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The US Illegal Immigration "Problem": Who Pays The Price And Who Profits

Somewhere in our continuing, decades-old illegal immigration debate lies the ugly truth about this "problem".   

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....”
Noam Chomsky,
The Common Good

I wonder if Noam Chomsky's "spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum...." applies to our political debate and Washington's narrative about illegal immigration?

I think it does.  Ask yourself - what is and has been Washington's narrative or "spectrum of acceptable opinion" about illegal immigration?  What is yours?  Aren't  the commonly held Democratic stance "let them in" and the Republican stance "kick and keep them out" as applicable as ever?     

Tell me how that is working for you America?

Could that ugly truth be that Washington's illegal immigration debate purposely does not address the actual causes of illegal immigration and therefore will never bring about actual solutions to the problem?

I write with the hope that what I say might inspire others to think about what Washington and its politicians keep telling us all about illegal immigration.  I write from my twenty-six years of experience (1979-2005) as a US Border Patrol/ICE agent.

I have a bunch of illegal immigration questions for you .  When I write "this problem" I am referring to our illegal immigration issues in the US:

Who profits from this problem not being solved?
How much money is pumped back into Mexico's (Central America's, etc.) economy because of  this problem (and that of cartel drug profits too)?
How many political careers have been made because of or due to this problem?
How many US corporations at home and abroad profit from illegal labor and this problem?
How many billions of US tax dollars are annually pumped into the US border/drug enforcement industrial complex because of this problem?
How many people die (undocumented, documented and citizens) at home and abroad because of this problem?
Have you or someone you have known hired an undocumented person to work for you? (My answer is of course "yes").
Do you think that undocumented people would come here if they could make a decent wage at home?
Do you think "Trump's Wall" will stop illegal drugs and people from coming into the US?
Do you think that Mexico's economy would collapse if the US actually stopped illegal aliens and drugs?
Do you know what the largest retail store is in Mexico?
Do you know what NAFTA did to Mexico's poorest corn farmers?
Do you know what the federal minimum wage is in Mexico? 
Do you know how many Mexican journalists are killed each year because of their reporting about narco violence or government corruption?
Do you know how many American corporations have factories in Mexico and depend upon Mexican labor?
Have you seen this story about US Border Patrol corruption?
Do you see any similarities between this problem and our 40+ year long, on going, failed "Drug War"?
Do you ever wonder why the US Bracero Program worked but then was stopped?
Do you know who really pays the price for this problem and who really profits from this problem? 
(Do you think wealthy politicians have to stand in long emergency room lines or send their kids to over crowded schools?)

Because of this problem I saw a young undocumented man fall to his death as we were chasing him.  I also lost two collogues - friends -  while trying to enforce laws due to this problem.  I saw several people get seriously hurt and was almost seriously hurt myself - due to this problem.  I felt the insanity of chasing people around in fields while they were there putting food on American tables.  I saw massive fraud swept under Washington's rug because Reagan's "Amnesty" program needed to be politically successful.  

And yes due to this problem my wife and I enjoy the wonderful benefits of a wonderful government retirement program. 

And yes, for a na├»ve and sensitive Southern California boy, this problem has forever changed his life.            

Friday, February 23, 2018

US Border Patrol Overtime Abuse

Here is the truth about this.  Read all of the comments.
In 2014 the swept it under the rug again.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Bracero Program and Trump's Wall
The Bracero Program, which brought millions of Mexican guest workers to the United States, ended more than four decades ago. Current debates about immigration policy-including discussions about a new guest worker program-have put the program back in the news and made it all the more important to understand this chapter of American history. Yet while top U.S. and Mexican officials re- examine the Bracero Program as a possible model, most Americans know very little about the program, the nation's largest experiment with guest workers. Indeed, until very recently, this important story has been inadequately documented and studied, even by scholars.
The Bracero Program grew out of a series of bi-lateral agreements between Mexico and the United States that allowed millions of Mexican men to come to the United States to work on, short-term, primarily agricultural labor contracts. From 1942 to 1964, 4.6 million contracts were signed, with many individuals returning several times on different contracts, making it the largest U.S. contract labor program. An examination of the images, stories, documents and artifacts of the Bracero Program contributes to our understanding of the lives of migrant workers in Mexico and the United States, as well as our knowledge of, immigration, citizenship, nationalism, agriculture, labor practices, race relations, gender, sexuality, the family, visual culture, and the Cold War era.
The Bracero Program was created by executive order in 1942 because many growers argued that World War II would bring labor shortages to low-paying agricultural jobs. On August 4, 1942 the United States concluded a temporary intergovernmental agreement for the use of Mexican agricultural labor on United States farms (officially referred to as the Mexican Farm Labor Program), and the influx of legal temporary Mexican workers began. But the program lasted much longer than anticipated. In 1951, after nearly a decade in existence, concerns about production and the U.S. entry into the Korean conflict led Congress to formalize the Bracero Program with Public Law 78.
The Bracero Program was controversial in its time. Mexican nationals, desperate for work, were willing to take arduous jobs at wages scorned by most Americans. Farm workers already living in the United States worried that braceros would compete for jobs and lower wages. In theory, the Bracero Program had safeguards to protect both Mexican and domestic workers for example, guaranteed payment of at least the prevailing area wage received by native workers; employment for three-fourths of the contract period; adequate, sanitary, and free housing; decent meals at reasonable prices; occupational insurance at employer's expense; and free transportation back to Mexico at the end of the contract. Employers were supposed to hire braceros only in areas of certified domestic labor shortage, and were not to use them as strikebreakers. In practice, they ignored many of these rules and Mexican and native workers suffered while growers benefited from plentiful, cheap, labor. Between the 1940s and mid 1950s, farm wages dropped sharply as a percentage of manufacturing wages, a result in part of the use of braceros and undocumented laborers who lacked full rights in American society.

Speaking as a retired US Border Patrol Agent:
The Bracero program worked fine until Washington and Mexico's politicians, corporate America and the US Border enforcement industrial complex decided they could make billions more in profits by keeping workers illegal.  This evolved into NAFTA and pumping billions of tax dollars into an enforcement complex that is designed to be ineffective (40 year long drug war included).  Look at the decades-long political careers being made arguing "let them in or keep them out".  This narrative which many voters believe is designed to be circular and ineffective. 

 Do you not think the political elites of Mexico and the US are in cahoots and cashing in with this?  Think of all of the money being pumped back into Mexico (illegal drug profits and remittances).  Think of US industries in Mexico profiting from cheap labor and arms sales.  Think of how happy Mexico is to have some 6 million of their citizens risking their lives to cross the border and send money home.

Meanwhile American taxpayers foot the bills for the undocumented using US schools and hospitals.  In some cases Americans suffer the unwelcome demographic changes to their home towns.    


So Trump's wall to some looks like the solution.  For those of us who have studied this and actually worked on the border we know how this US/Mexico merry-go-round works.  We have heard all of this propaganda (from both sides) before.  Meanwhile the Washington narrative that only focuses upon "keeping them out or letting them in" does not deal with the bi-national elites' greed factor that screws not only the undocumented but American tax payers too.          

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Whose Breath? Whose Haikus? Journey In Presence And Love And "I" Get To Watch

John Randolph.  I am going to publish a book on haikus.  At the point I have over a 100 Haikus that "I" hahahaha wrote in 2017.  I plan on using the above title.  I listed a few below for record keeping and title rights' purposes. 

Whose Breath?  Whose Haikus?                                                                                                             Journey In Presence And Love                                                                                                             And "I" Get To Watch

All rights reserved .  Copyrighted material.

Haiku #1-17 "May I Be Aware"
May I Be Aware
Of the thinking within me
That distracts from You

Haiku #2-17 "Love Truly Matters"
Here stories are clear
Such joyful stillness and peace
Love truly matters
Haiku #3-17 "We Have Lost Our Way"

Pussy (full of pus) cancer growth
Our nation - its face exposed
We have lost our way
Haiku #4-17 "The Divine Within"

Open to this life
Love, cry, live, die, remember
The Divine Within
Haiku #5-17 "May Grace Lead Our Lives!"

May Grace Lead Our Lives!
Let go of the hurtful, and
​Choose to cherish love
Haiku #6-17 "See What's Meaningful"

See what's meaningful
Meaningless reactions cause
Pain - meaninglessly
Haiku #7-17 "God's Gift Is Presence"

God's gift is presence
Love not thought, bought, sought, or fought
Felt, seen, heard, observed
Haiku #8-17 "Fall Into God's Love"

At some point notice
Shift from unconscious thinking
Fall Into God's Love
Haiku #9-17 "Feel Grace Resolve"

Thoughts - mind narration
Where thinking creates "our" world
Feel Grace Resolve
Haiku #10-17. In Honor of Tuba our doG.

Heading down your road
Who is it who rescues whom -
On our way home doG?
Haiku #11-17 "Dark Resolves To Light"

Dark Night of the Soul
Applies to countries as well
Dark Resolves to Light
Haiku #12-17 "Distractions From Grace"

How to be aware
Of mental and physical
Distractions From Grace
Haiku #13-17 "Must Know To Outgrow"

Mind's default search mode
"Something's wrong - must be my fault"
Must know to outgrow
Haiku #14-17 "How To Overcome?"

Egotist in charge
Harm themselves, life, all others
How to overcome?
Haiku #15-7 "Come Back To Our Grace"

We have lost our way
Our path now is to come back
Come back to our Grace

Haiku #16-17 "Watch Breathing - Grace - Ease"
Pre-dawn silence, peace
Dark feelings, dreams, thoughts compete
Watch Breathing - Grace - Ease
Haiku #17-17 "Tears For Mister Trump"

Tears for Mister Trump
This self-created nightmare
Affects one and all
Haiku #18 -17 "If Not Us Then Who?"

Government trust is worn
Faith - all common sense - but gone
If not us then who?
Haiku #19-17 "Can Be Felt, Not Taught"

Faith; non - intellectual
Can be felt, not taught
Haiku #20-17 "Grace This door Opens"

Grace this door opens
Inspiration beyond words
Seekers know they feel
Haiku #21-17  "Breathe - And Disappear"

Soft breeze - skin caress
Touching chimes - twinkle divine
Breathe - and disappear
Haiku #22-17 "Ours To Fathom Why"

Under the same sky
We walk this earth for awhile
Ours to fathom why
Haiku #23-17  "Grace Not Taught Or Thought"

Vulnerable hearts
Side by side with the unknown
Grace Not Taught Or Thought
Haiku #24-17  "Feel Love Born In Grace"

Here before the Void
See thoughts of present and past
Feel Love Born In Grace

Haiku #25 - 17  "Back From Whence They Came"
Do ocean waves die?
Arise, Resolve, Return, No?
Back from whence they came.
Haiku #26-17 "Behold Mind's Shadow"

Behold mind's shadow
Dark self's inadequacy
Light of Grace will free
Haiku #27-17  "Feel Grace Softly Touch"

Ego survives - thinks
Must judge, compete and react
Feel Grace's soft touch


Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Trump: Self-Aggrandizer In Chief, "Leads" by Creating Chaos

Trump "leads" by creating chaos.  His chaos is a feeble attempt to appear strong and hide his incompetence as president.    

Trump's followers fashion him as some kind of super hero fighting for them and to make America great again.  Tragically the majority of his supporters never quite understand that Trump's bullying behaviors serve only his grandiose, insatiable ego, not them.

As Trump the self-aggrandizer said on January 14, 2017, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters".  This comment speaks volumes about what Trump really thinks of his supporters and his own twisted, self-involved ego.