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Border "Hunger Games" - Decades of Blameless, Shameless, Irresponsible Bi-National Greed

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Border "Hunger Games" -  Decades of Blameless, Shameless, Irresponsible Bi-National Greed 

How can the US and Mexican governments (and the good citizens of both "democratic" nations) justify and condone the reality of millions of Mexican citizens crossing the US border "illegally" in order to feed their own Mexican families?

Why is this shameful practice not the single most important priority between these two "friendly" nations?  Or more specifically - why isn't the root cause of this shared, tragic human condition rigorously debated by the politicians of both nations?

We certainly hear lots about illegal immigration, border security, family separations, deportations, and the immigration reform of 11.5 million undocumented people currently living in the US.

We also hear lots about the prosperity and good relations between the two countries.

Check out Vice President Biden's 9/20/13 remarks made at the U.S.- Mexico High Level Economic Dialogue.

Mr. Biden touts "We are grounded in a common border, a common culture, common values, common dreams and common potential".  He did not say anything about why Mexican people still illegally come here or one word about the 120,000 people sacrificed since the 2006 start of President Calderon's US backed Mexican Drug War.   

Check out our US Department Of State "Diplomacy in Action" published words about the "Relations of the US and Mexico"

"The scope of U.S.-Mexican relations is broad and goes beyond diplomatic and official contacts, and entails extensive commercial, cultural, and educational ties, with over 1.25 billion dollars of two-way trade and roughly one million legal border crossings each day".

Yet we hear so very little about Mexican and Latin American illegal immigration.  Current estimates put the amount of Mexican undocumented living in the US at 60% of the 11.5 million, and the combined amount of El Salvadoran, Guatemalan, and Honduran undocumented at another 10% of the 11.5 million US undocumented. 

Combined  (70% of 11.5 million undocumented) they make up about 8 million of our 11.5 million undocumented - the vast majority of those 8 million entering the US through Mexico.

Why does Washington fail to openly discuss Mexican illegal immigration?  Why are US immigration enforcement strategies based upon continuously attempting to stop people rather than attempting to resolve the obvious root cause of those people coming here to begin with?

I have very biased opinions about this - based upon 26 years of service in the combined US Border Patrol, INS Criminal Investigations, ICE and nine years of private study on my own. 

Washington, or those who run Washington, despite US laws and political rhetoric, does not want to effectively stop Mexican illegal immigration.  Why?

The US benefits from Mexican undocumented labor
Mexico benefits from remittances sent home by Mexican undocumented
US corporation benefits from US border security contracted jobs
Profits for privatized US immigration prisons
US political parties benefit from immigration reform
US dependency upon Mexican Oil (2nd largest source)
Possible disruption of 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border NAFTA trade
US auto industry investments in Mexico
US corn industry sales to Mexico
The disclosure of NAFTA caused Mexican illegal immigration to US
WalMart in Mexico
The disclosure of the horrific US-backed Mexican Drug War
The  disclosure of drug cartel dark money laundering profits for US banks

These two supposedly democratic nations have created this own version of their Border "Hunger Games".  They have profitized illegal immigration and propagandized the blame on the undocumented.

They together shamefully watch as segments of  their combined citizenry participate in this dehumanizing "game" of chasing and being chased - like animals in the night.

These people being chased are not animals;  they are human beings.  The people being paid to chase other human beings are not animals either.  Yet they are paid to act and hunt like animals.

Irresponsible, bi-national greed drives this border insanity and inhumanity.  Until this blame is placed where it truthfully lies, Mexican illegal immigration will continue on and on.




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