Sunday, December 8, 2013

Washington's CIR Will Cause Millions More Undocumented To Repeat This Same Illegal Immigation Nightmare

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Washington's CIR Will Cause Millions More Undocumented To Repeat This Same Illegal Immigration Nightmare

Yes Mr. Escalante.  You are exactly right.  Immigration reform requires me to interrupt you and speak up.

You, the undocumented and the supporters of the undocumented are unfortunate pawns being used for immigration "reform".  You are being used in a conspiracy between the undocumenteds' home country elite and the US elite to maintain a profit-driven system of illegal immigration that initially exchanges cheap labor for home-country remittances. 

After decades of abuse and greed their insidious system has expanded to include the legalization of millions of undocumented  in exchange for billions of US border security tax dollars.

I would go so far to say that in the case of Mexico, illegal immigration (and illegal drugs) have become simply the bi-national elite's cost of doing business as they have become NAFTA enmeshed  through 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and the sale of oil (Mexico is the number 2 source of oil to the US).

American taxpayers are becoming aware of Washington's recurring immigration reform strategies as it pretends to care about the very real, heartbreaking and emotional accounts of the undocumenteds' family separations in order to continue their (Washington's) profitized scheme. 

Their current plan is to legalize 11.2 million undocumented in exchange for ripping off US tax payers for the initial costs of $46,300,000,000.  See Section 6 of S. 744

You as an immigration activist need to protest, address and expose all of their evils that cause the undocumented to come to the US.  You need to acknowledge what illegal immigration has done to the lives of millions of Americans who suffer its costs and consequences too. You need to address how Washington's and your home-country governments'  economic policies have caused immense poverty and suffering in your home countries that not only affects your fellow citizens lives  but pushes them into the US illegally too.

You need to grow up an admit that you are not the only ones being used as pawns in this bi-national profit-driven system of illegal immigration.

So you advise others to selfishly interrupt and speak up for themselves in an attempt to be legalized into the same system that caused you and them to come here to begin with?  You want your slice of the American immigration reform pie without even acknowledging, exposing or addressing the root causes that pushed you and countless others to sneak across our border? 

You want to be reformed into a system that will without a doubt cause millions more undocumented  to have to repeat this same illegal immigration nightmare?   

We need to all say no to Washington's immigration reform bribery until the "broken system" is fixed for everyone involved, not just "reformed" for  you.


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