Thursday, November 27, 2014

Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games Are No Joke Mr. President

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Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games Are No Joke Mr. President

Study Washington's insidious approach to illegal immigration and you will see that the system is set up to keep people suffering in poverty at home and coming illegally to the US. 

Yes, over the years you will see give and take - as in Amnesties or some relief for the undocumented "balanced" with billions more taxpayer dollars given away in border security boodle.  With that said, the system keeps causing more people to come by rewarding a few. 

Is this not Washington's Horrendous Border Hunger Games? 

Yes undocumented, if you can make it though you will be allowed to work for us for years and you may be able to stay.  Meanwhile taxpayers Washington will continue to use you and lie to you as you suffer the costs and consequences of this scam.    

Everyone needs to address this decade's old scam.  People will continue to come and die crossing the border.  Deportations will continue.  Taxpayers will remain angry.  And unless everyone involved educates themselves to the above and protests the above, we all will be just as responsible as Washington's immigration profiteers for the deaths and suffering that will without a doubt continue.

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who writes and blogs under the name twopesos:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Wilson's Five Minutes of Fame Traded For Brown's Life And A Lifetime Of Pain

Wilson's Five Minutes of Fame Traded For Brown's Life And A Lifetime Of Pain

Five minutes of fame for a lifetime of pain. Wilson will never be able to stop looking over his shoulder. He will always be haunted by what he did (despite his cavalier attitude now). Taking someone else's life is also self-inflicted wound, suicide by a thousands cuts and haunting thoughts so to speak.

Wilson shows about as much remorse from shooting Brown in the head as he would from giving someone a traffic ticket. 

Wilson will never see the inside of a cop car again (from the front seat).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Washington Has Again Immigration Punked America

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Washington Has Again Immigration Punked America

Punked, deceived, swindled, defrauded, duped, hoaxed, hoodwinked, bamboozled etc.

Obama's executive action is simply another step down Washington's insidiously dark, decades' old, profitized illegal immigration hole. 

That hole is so deep and dark that most Americans can't even remember why it exists.

Illegal immigration is primarily driven by hunger and poverty.  The vast majority of the undocumented come illegally to the US to put food on their own families' tables and to improve their lives.

Notice how Washington's political illegal immigration narrative never really addresses the reason that undocumented people come here?  Does that not seem a bit odd to you?

Another point you will never hear Washington's immigration profiteers discuss:  Washington's culpability in creating the same illegal immigration that they pretend to try and control or "reform".

One need's simply to research NAFTA and the US War on Drugs as they relate to illegal immigration in order to understand Washington's true motives.

Two other points:  Washington's corporate cronies profit from not only undocumented labor but also from billons in border security tax dollars.   As with Washington's war on drugs, corporate profits from illegal immigration are made from both the legal enforcement side (border security tax dollars) and the illegal profit side (the use of the undocumented for labor and reform).

Finally effective enforcement of either of these decades'-old illegal problems is a sham.  Effective enforcement would effectively stop the illegal and legal payoffs for Washington's never-ending, self-inflicted "wounds".


Friday, November 21, 2014

Will Washington's Border Hunger Games Get Harder to "Win?

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Will Washington's Border Hunger Games Get Harder To "Win"?

Does Obama and Washington really care about the undocumented and their families? Or is his executive order simply another insidious ploy to keep his Corporate Masters' party in power while keeping undocumented laborers coming to the US for said Masters' profits?   

Did you notice - or have you ever noticed - how Obama and Washington ignore their Corporate Master's NAFTA and Drug War as central factors exacerbating illegal immigration to the US?  

Yet Washington may try and give another faction of his Corporate Masters (those of the border security industrial complex) 20,000 more border patrol agents?  Washington will push for the House to pass the Senate's S744 which not only contains an initial price tag of 46.3 billion dollars, but calls for the doubling in size of the US Border Patrol too.  Think of the costs passed on to taxpayers - payroll, training, border patrol stations, detention centers, court personnel, overtime pay, retirements, cars, guns, ammunition, walkie-talkies, cell phones, computers, law suits, Et. al.

Think of Washington's Corporate Masters' 40+ year long, one trillion dollar failed drug war.  Their illegal immigration version of the same is not far behind.    

Only a fool would ignore the fact that Obama's executive order will - without a doubt - entice millions more undocumented people to come to the US.  Only a fool would believe that hungry, motivated people can be stopped from finding a way into the US.

Only a fool would believe that America won't go through this immigration reform rigamarole again.
By the way, I speak as a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent.  I speak as someone who recently exposed US Border Patrol overtime corruption. In fact this corruption is the same corruption I exposed 30 years ago as a young agent.

Most importantly of all - think of how much more difficult it will be for hungry people to cross the border in order to come to work for Obama's and Washington's Corporate Masters. 
Think of Obama's action, its promise for a better life and how it will drive more poor people here. Think of continued border deaths.

Obama pretends to care for the undocumented and their families yet he says not one word about Washington's corrupt trade and drug war policies that not only causes those people to suffer in poverty at home but also entices them to come to America illegally.  

Yes Mr. President your Border Hunger Games just got harder and more fallacious.

I dare say that the blood of the undocumented who will suffer border deaths to come is on your hands, Washington's and your Corporate Masters'.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

American Voters Are Immigration And Drug War Idiots

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American Voters Are Immigration And Drug War Idiots

They have no clue as to Washington's NAFTA and drug war complicity in creating illegal immigration and its ensuing immigration reform(s).

Meanwhile the undocumented and drugs keep rolling in.

Washington's corporate cronies keep hiring the undocumented, jailing the addicted, and laundering cartel profits while billions in border security boodle - given out for 40 years - have produced semi-effective (at best) border and interior immigration or drug enforcement.

Why the hell don't you give Amnesty to the American drug addicts who you help foster and profit off of too?

The American Middle Class - Tag-team Immigration Swindled

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The American Middle Class - Tag-team Immigration Swindled 

The American middle class - tag-team immigration swindled by the people "we" elect to represent our best interests.

One party plays the good immigration cop, the other the bad; yet both work for the same department of kleptocracy.

Both parties use the undocumented to further their masters' lust for cheap labor and border security boodle.

Meanwhile the American taxpayers are stuck with the costs and consequences.

The undocumented will keep coming yet none of these Washington immigration profiteers (who all claim to stand for the dignity of human beings and their families) will say one word about the border deaths or continued poverty their decades' old, corrupt NAFTA/drug war swindle will continue to produce.

Complacent Americans Aid and Abet Washington's Illegal Immigration Scam

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Complacent Americans Aid and Abet Washington's Illegal Immigration Scam

Jump right into the immigration mix American voters.  Take a stand.  Pick one side or the other of Washington's illegal immigration narrative.  Rage at Obama, The Republicans, Liberals, Immigration Activists, The Undocumented, Amnesty, Mexico, Et al., ad infinitum.

Refuse to consider the fact that Washington is complicit in creating the very illegal immigration it refuses to fix.

Refuse to consider Washington's NAFTA, CAFTA and drug wars as substantive factors exacerbating illegal immigration.

Refuse to consider the fact that Washington's corporate cronies not only profit from - but depend upon - undocumented workers in order to maintain their exorbitant profit margins.

Refuse to consider the fact that immigration enforcement - like drug enforcement - has become institutionalized as another ineffective industry which is just as addicted to our tax dollars as America's drug addicts are to the products said industries can't stop.

Refuse to consider that the fact that the American middle class again will be ignored as it absorbs the costs and consequences of Washington's decades'-old immigration scam.

Refuse to consider the fact that the blood of the next wave of undocumented who - without a doubt - will come to America and suffer border deaths - will not only be on Washington's hands, but yours too.

Wake up.  Not matter how many agents Washington sticks on the border,  its enforcement efforts will never effectively stop hungry, motivated people.

Be willing to consider corporate America's insidious immigration motives which dwell outside of Washington's immigration narrative.

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who writes under the name "twopesos".