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Washington's Immoral Illegal Immigration Monster Has Come Back To Bite - Not Them - But US Taxpayers

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Washington's Immoral Illegal Immigration Monster Has Come Back To Bite - Not Them - But US Taxpayers

How could something so understandable as migrant workers crossing a border in order to feed their families become so insidiously and unjustly deformed?

It all started when someone got the idea of making money by making laws against those poor migrants coming here to work for us.  Of course this was done with the full cooperation of the migrants' home country elite as they had profit motivations of their own.

Just take Mexico for example - what a no brainer for the Mexican elite!  We the Mexican elite shall horde all opportunities for prosperity by giving none to our own poor!  We will only provide our poor with just enough of the barest essentials of life (clean water, paved roads, electricity, jobs, homes, medical services, schools,  public safety etc.) just so no one can say we are not trying.

Meanwhile - those poor of ours can go to the US to live and work illegally while sending back money to our economy!  You know they will help the other members of their poor families (so we the elite  won't have to!)  Our migrants can go to US schools and hospitals - Mexican welfare if you will - all brought to you and paid for by the good old US taxpayers!

The US elite in turn get a never-ending, expendable supply of cheap laborers to do the hardest of labors for them!  Of course it is against the law to hire them (wink-wink).  If it wasn't against the law how could we the elite get away with hiring them under the table and paying them so little?  How could we continue to dominate and control them if they were legal, right?

Earth To Washington - We Have A Problem

All is fine until so many undocumented start coming and staying in the US that they are noticeable and even have supporters.    Hey these people are flooding our school and hospital systems!   Washington my home valued have dropped because so many undocumented have moved into my neighborhood - do something!

Reagan's Washington decides to capitalize upon their self-created dilemma.  Amnesty for the ones who are already here and further profitization of the influx of the ones to come!  We will propagandize illegal immigration in order to create a national "border security" threat!  We then patriotically parley that into pumping billions of US taxpayers' dollars into "securing the border"!  Just imagine - all of those lucrative, never-ending contracts for our political backers and cronies!   Fencing, surveillance systems, border patrol stations, immigration prisons, court rooms, judges, buses, new equipment, more guns - you name it we need it!

1994 - Bill Clinton's NAFTA screws American workers, the American "border security" paying taxpayers and the undocumented primarily Mexican poor.

Then we have 911.  The "terrorism" chip just raised the "border security" stakes to unheard of levels.
DHS spending since 911 is 635.9 billion.

Fast forward to Washington's Immigration Reform of 2013.  The countless billions of dollars spent to secure the border since Reagan's Amnesty have resulted in 11.5 million more undocumented present in the US today.  What in God's name is wrong with this picture?

Washington's response?  How about the making of a new 2013 sub-class of labor peons - Registered Provisional Immigrants.  Washington makes them an offer (reward) they can't refuse - 13 years of labor peonage for a chance at US citizenship. 

And the cost to US taxpayers?  How about $46,300,000,000 just for starters?

The section below is from S.744


    (a) Comprehensive Immigration Reform Trust Fund-
      (1) ESTABLISHMENT- There is established in the Treasury a separate account
      (2) DEPOSITS-
        (A) INITIAL FUNDING- On the later of the date of the enactment of this Act or October 1, 2013, $46,300,000,000 shall be transferred from the general fund of the Treasury to the Trust Fund.

Our government has lost is greed-induced, cancer-producing, syphilitic mind.



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