Sunday, September 30, 2012

From American Stupor to American Spring

Four recent examples of complete catastrophic failures of our government:  9/11,  the Wars (Iraq and Afghanistan), the Mexican Drug War, and the Great Recession of 2008.

911 truth is still unknown and the resulting wars were based upon lies.  The economic meltdown was based upon the financial greed of the 1% who run our country. The Mexican war on drugs is about 
pouring taxpayers' money into the US border and drug enforcement complexes.
Meanwhile, the common, hard working people of not only the US, but of the entire world, have paid the price and are paying the price for our government's insanity.  

Where is the outrage in the US?   Where is our version of an Arab Spring?

I have faith it is coming.  The American Stupor will shift to the American Spring.   

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sweet Deal for the US/Mexican 1%

The Mexican 1% in effect "exports" people to the US 1% by not providing basics of life for them. In exchange they get some 26 billion a year in remittances sent back home to take care of the other family members of the undocumented who the Mexican 1% refuses to provide for also.

Sweet deal, no?

Of course the US 1% in involved and in exchange gets cheap laborers putting food on their tables, making their beds, constructing their homes etc. while the US 99% gets stuck with the rising hospital, educational, and job lost costs from these same undocumented.

Sweet deal for the 1%, no?

Then you have a well paid bigot with a gun and a badge like Arpaio working for the 1% by trying to fill us the US 1%'s privatized prisons with the undocumented under his twisted sense of patriotism, no?

This is all about money my fellow Americans. I just wish you would see the light so we could put a stop to this nonsense. Question: would the undocumented from Mexico come or stay here if that corrupt 1% run trading partner of ours took of its own citizens?

Si, no sweet deal for the bi-national 99%!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Progagandized Reality Gaps and Immigration

Everyone knows that there is something wrong with the reality of illegal immigration, yet few seem to understand.

I worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, and it is only in my retirement years that I have finally figured this out.   

On one hand we have the political propaganda, and on the other we have “We the People’s” reality.  Isn’t it interesting how the gap is never quite closed in order to effectively resolve the problem?   Isn’t this similar to to other gaps found in failed health care, our failing economy, failed drug and military wars, and the Great Recession of 2008? 

I call these examples of “propagandized reality gaps”.  Despite what our politicians say they are designed to remain unresolved.  Here are their basic elements of these gaps: 

•    Someone profits
•    Someone pays
•    Someone or something is falsely blamed  
•    The problem by design remains unresolved 

Apply this formula to illegal immigration. 

The bi-national 1% profits though the exportation of the Mexican poor, peonage, cheap labor, poverty  remittances, privatized prisons, and the border security industrial complex.  

US taxpayers pay for the undocumenteds' medical and educational costs,  and by loss of jobs and their quality of life.  Mexican citizens pay by having to leave their homes and families, discrimination and bigotry, and sometimes  with their lives by crossing the hazardous border.

The blame for this gap is falsely placed upon the undocumented.  The truth is the bi-national profiteers are the cause. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Permitting The Great American Stupor

Trusting our government as it runs today.
Believing that one party or the other will fix our economic and social problems.
Permitting war.
Permitting the destruction of our climate and environment. 
Permitting American exceptionalism.
Permitting American arrogance.
Permitting American indifference.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Died in Vain

It is with great sadness that I say that BP Agent Brian Terry died in vain.

I say that as someone who lost two of his own co-workers and friends to gun fire. One performed his duties as Border Patrol Agent and the other his duties as a DEA agent:

With great sadness I now know that George and Keith both died in vain too.

All died in vain because the system that creates the situations in which they were murdered is unnecessary.

The system is touted and propagandized as one that is patriotic, necessary and protective of the American way of life. Yet the system in fact facilitates death in order to maintain its own profitable status quo.

Profit put above human life as it relates to: illegal drugs, illegal guns, illegal immigration, money laundering, human trafficking, illegal human labor, cross border trade, oil, remittances, NAFTA, the medical and educational costs of the US undocumented, US corporate investments in Mexico, the privatization of prisons, and the militarization of the border via the US border security industrial complex.

There is simply too much unscrupulous profit being made off of not only the illegal commodities of drugs, guns, and immigration, but also in fighting the wars against these insidious industries for either the US or Mexican 1% run governments to end this madness.  

These agents did not to have die in vain. We must oust the 1% political profiteers and dismantle their deadly corrupt systems in order to give the lives of these fallen heroes the significance that is due.

Monday, September 17, 2012

We Arm America and the World

In response to:

From above:  "The ambush earlier this week gets at a deeper security problem in Libya: The government has no control over the heavy weaponry that proliferated during the days of the rebellion."

And just how many weapons came from the US?

Globally we manufacture and sell more weapons than any other country in the world.  The proliferation of hand guns in the US is a microcosm of the US global market.

What is God's name are we doing?  We arm the entire world and then are dismayed when things like this happen? 

 Many consular officials are in countries that the US 1% has vested oil and military industrial complex interests in. Yet our 1% owned politicians exclaim that these foreign offices are necessary to promote US diplomacy and democracy. 

We need to pull all employees, aid and arms sales from every country that is anti-American.  We need to put Americans who are making weapons to work rebuilding America's infrastructure.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

We Arm the World Then Go to War?

The US uses its foreign policy of diplomacy, democracy, and financial aide in order to protect the 1%'s real motives of oil and weapons sales.

Does our government really believe that it can buy loyalty?  Does it also believe that America should slit it own throat to protect Israel? 

Pull our people and taxpayer's money out of all countries unfriendly to America.  Stop selling them weapons.  Put weapons manufactures and ousted people to work building our own infrastructure.
The 1% profiteers running our country have inflamed, insulted and armed the entire Muslim world.  Is that by design?

How can that have a happy ending?

Read more here:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Dumb Mock Arse See

How can we fail to elect a Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren as POTUS or Vice POTUS? 

Dum Mock Arse See

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Border Industrial Complex

In response to: 

Is it possible that the Border Industrial Complex will become so good at what it does that it eventually kills the goose that lays its golden (Mexican) eggs?

I doubt it.  The entire insidious industry depends upon hungry people coming north for jobs.

Would these people come or stay here if that corrupt, cartel-run Mexican trading partner of ours took care of its own citizens?  No.

Can you imagine over 50% of the US undocumented either staying home or going home to enjoy living and working in prosperity with their own families?  God forbid that OUR government sanction Mexico until that occurred because this modern form of economic slavery is yet another insidious part of the bi-national 1%'s "failed immigration for profit" status quo.  

I suggest that you always consider the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, 1 million legal border crossings per day, Mexican oil, Mexican labor, NAFTA, drug war profits, US investments in Mexico, US undocumented's remittances to Mexico, and the US Border Industrial complex when considering our problems with Mexico.

Response to Laura Carlsen's Outstanding Article

In response: "Public Security - The Greatest Causality of the Drug War" by Laura Carlsen. 

Bravo Laura Carlsen! Outstanding, extremely knowledgeable, well informed, well written and totally pertinent to the bi-national problems that we face today.

I wholeheartedly support the good citizens of both countries in joining together to do that which neither of our 1% run "governments for profit" will do.
This may take massive demonstrations from both sides of the border. The only way to get the 1%'s attention is to shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade while exposing their democratic hypocrisy.

Worldwide attention and exposure needs to be drawn to the extreme dissatisfaction of the common peoples of both countries.

Why? The US backed failed drug war that has produced the deaths of some 60 to 100 thousand people in Mexico; NAFTA policies that have hurt the common people on both sides of the border; the huge bi-national disparities in incomes; the super rich profiting from illegal drugs and illegal immigration while pitting never ending, profitable wars against them both; each government putting the value of oil, trade, and cheap labor above the cost of human life.

Their militarized wall was built and is maintained to keep the good people of both sides of the border from knowing and loving each other. Their propaganda is designed to confuse the citizens of both countries into hating and blaming each other while hiding the 1%'s insidious abuse and greed.

Saludos and blessings to Javier Sicilia and all of the caravanistas. I pray that their efforts will spawn a combined American and Mexican Arab Spring.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Protest the American Titanic?

Most Americans are so brainwashed, arrogant,  ignorant, and negligent (BAIN) that they would not protest until they are in the water.  

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

An American Fall - Flood the Streets of DC

 in response:

All of these different marches and demonstrations go on and on.  They are little separate streams that ultimately (and unfortunately) go nowhere. 

Why can't the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dissatisfied Americans organize, flood the streets of DC, and peacefully march in order to show the them (the super rich who run and are ruining our country and their government shills AKA the 1%) that we can and will do it?

I pray for a well respected leader or team of leaders to step up and ask for this.  It has to be done at a level that the 1%  has never seen before.  It has to be done so the 1% gets it through their bones -  stop this insanity. 

An American Fall (no pun intended) if you will. 

Governmental Sponsored Genocide

in response:

This is governmental sponsored genocide co-sponsored by US tax dollars, propaganda and weapons.
In some twisted ways it is a "kinder and gentler" version of the horrific holocaust suffered by Israel's own ancestors inflicted by the Nazis.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Israel's and Nazi Germany's Similiarities

This abuse is similar in kind albeit not degree to the way the Nazi's treated Israel's ancestors.
And the US government and military industrial complex are right there priming the pump with more money and weapons.

We've Created A Monster

In response to:

Hope has been choked off and nearly smothered. 

"We the People" let it happen because we sit back and watch as the super rich not only run, but ruin our country.

The majority of Americans will blame anyone and everyone (but themselves) for our failed government.
The truth is that we trusted in, believed in and elected officials who send our kids off to die in needless wars.  These same elected officials sat back and let the Great 2008 Recession happen.  They sat back and let the SCOTUS uphold citizens united.  They sit back and watch as our President uses drones to murder other human beings.  They sit back and watch as our tax dollars are sent to support a Mexican Drug war that has left some 60K to 100K people dead.          

We have created a monster, and it is now so powerful that only "We the People" can peacefully stop it. 

To Arianna Huffington

In response:

Where is the peaceful outrage?

Support "We the People" with an opportunity to come out in masses and peacefully demonstrate our fears, our hopes, our hopelessness, and our desires to have our county's future, and our children's futures brought into our hands.

Many of us have been around long enough to know that these conventions and all of their promises turn out ultimately to be lies.

Clint Eastwood was actually talking to us, the 99%, who in reality are not at a consideration at their conventions.

Arianna you have to power to make this happen. Please help us. The time to debate these issues is over.

We need to peacefully stand in unity and show ay the millions and show our faces.