Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry Died in Vain

It is with great sadness that I say that BP Agent Brian Terry died in vain.

I say that as someone who lost two of his own co-workers and friends to gun fire. One performed his duties as Border Patrol Agent and the other his duties as a DEA agent:

With great sadness I now know that George and Keith both died in vain too.

All died in vain because the system that creates the situations in which they were murdered is unnecessary.

The system is touted and propagandized as one that is patriotic, necessary and protective of the American way of life. Yet the system in fact facilitates death in order to maintain its own profitable status quo.

Profit put above human life as it relates to: illegal drugs, illegal guns, illegal immigration, money laundering, human trafficking, illegal human labor, cross border trade, oil, remittances, NAFTA, the medical and educational costs of the US undocumented, US corporate investments in Mexico, the privatization of prisons, and the militarization of the border via the US border security industrial complex.

There is simply too much unscrupulous profit being made off of not only the illegal commodities of drugs, guns, and immigration, but also in fighting the wars against these insidious industries for either the US or Mexican 1% run governments to end this madness.  

These agents did not to have die in vain. We must oust the 1% political profiteers and dismantle their deadly corrupt systems in order to give the lives of these fallen heroes the significance that is due.

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