Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From 1986's Immigration Reform To Now: 27 Years, +/- 10 Million More Undocumented and 45 Billion More Expensive

From 1986's Immigration Reform To Now:  27 Years, +/- 10 Million More Undocumented and 45 Billion More Expensive

Illegal Immigration and Immigration Reform:  The Profitized Cycle Of Deceit

Reagan's 1986 Amnesty sent a clear worldwide message with particular emphasis to our closest Latin American neighbors:  if you can make it through the border we will at some point forgive you.  Note in the article below the estimated amount of fraudulent Amnesty applications that were successfully rubber stamped through by the Reagan Administration's INS.

Clinton's 1994 NAFTA created a trade policy that literally pushes primarily Mexican undocumented people here.  It ruined small Mexican corn farms and businesses, and many of the border factory jobs promised were outsourced to China.

The Mexican elite is happy to  those remittances coming back to their economy, and the US elite is happy to see cheap labor coming north.

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA actually increased US illegal immigration despite their "border security" tax dollar enhancements and promises to stop it.

Increased illegal immigration created the need for more immigration deportations and more immigration prisons.  Arizona's "Operation Streamline" cashes in on Federal Prosecutions and Immigration Prison Detentions by simultaneously creating "criminal aliens" and Corrections Corporation of America taxpayer supported inmates. 

Almost 3 million undocumented were legalized during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty.  Clinton's NAFTA helped push the estimated number of US undocumented to the 11.2 million who are here today. 

Today Washington attempts to "reform immigration" the same way that Reagan's 1986 Amnesty did by legalizing the 11.2 million people here with Registered Provisional Immigrant Status and increasing border security measures.

The initial funding requests for Reagan's Amnesty - Pub. L 99-603 Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986  was $841 million dollars, see Section 111.

The initial funding request for Washington's Immigration reform  S.744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act  is $46.3 billion dollars.  See Section 6

Let's see:  27 years later, roughly 10 million more undocumented and 45 billion more dollars, or 45 thousand times more expensive.

We have indeed met the enemy Pogo.


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