Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Do Abusive Immigration Policies Foster Agent Abuse Of The Undocumented?

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Do Abusive Immigration Policies Foster Agent Abuse Of The Undocumented?
I offer my insights as retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent. 
First of all, there is no justification for agents to verbally abuse or physically mistreat the undocumented - period.  Unfortunately - disgracefully and even unlawfully - it does happen. 

In my opinion the blame for this abuse of course first falls upon the offending officer(s).  With that said,   some degree of blame next goes to the US and Mexican governments for creating and condoning the conditions  that foster this abuse.   
The undocumenteds' governments (or more specifically the elite who run their governments) dehumanize their  own citizens by profitizing home-country poverty that pushes their people north for remittances.  The US government pays agents well to do their jobs.  Yet those agents to some degree have to become dehumanized in order to perform the degrading task of chasing primarily hungry people around at night like animals.  Agents who stay on the job learn quickly that they will not be given the political or public support or necessary resources to do their jobs effectively. 

Agents see their own government reward the undocumented people who they are supposed to stop  with immigration "reform".  They also see undocumented and at times their fellow officers die playing  this very confusing and sometimes deadly "game".   Any agent who has one once of common sense or humanity begins to question what really motivates our government's insidious system of border enforcement.

Again - There are no excuses for agents who abuse or mistreat the undocumented.  Those officers who commit such acts need to be prosecuted and fired. 

Beyond the individual agent's actions I say we all need to look at the trickledown effect of our government's  and the undocumenteds governments' responsibilities in creating and condoning the conditions that cause illegal immigration.   The undocumented and US taxpayers are both abused by Washington's system of profit-driven illegal immigration. 

Is it any wonder such a system would attract officers who are abusive too?     

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