Monday, December 2, 2013

Use The Momentum Of Failed Immigration Reform To Benefit All Of The Victims - Not Just Yourselves

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Use The Momentum Of Failed Immigration Reform To Benefit All Of The Victims - Not Just Yourselves

Mr. Hong,

If you had a magic wand would you use it to stop President Obama's and Washington's deportations of the undocumented or would you use it stop and cure the insidious home-country poverty that coerces and pushes the majority of the undocumented into the US to begin with?

Labor from illegal immigration and the ensuring political reform have become big businesses for the US and undocumenteds' home country elite. 

I understand that you are caught in the middle of this insidious, institutionalized "game".  I pray for you, your family, and all of the good undocumented people.

To you Mr. Hong and all of the undocumented:

I respectfully say that this problem is much bigger than you and your families.  It involves millions of other people who will take the same risks that you did to get here.  Some of them will die in the process of crossing the US/Mexican border.  It also involves millions of US taxpayers who have suffered the costs and consequences of decades of preventable illegal immigration.

I request that you and your supporters start including the issue of your home country poverty in your agendas and protests.  Use your own suffering to bring attention to the root cause of American illegal immigration.  Do not accept Washington's offer of RPI bribery in order to disregard or go unconscious about the reasons that you are here. 

Use your momentum to benefit all of the victims of their insidious system of profit-driven illegal immigration.    

If you accept Washington's immigration reform bribery simply to satisfy your own self-serving needs and disregard the problem as a whole, you are no different than the elite who you sell your services and integrity to.


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