Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Illegal Immigration and US Tax Dollars: Necessary Components Of Washington's System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration

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Illegal Immigration and US Tax Dollars:   Necessary Components Of Washington's System Of Profitized Illegal Immigration 

This above story talks about one Mexican man released from US Immigration Detention while 34,000 others fill The Corrections Corporations of America's privatized immigration prisons.

Just what does it cost tax payers for the detention of the undocumented?  Try $120 per day per inmate.

Let's see:  34,000 X $120 = $4,080,000 million dollars a day. There are 1,000 millions in one billion so the yearly cost is well over one billion tax payer dollars a year.

So wake up folks.  We can discuss individuals' sad stories and the rights and wrongs of their individual immigration cases all day long.  It fact - we can discuss them for decades because that is how long this system of profitized illegal immigration has been going on.

The bottom line is profit and to a large degree - specifically in the case of Mexico -  this entire profit-driven system (illegal immigration, cheap labor, remittances, reform, and billions for Washington's crony border security industrial complex) was and is insidiously created by our own Government's economic ties with Mexico and NAFTA.

The undocumented are being economically raped by the bi-national elite, and all the costs and consequences of Washington's system of profitized illegal immigration are being dumped upon US taxpayers.

To really fix this problem the disease that drives it will have be exposed. 

Giving 11.2 million people Registered Provisional Immigrant status (13 years of labor in exchange for US citizenship) puts another band aide over the problem. 

This insidious scam grew from 3 million people and 900 million US tax dollars during Reagan's Amnesty to 11.2 million people and 46.3 billon US tax dollars in 27 years. 

Just imagine what it will be like 27 years from now.



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