Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

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Washington Depends Upon America's Acceptance Of Washington's Illegal Immigration Paradigm

Washington's illegal immigration paradigm is designed to keep Americans fighting so that Washington does not have to fix the problem.  And as long as Americans keep fighting about the illegal immigration ruse that Washington touts as real said political immigration profiteers will never have to fix this mess that they not only created  - but capitalize upon too. 

Why would Washington (or better yet the elite who run Washington) not want to fix the problem? 

For starters can you think of any other problems that Washington never  fixes and why?  Health care?  Wars?  Poverty?  Self-inflicted recessions?  Climate change?  Dependence upon oil?  Our 40+ year long war on drugs?  The prices of food and gasoline?  You know, fill in the blank.

There is also profit in the "problem" of illegal immigration.  Corporate profit from hiring undocumented laborers.   Political profit from fighting this never-ending, self-inflicted (NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP) nightmare.  Billions upon billions of US tax dollars pumped into Washington's  cronies' "designed to be ineffective" border and interior security complexes.  Billions in remittances pumped back into Washington's corrupt, cartel-run "democratic" trading partners' economies.

Do you wonder why billions of US dollars made off of millions of undocumented laborers, billions in remittances, 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border Mexican NAFTA trade, Latin American poverty, US supported Latin American drug wars and billions in border security boodle are never discussed within Washington's illegal immigration paradigm?

So keep on fighting about illegal immigration and blaming the Democrats, Republicans, Obama, Bush, Clinton, border security, illegal drugs, deportations, amnesties ad infinitum.

Your acceptance of their paradigm is their program of reaping billions in profit from your ignorance.


A Vicious Zionist Cancer Thriving Upon Palestinian Blood And American Tax Dollars

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A Vicious Zionist Cancer Thriving Upon Palestinian Blood And American Tax Dollars

A vicious, racist, oppressive, murderous, self-inflicted cancer that that thrives on the blood of  Palestinians and  American tax dollars.  American politicians choose to support or remain silent about this insanity or risk the probability of not getting elected in the United States.

30 billion in US tax dollar aid for aide to Israel that supports this injustice.  Both the US and Israel manufacture weapons of war that are sold worldwide. 

Guess who Washington contracted with to build our US-Mexican border wall?

I am ashamed of our government who has supported almost 70 years of Israel's genocide of Palestinians.

Listen to Miko Peled's story.  Mr. Peled is the son of an Israeli general and a former Israeli soldier.



Monday, July 28, 2014

Israel's Netanyahu Is A Sick, Racist Terrorist And Americans Won't Tolerate His Palestinian Genocide

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Israel's Netanyahu Is A Sick, Racist Terrorist And Americans Won't Tolerate His Palestinian Genocide

Readers please take the time to listen to Miko Peled's story.


Washington Has Crafted The Uninformed American Response To America's llegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

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Washington Has Crafted The Uninformed American Response To America's Illegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

Although this illegal immigration merry-go-round has been going on for over a hundred and fifty years, Washington did not institutionalize it and its flipside "immigration reform" until Reagan's 1986 Amnesty and Clinton's 1994 NAFTA.

Washington's illegal immigration arguments are the same as they have always been:  mass deportations, mass legalization and all points in between.

As a retired US Border Patrol/ICE agent, the subject of illegal immigration is one that is near and dear to my heart.  After 26 years on the job and another 9 of self-study in retirement, I finally understand what this insane merry-go-round is all about. 

I dare say that if Americans do not figure out Washington's insidious scam for themselves they will keep arguing Washington's spoon-fed solutions with zero chances of illegal immigration ever being resolved.

I finally said to myself - and I say to you - it's all about the money stupid. 

Just read VP Joe Biden's 2013 speech to the Mexican NAFTA economic elite.  By the way, I strongly suggest that you forget what party Biden belongs to when reading his message.  If you really believe that his message is not part of this "kleptocracy parading as a democracy", then you are just as much part of the problem as he is, or they are.

Now please read how our US Department of State describes "our" economic relations with Mexico.

I strongly urge readers to put their time and energies into educating themselves about the economic and drug war profits that drive illegal immigration - especially Latin American illegal immigration.

Political and financial greed are the cancers that drive not only illegal immigration but the oppression of all undocumented and US taxpayers involved too. 

Until "We The People" understand what Washington is doing, we are left with Washington's illegal immigration rhetoric driving us.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

The "Valid (Illegal Immigration) Claims" That Washington Refuses To Address

The "Valid (Illegal Immigration) Claims" That Washington Refuses To Address

From the article:  "President Barack Obama told Central American leaders on Friday that his administration had compassion for the influx of children crossing the U.S. border but said those without valid claims to stay would be sent home".

I was taught in school that "but" negates anything used before its use in written or spoken words.

"Those without valid claims to stay would be sent home".

Of course thousands of undocumented children righteously should claim that US drug war and foreign economic policies created in conjunction with said undocumented home-country elite have taken away any and all chances of them ever having decent home lives or fair chances at a basic levels of prosperity.

And who creates or changes laws that morph "valid claims" to fit Washigton's and the undocumenteds' home county elite's labor-driven, remittance-driven, reform-driven and "border security boodle" driven illegal immigration policies of greed?

This illegal immigration game is rigged in favor of those who profit from it the most.  Said profit is more important to all concerned "powers to be" than the lives of their own citizens.

People are waking up to the truth of Washington's outrageous immigration injustices.  Injustices to not only US taxpayers but the undocumented too.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Washington Has Sold America's Soul To Its Corrupt NAFTA Trading Partner/ Child Trafficing Organization To The South

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Washington Has Sold America's Soul To Its Corrupt NAFTA Trading Partner/ Child Trafficking Organization To The South       

If this unaccompanied children at the border mess was not so shamefully sad it would be comical.

Let me see if I have this right.  In 2008 Congress passed the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act designed to help undocumented children who are victims of human trafficking (other than from Mexico and Canada - as if children are not trafficked from those two places - especially Mexico?).  Go figure. 

Then 57,000 Central American kids show up at our border and Washington is considering changing the law?  Please tell me how 57,000 kids can be smuggled through Mexico from October 2013 until now and not be considered to be trafficked?

What Washington won't admit is their number two source of oil and number two NAFTA trading partner is hopelessly corrupt and  turns it eyes (and who knows how much profit) as 57,000 Central American kids somehow waltz through Mexico with no one stopping them. 

Yep.  The Washington NAFTA elite who share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border NAFTA trade with Mexico somehow overlook which cartel run, corrupt country these kids were trafficked through?

Yep.  Washington has sold America's soul to its corrupt NAFTA trading partner to the south.

How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

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How Hispanic Rights Organizations Are No Different Than Washington Immigration Hypocrites

NCLR or "La Raza" threatens election pay-back if Washington Republicans do not pass comprehensive immigration reform.  Yet where in La Raza's arguments do they stand up for the millions more undocumented who will undoubtedly follow the present 11.2 million US undocumented that La Raza advocates for now?

Where does La Raza stand up for the thousands more undocumented who will undoubtedly die as they cross the border following in the footsteps of the 11.2 million US undocumented present in the US now?

Any and all Hispanic rights groups who want immigration reform that does not address the root causes of illegal immigration are just as hypocritical as the Washington immigration profiteers who said Hispanic groups threaten to kick out of office.

Has anyone from La Raza gone through the fine print of the Senate's already passed S.744 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act to see how it sells out not only the undocumented but US taxpayers' too?

Apparently not.  Therefore La Raza will sell out for immigration reform that does not address Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and ongoing drug wars that are the root causes of illegal immigration today.  They will sell out to immigration reform that doubles the size of the US Border Patrol and increases Arizona's border incarcerations and prosecutions of the undocumented to come.  They will sell out to Washington's bribery of  today's undocumented:  13 years of labor peonage as a sub-class of Registered Provisional Immigrants who have no path to US citizenship.

Worst of all they know that Washington's Comprehensive Immigration Reform as written will draw millions more undocumented to the US and cause thousands more border deaths in the process.

Why doesn't La Raza advocate for those people who now suffer from NAFTA, CAFTA and US drug war violence and poverty in their home-countries?

La Raza is just as hypocritical as Washington immigration politicians are as neither addresses the root causes of illegal immigration. 

At this point I wonder if both groups are dependent upon continuing illegal immigration.