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The Insanity Of The US Backed Mexican Drug War - From Ciudad Juarez to Harvard University

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The Insanity Of The US Backed Mexican Drug War -  From  Ciudad Juarez to Harvard University 

Can we even begin to conceive of the billons of dollars made by the industries manufacturing, transporting and selling illegal drugs AND the billions of dollars made by the US enforcement  industries fighting "the war" against those drugs?

Think of the poorest of farmers who cultivate it to survive to the richest narco-elite who control their governments and militaries to survive.   Think of the immeasurable narco-related suffering worldwide.

Hello America - Washington has institutionalized this insanity into a 40+ year long, one trillion dollar "drug war" nightmare.  Drugs still fill our streets while the addicted fill our jails - and the drug-induced, mentally-ill walk our streets rather than being in medical facilities.

US and Global Banks simultaneously loan money to the US drug enforcement security complex while laundering cartel proceeds.
Meanwhile many here in the US condone Harvard University's 2012 award to ex- Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon as Harvard's First Angelopoulos (Bill Clinton) Global Leader?
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Check out the content of President Obama's campaign speech from El Paso Texas on May, 10, 2011.  Ciudad Juarez, "ground zero" for the Mexican Drug War, lies directly south of El Paso.

What a slap in the face to the countless people who have suffered from the US backed drug war in Mexico.  Standing and facing Ciudad Juarez from his speech location in El Paso, President Obama does not even have the decency to acknowledge Ciudad Juarez or their drug war.
Now look at Vice President Joe Biden's September 20,2013 remarks at the U.S.-Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue

Why would Obama not talk about the truth of Ciudad Juarez?

Biden too insults us all by failing to mention their horrific, ongoing Mexican drug war.

Now look at John Ackerman's article detailing what Biden should have been asking about. 

Finally in Washington's attempted immigration reform our politicians have failed to address NAFTA caused Mexican poverty and the US backed Mexican drug war both have affected Mexican illegal immigration to the US.


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