exchange for ripping off US tax payers for the initial costs of $46,300,000,000.  See Section 6 of S. 744

You as an immigration activist need to protest, address and expose all of their evils that cause the undocumented to come to the US.  You need to acknowledge what illegal immigration has done to the lives of millions of Americans who suffer its costs and consequences too. You need to address how Washington's and your home-country governments'  economic policies have caused immense poverty and suffering in your home countries that not only affects your fellow citizens lives  but pushes them into the US illegally too.

You need to grow up an admit that you are not the only ones being used as pawns in this bi-national profit-driven system of illegal immigration.

So you advise others to selfishly interrupt and speak up for themselves in an attempt to be legalized into the same system that caused you and them to come here to begin with?  You want your slice of the American immigration reform pie without even acknowledging, exposing or addressing the root causes that pushed you and countless others to sneak across our border? 

You want to be reformed into a system that will without a doubt cause millions more undocumented  to have to repeat this same illegal immigration nightmare?   

We need to all say no to Washington's immigration reform bribery until the "broken system" is fixed for everyone involved, not just "reformed" for  you.


Immigration Reform: They Can't Effectively Stop People From Crossing The Border But Sure Will Get Rich Trying

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Immigration Reform:  They Can't Effectively Stop People From Crossing The Border But Sure Will Get Rich Trying

What immigration activists are really banking on is Washington's Border Security Complex sticking it to US taxpayers - again.  This 2013 "reform" attempt starts off at $46,300,000,000.  Check out this official link and scroll down to SEC. 6. COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REFORM FUNDS.

Does anyone in their right mind really think Washington's current "reform" will effectively solve illegal immigration?   The truth is they not only can't effectively stop people from crossing our  border, they really don't want to.  Seriously - why would they kill the golden amnesty laying goose when every couple of decades or so they can "reform" taxpayers out of billions more "border security" tax dollars by "reforming" millions more undocumented "out of shadows"?

Did it ever occur to you that Washington's number three trading partner, number two source of oil, number one source of undocumented and illegal drugs, dear old Mexico Lindo, would collapse if their country did not have the US and their own citizens' remittances as economic escape valves?

Like their war on drugs, American taxpayers on being taken for a long, long, illegal immigration ride.

I say no one gets anything until Washington's profitized system of continual illegal immigration millions in exchange for continual border security billions is brought "out of the shadows". 

NAFTA - The Bi-National Elite's Deal With The Narco-Trading Devil

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NAFTA - The Bi-National Elite's Deal With The Narco-Trading Devil

NAFTA's US corn, Wal-Mart, and failed border maquiladoras pushed more undocumented into the US than at any other time in recent American history.  I find it interesting that Bill Clinton started the militarization of the US Border with San Diego's "Operation Gatekeeper" the same year that he started NAFTA.

Perhaps Clinton knew that despite his "NAFTA will end illegal immigration" rhetoric the flood gates were about to open?

During NAFTA discussions Clinton would not allow any talk of Mexican cartels or Mexican illegal drugs.  I find it interesting today that the Obama administration rarely if ever talks about his support for the Mexican Drug War that Mexican President Felipe Calderon started in 2006.  It continues on today with the real body count of 120,000 or more. 

Mexico is one of our largest NAFTA trading partners.  They are our number two source of oil.  We share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with them.  And in case you did not know - Mexico supplies more undocumented to the US than any other country and is number one in drug smuggling to the US.  I guess we return the favor with all that cash and all those guns flowing south.

Do you find it interesting that Clinton and Gianna Angelopoulos backed Harvard's selection of ex- Mexican "100,00 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon for Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative Harvard Fellowship? 

US taxpayers and the good people of Mexico suffer the costs and consequences of the NAFTA bi-national elite's deal with the Narco-trading devil.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Real News: Mexico Neo-Liberalism, NAFTA, Mexican Drug War Must Views

NAFTA's Ultimate Effect on Mexico P1 of 2   Charles Bowden

US Drug War Props Corrupt Mexican Ruling Class

Drug War Mexico, NAFTA and Why People Leave  Peter Watt

Free trade and Mexico's drug war

Narco War Next Door Juarez

Noam Chomsky NAFTA

Drug War in Mexico - A Day with the Body Collectors   Washington Post


The Insanity Of The US Backed Mexican Drug War - From Ciudad Juarez to Harvard University

In response:

The Insanity Of The US Backed Mexican Drug War -  From  Ciudad Juarez to Harvard University 

Can we even begin to conceive of the billons of dollars made by the industries manufacturing, transporting and selling illegal drugs AND the billions of dollars made by the US enforcement  industries fighting "the war" against those drugs?

Think of the poorest of farmers who cultivate it to survive to the richest narco-elite who control their governments and militaries to survive.   Think of the immeasurable narco-related suffering worldwide.

Hello America - Washington has institutionalized this insanity into a 40+ year long, one trillion dollar "drug war" nightmare.  Drugs still fill our streets while the addicted fill our jails - and the drug-induced, mentally-ill walk our streets rather than being in medical facilities.

US and Global Banks simultaneously loan money to the US drug enforcement security complex while laundering cartel proceeds.
Meanwhile many here in the US condone Harvard University's 2012 award to ex- Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos (Bill Clinton) Global Leader?
Please sign the petition linked in the above article.

Check out the content of President Obama's campaign speech from El Paso Texas on May, 10, 2011.  Ciudad Juarez, "ground zero" for the Mexican Drug War, lies directly south of El Paso.

What a slap in the face to the countless people who have suffered from the US backed drug war in Mexico.  Standing and facing Ciudad Juarez from his speech location in El Paso, President Obama does not even have the decency to acknowledge Ciudad Juarez or their drug war.
Now look at Vice President Joe Biden's September 20,2013 remarks at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue

Why would Obama not talk about the truth of Ciudad Juarez?

Biden too insults us all by failing to mention their horrific, ongoing Mexican drug war.

Now look at John Ackerman's article detailing what Biden should have been asking about. 

Finally in Washington's attempted immigration reform our politicians have failed to address NAFTA caused Mexican poverty and the US backed Mexican drug war both have affected Mexican illegal immigration to the US.