Sunday, September 2, 2012

We've Created A Monster

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Hope has been choked off and nearly smothered. 

"We the People" let it happen because we sit back and watch as the super rich not only run, but ruin our country.

The majority of Americans will blame anyone and everyone (but themselves) for our failed government.
The truth is that we trusted in, believed in and elected officials who send our kids off to die in needless wars.  These same elected officials sat back and let the Great 2008 Recession happen.  They sat back and let the SCOTUS uphold citizens united.  They sit back and watch as our President uses drones to murder other human beings.  They sit back and watch as our tax dollars are sent to support a Mexican Drug war that has left some 60K to 100K people dead.          

We have created a monster, and it is now so powerful that only "We the People" can peacefully stop it. 

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