Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Essense of American Politics

Hoping one side or the other of their duopolistic-appearing oligarchy is really different than the other.  

The Washington - Mexico Connection: Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

In response:

As I retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I am continually dismayed that Washington refuses to address the root cause of 60% of the undocumented in our country:  Mexican illegal immigration.  More specifically, Mexican poverty that pushes Mexican illegal immigration.
This  is the "elefante" (elephant) in their discussion rooms that is ignored.  Since the 60% cause is ignored (and considering the past stops to illegal immigration that have failed i.e. Amnesty, NAFTA, and the creation of DHS), one would have to be very naïve to take this 2013 reform seriously as it relates to stopping illegal immigration.

I personally think that Mexico has many wonderful people and I have nothing against the Mexican undocumented themselves.  I respect how the vast majority love their families and in fact love Mexico deeply.  I do think they are being played as pawns in the bi-national elite's game of labor in exchange for remittances.  I question if it is to their best interests to simultaneously "play along" with their home government that rejects their needs and the US government that sells them the hope of citizenship for ten or more years of labor.

Many citizens here in the US are also beginning to understand how Washington uses them for immigration politics and financial gain.  Clinton's NAFTA may have helped the economic interests of the US elite, but for many normal citizens it pushed the undocumented into our overcrowded medical/educational systems and caused unfair hometown demographic changes that have all become very problematic.

As a retired law enforcement officer I see a deep rooted Mexican connection between illegal immigration and Washington's fight against illegal drugs.  Here is an institutionalized governmental program that has been up and running for over 40 years.  Is this not comparable to the illegal Mexican immigration/border security "battles" Washington has officially waged for close to thirty years?  At a minimum both battles encompass Washington programs that increasingly cost taxpayers billions of dollars more while being ineffective at solving the problems that they were initially created to stop.  

Since both Nixon's 1971 War on Drugs and Reagan's 1986 Amnesty "We the People" now see more potent and prevalent street drugs than ever before and four times the amount of undocumented people than ever before.

I am appalled that US politicians are not up in arms about the horrific Mexican drug war that Mexican President Felipe Calderon started in 2006.  Do you know that over 100,000 people have been sacrificed in that continuing US backed nightmare in Mexico?   Don't believe the Mexican propaganda that mostly only criminals have been killed.  That is not the truth.

Washington coddles the Mexican government about their illegal immigration and illegal drugs, yet together they share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  I say it is because of the very lucrative trade that Washington coddles Mexico.
In my mind the most outrageous and insidious proof of this shameful bi-national relationship is the fact that Harvard University recently awarded Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon a prestigious fellowship as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader.

Finally, one has to wonder if Professor James Petras's assessment of the ties that bind the two countries' elite are not in fact true.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Roll Out The Presses for Millions of False RPI Immigration Applications!

In response:
Under Path to Citizenship:

(2) They arrived in the U.S. prior to Dec. 31, 2011, and maintained continuous physical presence

I wonder how DHS will combat the massive fraud coming with this can of worms?
How hard is it to dummy up fake work subs, rental receipts, school records, utility bills, false affidavits? They are running north to get here to take advantage of this fiasco!

Are they going to double the size of ICE to handle these false RPI applications?

Talk to any of the old INS agents who worked Amnesty fraud (which I am one). What a joke. Everyone from top to bottom knew of the massive fraud, especially with the special agricultural workers side of that give away.
The Reagan administration was more concerned with the program "looking" successful than telling the truth. Thousands of false applications were rubber stamped through with full knowledge of INS in Washington

Is Immigration Reform Good for Undocumented Workers And The Rest Of Us?

In response:

I respect Mr. Reich and yet this discussion about immigration reform does not change my mind.  Maybe he should accompany me when I witness my wife's parents have to stand in line for four hours at an overcrowded Sacramento CA hospital emergency room filled with 40 or 50 undocumented people. My assumption that these people are "undocumented" is an educated guess: I worked as a US Border Patrol/INSICE Agent for 26 years.

Another point: my brother still lives in our hometown of San Jacinto, CA. San Jacinto was flooded with undocumented people after Clinton's NAFTA of 1994. Check out this article about how NAFTA simultaneously stabbed the Mexican and American people in their backs.

San Jacinto today is unrecognizable compared to the town I knew when I lived there. In fact, if I did not know differently, I would swear that I was now visiting a border town. Longtime residents of San Jacinto did not ask for this unfair demographic change to their town. That change also contributed to a decline in their property values and losses of jobs.

Mr. Reich these are the types of consequences that average Americans have suffered from having had to deal with Washington's previous government immigration/economic reform programs. Washington was wrong about "the end of illegal immigration" propaganda during Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's creation of DHS in 2003. They were also wrong about how all programs would economically benefit American taxpayers. They were in many cases dead wrong how these programs would benefit the Mexican poor.

I also don't see where the allocations of billions of more taxpayers' dollars for "border security" and the doubling in size of the US Border Patrol fits into this reform being economically good for Americans or immigrants.

Coming from a law enforcement background, this whole immigration reform scenario smells too much like our institutionalized 40 year long, failed drug war. Both illegal immigration and illegal drug enforcement programs have turned into never ending profit makers for US privatized corporations and banks.

You Would Think

In response:

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I suggest one succinct bill that focuses upon the source of 60% of our illegal immigration.  That would be instead of a 1,200 page, 700 amendment convolution that certainly should be shot down.

One might ask why our Washington representatives would not address the source of 60% of our illegal immigration problem.  Logically that seems like a prudent place to start. 

OK I will shut up.  This is politics and not logic. 

Yet Mexican poverty pushes 60% of our undocumented across our border and some of those people die in the process. 

You would think that two countries who are supposedly friendly, democratic neighbors would not allow conditions to persist that cause the displacement of one's citizens to their neighbor.

You would also that two major trading partners would not have fencing along their mutual border that makes it looks more like they are at war than at trade.

You would also think that Washington would say something about the Mexican government's responsibility for 60% of our undocumented.  Or Mexico's (US supported) drug war that has slaughtered some 100,000 people. 

You would think that major US news organizations would report on the fact that Harvard University has recently made Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leader and given him a year's long, lucrative fellowship.

You would think that the American people would learn to read between the lines.

You would think.  

Comment: Mexico Is Happy With The (US) Senate and Immigration Reform

In response:

Mexico is happy with the Senate? Which part of Mexico? The part that profits from the US Senate?

That same Senate that supports the Mexican Drug War which has slaughtered (and continues to slaughter) over 100,000 Mexican citizens?

That same Senate that shares some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with your corrupt elite but ignores Mexican poverty as a cause of Mexican illegal immigration?

That same Senate that conspires with the Mexican elite to fail to provide for your fellow citizens causing many to die trying to sneak over here?

That same senate that has as a member John McCain whose cronies get rich by putting your fellow citizens in US immigration prisons?

That same Senate that supports NAFTA which put small Mexican corn farmers out of business and put many of your citizens in US owned border maquiladora slave factories?

That same Senate that will take about 6.6 million Mexicans (60% of 11 million) and make them a subservient set of indentured laborers who will have to work for 10 more years before getting green cards?

Mexico this bi-national government abuse goes on because you like US taxpayers let it go on

Why do US politicians remain silent about this horrific violence in Mexico?

They call Mexico our friendly neighbor and our important trading partner, while saying very little about this common practice of murdering Mexican politicians?

It is for the same reason that they remain silent about 100,000 people being slaughtered in Mexico's war on (actually for) drugs? It is the same reason that they remain silent about the fact that 60% of our undocumented are Mexicans? (Could you even imagine attempting to "reform" an immigration system while ignoring the root cause of 60% of that problem?)

Check out this State Department site. Perhaps Washington remains silent because of 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, and US investments in Mexico?

Do you know what Clinton's NAFTA did to Mexico and the US?

How about the US backed Mexican Drug War?

In the case of the US and Mexico, it is about putting bi-national greed above the lives of the good citizens of both sides of the border.

By the way, do you know where ex-Mexican Drug War President/NAFTA CEO Felipe Calderon is enjoying a lucrative fellowship in the US?

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Devil Will Be In The (Immigration Reform) Details

In response:

The devil will be in the details, and the American people will never know all the details until it is way too late.

For instance under Border Security, number (3) Installing a host of new security measures and technologies in specified locations along the border, including specific numbers of surveillance towers, camera systems, ground sensors, radiation detectors, mobile surveillance systems, drones, helicopters, airborne radar systems, planes and ships.

Just what are the specific number of drones, helicopters, planes and ships that We the People will have to foot the bills for and for how long? Is there a cap on how much DOD or DHS can spend on a one time, yearly, or lifetime of purchases?

Or is this an industry builder like its war on drugs predecessor that has gone on for over 40 years despite a taxpayer price tag of one trillion dollars and counting?
Most Americans do not even know we are still paying for the continuing drug war fiasco.
Most Americans do not even know the US supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon's 2006 war on drugs in Mexico which has sacrificed over 100,000 lives. Most do not now that Calderon now has a fellowship at Harvard.

This current type of approach to illegal immigration started with Reagan's Amnesty in 1986. That failure almost quadrupled the number of undocumented in the US.

My parents taught me never to pour good money after bad. I guess Washington thinks that all tax payer money is good money and can be poured for decades into a black hole.

Is that what is going to happen to this border surge? Common sense says it is not only already happening, but will escalate with this bill.

Has there ever at any time been a government agency who has ever voluntarily reduced or rejected its budget because the taxpayers' monies were being wasted?

When does this insanity stop?

I hope this bill being shot down is a start.

Immigration Reform: Ready to Revolt?

In response:

Ready to Revolt?

Self-serving Washington profiteers using the cause of the undocumented (which their own failed polices create) in order to again stick it to the US taxpayers? 

Reagan's 1986 Amnesty promises to end illegal immigration but fails miserably.  This of course happened after the 1986 Amnesty legislation obtained huge tax increases for border and interior enforcement.      

Clinton and his 1994 NAFTA promise to end illegal immigration but stabs us in the back by simultaneously creating US job losses and the largest increase of undocumented sneaking into the US ever. 

Bush's  2002 creation of DHS adds billions more to his administration's border security build up and yet we still have to deal with 11 million undocumented today?

Now these 2013 Washington immigration reform profiteers want billions more for a new and improved border build up and the doubling in size of the US Border Patrol?  

We the People have to be nuts if we do not see the pattern here.

We need to get to the bottom of this no matter which political party you blame for decades of Washington madness.   

The US and Mexican elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day (that's 452.5 billion dollars a year) in cross border trade yet the corrupt Mexican government can't provide for its own citizens who make up 60% of our undocumented?

Read how our own US State Department glorifies our relations with Mexico but forgets to mention the undocumented and drug war dead.
The US government supports a failed Mexican Drug War that sacrifices over 100,000 lives  (including US agents)?  How many Mexican undocumented had to escape north because of this horrific war?

Need I remind you that President Nixon officially declared our War On Drugs in 1971?  Over forty years later, one trillion dollars spent, the largest prison population in the world, the most weapons manufactured in the world, the largest drug usage in the world, and yet we support Mexico's President Calderon in the use of his own corrupt military to fight "Mexico's"  war on drugs?  We support a fight against Mexican cartels and organized crime which have been de facto running Mexico's government for one hundred years?

Looks more like a corporate cartel take over Mexican style.  Mexico profits from illegal commodities (drugs/people).  US taxpayers' monies granted to US corporate industries developed to stop or control those commodities (drug war/border security) .  US banks launder cartel profits.  US corporations use illegal labor.  US government grants another amnesty while asking for more border security tax monies.  US  government co-creates poverty in Mexico (NAFTA) that pushes the Mexican undocumented here.  US government supports Mexico's failed drug war.  US has the highest prison and drug addiction rates in the world.  The cycle repeats itself ad infinitum.           
I stress Washington's current relationship with Mexico in order to illustrate the insidious truths lurking beneath US Immigration reform.  Truths that Washington knows but hopes we ignore. 

Truths that if not addressed will be shamefully passed along for our next generation to deal with and suffer from.   

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Connect the Immigration Reform Dots

In response:

Economically speaking, what do Mexican illegal drugs and Mexican illegal laborers have in common? Are they not both economic commodities (albeit illegal) that are in demand and smuggled into the US from Mexico for illegal use and profit?

Have both illegal commodities gone through Washington reform or dismantling type programs in the past? 

Tell me just how much good Washington's 1971 continuing war on drugs has done to stop our problems with illegal drugs? How about Reagan's 1986 Amnesty border build up? Wasn't it touted (as this 2013 bill is too)  as the  means to the end of illegal immigration?  Wasn't Clinton's NAFTA of 1994 also pitched as the end too?  

Our drug war has cost US taxpayers one trillion dollars and given the USA the distinction of having the highest per capita prison population in the world. Of course illegal drugs are more potent and more available today than ever before.

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA almost quadrupled the number of undocumented in the US.  Amnesty legalized almost 3 million while we jump to the 11 million or more that we are "reforming" today.

By the way, where does the majority of our illegal drugs and illegal people come from?   60% of our undocumented are Mexicans.  As far as the illegal drugs, who knows?  Yet I don't think anyone would disagree that the majority of illegal drugs (Cocaine, Meth, Heroin, and Pot) come from Mexico.

I could attempt to draw suspicious similarities to how the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have actually increased the terrorism that we were told they would stop.  Yet that would get me going about the supposed reform of banking, the environment, poverty, gun control, and education programs (just to name a few);  one thing at a time.     

I think it is very important to cut through the immigration reform propaganda and twisted statistics and ask this simple question that has two parts:  

Who continually profits and who continually pays as a result of our never-ending, ineffectual control of Mexican illegal immigration? 

We have to connect the dots because these Washington reformers won't.

Pardon my Spanish, but Immigration reform is more of the same "caca" repackaged to give us some type of hope that these profiteers will get their illegal immigration "caca" together.

Tag-team Immigraton Reform Rape

Washington is tag-team raping all of us over immigration reform yet many Americans fight about which guilty party is on top?

Is Washington in Cahoots With Mexico Concerning Immigration Reform?

After 26 years with the US Border Patrol/INS/ICE and  8 years into retirement, I  can finally synthesize the relationships of the US and Mexican governments to the Mexican undocumented and to US taxpayers. 

The bi-national elite simultaneously and continually capitalize on Mexican illegal immigration by:  

1.  cheap labor in exchange for remittances

2.  legalization in exchange for votes 

3. the propagandization of  the problem for the profitization of border build ups

4.  passing all costs and consequences to US taxpayers

60% of our 11 million undocumented (6.6 million) are Mexican yet Washington reformists remain completely silent about Mexican illegal immigration during their reform discussions.

Hey Gang of 8 why is Mexican illegal immigration taboo?   Do any of 1 through 4 above have anything to do with it? 

Is it your 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trade?  Mexican oil (your second largest supplier)?  The US 1%'s business investments in Mexico?  The Mexican 1%'s business investments in the US?  US corn in Mexico?  Wal-Mart in Mexico?  NAFTA? Mexican drugs?  US weapons in Mexico?  How about your support of the 2006 Mexican Drug War (100,000 killed to date and 25,000 missing)?  Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon astonishingly being given a year's long fellowship at Harvard University as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?    

Or is the insidious combination and decade after decade repetition of all of the above so dark, so complex, and so enriching that you best just not go there?

One might begin to think that you guys are in cahoots with the corrupt Mexican elite who profit from illegal drugs and illegal immigration? 

You should be ashamed of yourselves.  You profitize and promote the bi-national conditions that push the Mexican undocumented from their homes while some die crossing our border.  You dangle the carrot of amnesty in front of their hopeful faces knowing that all of the US taxpayers' billions of dollars pumped into your border security cronies' pockets can't stop them from coming. 

The primary reason that the Mexican undocumented come here is Mexican poverty.  You and your corrupt Mexican partners profit from Mexican poverty.

You put US taxpayers in a position where they are forced to accept the unfair demographic changes to their home towns, their loss of jobs, the overcrowding of their emergency and school rooms, and their unwelcomed absorption of the undocumenteds' medical/educational costs.

You blame the undocumented for coming here while rewarding them for the same. 

You try and sell us an immigration reform bill that completely dismisses all of the above and yet you expect us to trust and believe in you?

I suggest a bi-national, peaceful border demonstration .  Imagine all of the good people of Mexico and the US standing together to show you that we have had it with your greedy ways? 

It seems the only things that might bring you to your senses are global media embarrassment and the peaceful interruption of your bottom line profit margins.    

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Surge This Washington!

Surging Deficit = Surge In Iraq, Surge In Afghanistan, and now the Surge at the Border

Washington's Fix to The American Taxpayers' Leaky Roof

In response:

Attention American Taxpayers: Washington's Gypsy Roofers Are Baaaccckkk!

 In 1986 the gypsy roofing group called "Reagan" rolled into Washington and pressured American taxpayers into fixing the American taxpayers''  leaky roof.  The cost was 156 billion dollars. "Reagan" estimated about 3 million leaks and guaranteed to fix them forever for American taxpayers.

As you know more and more leaks kept breaking through the American taxpayers' leaky roof as "Reagan" apparently went belly-up.

Well today a new gypsy roofing group called "Gang of 8" has rolled into Washington and estimates that the American taxpayers' leaky roof now has 11 million leaks. It is not known why "Reagan's" work failed or how the new leaks broke through.  The "Gang of 8" has frantically put a mandatory rush order into Washington as they will be leaving soon and don't want American taxpayers to be overcome by so many leaks in their roof.

One Washington resident/company whistleblower revealed that the two sham roofing groups were actually one in the same. This whistleblower "leaked" information that both "Reagan" and "Gang of 8" were now and always had been secretly conspiring in Washington to punch holes in the American taxpayer' leaky roof in order to get more and more work and money out of them.

"Gang of 8" promises to finalize its 1,200 page invoice containing 700 amendments soon but insists it must get Washington 's approval immediately in order to start to save our American taxpayers' leaky roof - no holds barred.

The "Gang of 8" promised today in Washington that despite what the "Reagan" group did, their    group will really fix the American taxpayer's leaky roof for good as soon as American taxpayers' funding is approved.

The Gorillas in Washington's Immigration Reform Rooms

In response:
Bravo!  Mr. Navarette speaks the immigration "reform" realities from both sides of the border!  Realities that both governments ignore.  Washington scrambles to see how to best profit from "reform" yet when it comes to the country which supplies or pushes 60% of the total undocumented into the US?  Silencio. Silence.

Do you know anyone in their right mind who would address a problem by ignoring the root cause of 60% of that problem?

Many Americans are angry about the presence of the  undocumented in the US.  Their anger is pointed at the undocumented rather than the bi-national system that pushes 100% of the costs and consequences of  the undocumented unto them.

Yet our own government refuses to address the Mexico connection to 60% of our total problem? 

Something is very wrong with this picture amigos.  The elite of both countries share 1.25 billion dollars day in cross border trade while the Mexican poverty rate is 50% or higher?  The elite of both countries invest heavily in each other's wealthy industries yet allow the Mexican poor to not only be treated as modern US slaves but to suffer deaths in the process of getting here?  All this suffering  is for cheap labor in exchange for remittances?

My God who and what are these people? 

US politicians also refuse to acknowledge the unfair demographic changes to many American towns by ignoring the voices and dismay of American taxpayers.  Yet Washington nevertheless is going to ram this slave version of amnesty/multi-billion dollar border build up down our throats anew? 

Speaking of unforgiveable silence Mexico's continuing Drug War has left some 100,000 dead while Washington remains not only mum about these deaths but mum about the US support (Merida funding/illegal weapons) of this slaughter?

Adding insult to injury (and death) Harvard University (a la Gianna Angelopoulos and Bill Clinton) grant their compadre and ex Mexican Drug War President/CEO a lucrative US fellowship as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?   Harvard honors Calderon's economic and health care "contributions" to Mexico while dishonoring the deaths of 100,000 people and another 25,000 missing? 

Harvard does this mean that in order to be a Harvard "global leader" one has to sign on to a free trade agreement such as NAFTA and kill their own people  in the name of the mighty US war on drugs?

Nowhere are the insidious ties between the White House and Los Pinos (The Mexican elite's version of the US White House) clearer than this profit above human life love affair between the US and Mexican super rich. 

Bi-national gorillas in the rooms are being ignored during all of Washington's immigration reform meetings.  One is an 800 pound narco-guerrilla just waiting to explode. Another represents Mexican poverty and abuse.  Another represents the drug war dead.  

Another represents the good people on both sides of the border who have had it (estan hasta la madre) with the corrupt, lying, death generating governments who have raped or killed them for years.  


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Few Immigration Crumbs to 11 Million In Exchange For Their Souls

In response:

Toro! Toro! Here gringo Toro! HP is waving it's anti-Mexican cape and getting all you angry anti-immigration reform posters all fired up!

I can't blame you. I even worked as a USBP/INS/ICE agent for 26 years, and it took me another 8 years in retirement to figure this mess out.

Do you want some advice? Study up on the economic ties of the two nations: 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, labor, remittances, NAFTA, bi-national investments in each others businesses, drug profits, money laundering, weapons sales, border build ups and Harvard's current connection to Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon.

Here is the deal: our government is supporting their drug war that has left over 100,000 people dead since 2006. 60% of our undocumented are Mexican yet not one of these reform immigration profiteers even mentions those two facts?

This bill is about the bi-national elite screwing the good people of both Mexico and the US. No one from either side should support this bill which throws a few crumbs to 11 million in exchange for their souls.

Earth to Washington Immigration Reformers

In response:

Earth to Washington Immigration Reformers:  60% of our undocumented are Mexican.

Isn't Mexican illegal immigration primarily caused by Mexican poverty?

Yet in your +/- 2,000 pages and 700+ amendments to reform immigration, there are no Senate or House discussions about the primary cause of  60% of the undocumented in the US?

Are you kidding me Schumer and/or Washington?

My guess Is that you figure Mexican illegal immigration is simply the cost of the US doing 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico?

Tell my who in their right might would not attempt to solve a problem by first focusing upon the cause of over one half of that problem?

You guys don't work for "We The People". You guys work for "We The Rich People of both the US and Mexico.

In Mexico they say "Estamos hasta la madre" which roughly translates as "We have had it".

¡Estamos hasta la madre con Washington y Señor Schumer!

And don't get me started on the Mexican Drug War that you guys support ( over 100,000 dead since 2006) and rewarding ex-Mexican Drug War US Puppet/CEO Felipe Calderon with a lucrative fellowship at none other than Harvard?

Yes indeed Pogo we have met the enemy!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Reform This Washington!

In response:

This is the same man who supports the Mexican Drug War and the economic benefits of US/Mexican trade - both of which push the Mexican Undocumented into the US in order for US taxpayers to deal with.

Mexico and the US (elite) share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade (not to mention the billions exchanged in drug profits and money laundering).

Tell me why Mexico could not provide equivalent US wages and services for their own citizens which would automatically cut our undocumented population by over 50%?

Simultaneously screwed by our own government and Mexico's too.

Reform this Washington!

Immigration reform:  how to simultaneously keep millions of undocumented coming for cheap labor/remittances/future amnesties  while keeping billions of US taxpayer dollars coming for continuous  border surges and political polemics.    



Washington is a Plutocratic Duopoly

1.  plu·toc·ra·cy  (pl-tkr-s)
n. pl. plu·toc·ra·cies
1. Government by the wealthy.
2. A wealthy class that controls a government.
3. A government or state in which the wealthy rule.
: an oligopoly limited to two sellers
: preponderant influence or control by two political powers
du·op·o·lis·tic \-ˌä-pə-ˈlis-tik\ adjective

Washington Illegal Immigration Reform 101

Washington Illegal Immigration Reform 101:

In response:

Step 1: Capitalize by remaking illegal immigration illegal (border serge splurge).
Step 2: Capitalize by remaking illegal immigration legal (amnesty du jour).
Step 3: Capitalize by re-brainwashing US voters about Step 1.
Step 4: Repeat Step 1 through 4 until re-tirement or re-volution.

Players and Payers: Thoughts On Immigration Reform and Other Scams on "We The People"

In response:

Players and Payers:  Thoughts On Immigration Reform and Other Scams on "We The People".

"Our" Senate plays the "good immigration cop" role while "our"  House plays the "bad immigration cop" role.  (As a reminder, both work for the same 1% run "police department").  

Both play the undocumented for cheap labor and amnesties du jour.  Both play the taxpayers for billions more in "border surges" and those same amnesties du jour.

The 1% who run the Mexican government play our taxpayers via Washington for trade deficits, foreign aid, Merida funds, remittances for their undocumented, health and educational costs for their undocumented, drug profits, illegal weapons, laundering drug profits via US banks, Mexican oil, and Harvard University fellowships (to name a few).

The 1% who run our government play the good citizens of Mexico as a never ending source of cheap labor, privatized immigration prison inmates, deportation propaganda/political gain and amnesties/border surges du jour,  and as scapegoats for their insidious reform bill.

Does the White House play the good cop role while "Los Pinos" (Mexico's version of our White House) play the bad cop role?    (As a reminder, both work for the same 1% run bi-national/global  "police department").  

So what if more undocumented are dying crossing our border despite tighter security?

So what if over 100,000 people have died in the 2006 failed US backed Mexican Drug War?

So what if banks involved in laundering cartel profits are ignored by the US Government?
So what if Harvard University rewards Washington's Mexican Drug War Puppet/CEO Felipe Calderon as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader despite the fact that Calderon's senseless US backed drug war has sacrificed over 100,000 lives?
Most Americans are primarily not angry at the undocumented.  They are angry at the elite who use the undocumented to use American taxpayers.  Some Americans can't quite get step one of this equation so they blame the undocumented and are unconscious of the real abusers. 

This immigration "reform"  scam is insidiously similar to other preventable scams that were and are  rammed down our throats by our own leaders (for their own masters' gains):  The Drug War, The Iraq War, NAFTA, The Repeal of Glass-Steagall, The Great Recession of 2008, Obamacare, Citizen's United, NDAA, TPP, Austerity AKA Sequestration, failed gun control, the corporatization of Washington, and the many other ways the people are played which I can't think of at the moment.   Please feel free to fill in the blank.
We pay them to play us.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Border Crossing and Drug War Deaths Are Costs of Them Doing Their Business

In response:

From article: "The answers don’t lie in border security. The answers lie in understanding the economics [that drive migration],” said Daniel E. Martinez."

God forbid any of Washington's immigration reform profiteers consider Daniel Martinez's logic. If they did they would have to admit how their very own NAFTA and Mexican drug war have strongly contributed to the very poverty in Mexico which in turn pushes the Mexican undocumented here.

Meanwhile, the "remittances for labor" Mexican-American (NOT SO) Merry-Go-Round has continued spinning for decades.

How can any so-called democratic neighbors not only create but allow the conditions which cause human beings to die from crossing their mutual border?  To add insult to death and injury, both governments (and many US voters) blame the undocumented for sneaking into the US.

Then take the illegal immigration and apply that to the illegal drugs/drug war and watch as their insidious, bi-national, two headed snake rears its cancerous, greed filled heads.

Ex Mexican President Felipe Calderon now is enjoying a year-long fellowship at Harvard University. Harvard glorifies Calderon's economic "achievements" in Mexico while overlooking his drug war that has left some 100,000 people dead and 25,000 people missing.

The only thing that matters to the bi-national elite are the cross border economics that fatten each others pockets.

Border crossing deaths and drug war deaths are the costs of them doing their filthy, "profit above human life" businesses.

Please consider signing my petition to Harvard:

Obama: "No More Excuses" on Immigration Reform

In response: 

No more excuses.  We weren't supposed to let eleven million of you in, but let's not worry about that right now.  We won't give you amnesty in the purest sense because  Americans already fell for that one.  We will give you a new type of sub-status called RPI ( Registered Provisional Immigrant).  The adjective "provisional" is defined as "arranged or existing for the present, possibly to be changed later".   

The deal is you will be lawfully registered laborers for the present and your statuses will possibly be changed later.  Right now "later" means ten years later.  If all goes as planned after we squeeze you for ten years more of labor you will be able apply for a "green card" and apply for citizenship three years after that!  ¡Qué suave! (How cool!)

Your statuses may well depend upon how many more billions of dollars we can soak US taxpayers for in order to line our cronies' pockets in the border security industries businesses.  You know the companies who make drones and surveillance systems.  We are also going to double the size of the border patrol.  That will give our skeptical voters reassurance that millions more of you won't sneak into the country again. 

Psst!  We  know that there is no stopping  great workers like you who hunger to put food on your tables and hunger for a better way of life for your families.  But let's just keep mum about that fact.  By the time anyone figures this all out we will all be retired and our friends will be filthy rich!

Special note to the Mexican undocumented:  although we don’t talk about it, we have a special relationship with you folks.  You make up over 50% of our undocumented.  President Clinton did this NAFTA deal with the wealthy folks in your country.  We ruined many small Mexican corn farmers' lives by dumping US corn into Mexico.  Our crony Wal-Mart also put many of your small business owners out of work (as it did in the US too).  Also we are sorry about all of the US owned border maquiladoras (factories) moving to China.  China pays lower wages.  ¡Así es la vida !  (That's life)! 

By the way, NAFTA exported many American jobs out of the US too.  Please don't feel bad;  you are not alone.  In fact many of you who came to the US after NAFTA will be getting RPI statuses - so we really didn't forget you.  As for those Americans who lost jobs because of NAFTA and because you all snuck into the US and took more of their jobs?  That's life!

It is too bad your filthy corrupt Mexican government does not provide equivalent wages and services to you back in Mexico.  But the Mexican economy needs your billions of dollars in remittances sent home yearly to Mexico.  WE need your cheap labor here too.  If it makes you feel better just know that the rich on both sides of the line share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  And dear old Mexico is our number two source of oil!  How proud you must be!  We are sorry that some of you must be sacrificed crossing the border.  Unfortunately both governments have to make it look like it is your faults for taking that risk.  Maybe Mexico will be so rich some day that your fellow citizens won't have to come here?

Finally, you know that we pushed your ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon into "his" drug war in 2006.  Sorry about the 100,000 Mexicans who have been slaughtered  and the 25,000 who are still missing.  We know the majority of those people were innocent bystanders.  But Felipe had to pretend to show the world who was boss.   Psst!  We know that he works for the cartels too.  The majority of people in the Mexican government, military, law enforcement and judicial systems do too.  Felipe just wanted to use the Mexican army to hook up with Chapo Guzman (famous drug kingpin of the Sinaloa Cartel) and wipe out some of the competition.  Think of this as a corporate takeover -  Mexican style!

But not to worry!  We have fooled many Americans because they are too busy to educate themselves to the truth!  ¡Pendejos!  (Stupid asses!)   They think anything to do with the war against drugs is good for them!  ¡Pendejos!  Their corrupt government and cronies have been raking it in with the "drug war cash-cow" for over 40 years.  

There ain't no end in sight - Illegal drugs and illegal people!  ¡Pendejos!  ¡Viva Mexico! (Long live Mexico!)

Psst!  Ex-Mexican Drug War CEO/President Calderon is now working at our prestigious Harvard University as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader!  Americans think Felipe is a leader but we know he is directly responsible for so much death and suffering in Mexico.  Thank you Harvard!  Thank you Gianna Angelopoulos and Bill Clinton for taking care of Felipe!  Felipe is now speaking at crony Universities for $100,000 a speech!      




Saturday, June 22, 2013

Screwed by our own government and the Mexican government too.

In response:

Who the heck is Obama or any other of these self-serving immigration reform profiteers trying to kid?

How stupid to they think we are? Sure - let's all agree to another amnesty du jour and billions more of our tax dollars for current border build-up (on steroids).

They take the natural generosity of caring Americans and stab us in the back.

Meanwhile, who caused this train-wreck and who profits from it? Mexico ships us over one half of our undocumented and these coconspirators say nothing of that in their reform discussions?

Tell me that Washington's cronies do not profit off of illegal aliens, illegal drugs, and the 1.25 billion dollars in daily cross border trade?

Screwed by our own government and the Mexican government too.

Insanity is simultaneously believing two contradictory concepts: amnesty and border security.

Washington's Illegal Immigration Reform (In A Nutshell)

They have not only us, but the undocumented, coming and going.

Simultaneously profiting off its illegality and its de facto ineffective enforceability.

Mexican Drug War Costs and Profits

In response:

"The Truth Behind The War on Drugs" - 40 years and 1 trillion dollars later, the two industries on each side of the "battle" are thriving. Mexican cartels and US banks are raking in billions as is the US drug enforcement complex, BIG PHARMA, the "Border Security/anti-terrorism" industries, DHS, the FBI, DEA, and every police department across the US.

Washington's illegal immigration reform (in a nutshell): simultaneously profiting off its illegality and its de facto ineffective enforceability.

Throw in the US prison and gun manufacturing industries and one starts to get a sense of just how massive drug war costs and profits are.

Do we even want to peer behind the horrific door of personal tragedies suffered from drug addiction? Is there anyone out there who does not know someone who has been affected by either side of this war?

One recent example of this insidiously insane war - Mexican President Felipe Calderon's US backed 2006 drug war. Propagandized as a fight against drug cartels and organized crime, 100,000 people have been sacrificed and 25,000 are still missing. Many were innocent bystanders. The Mexican government, military, police and judicial agencies all have factions on the cartels' payrolls.

The Obama administration backed Calderon and continues to send our tax dollars to Mexico to "fight" this faction of our never ending drug war.

The biggest slap in the face - Harvard University's recent award for Calderon as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader's fellowship.

Calderon's Harvard fellowship stems from drug war lies, hypocrisies and graft of both governments.

Mexico gets our guns, drug profits and trade; we get their illegal drugs, oil and undocumented.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Let's Make A Deal With Immigration Profiteering Cronies

In Response:
These self-servers in Washington play "Let's Make A Deal" with their immigration profiteering cronies while throwing "We The People" under their immigration buses which are transporting 11 million undocumented into 10 years or more US indentured servitude.      

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Make Something Illegal, Unenforceable, Then Profit Off Of Both

In response:
"The bill mandates that significant increases to border requirements be met before undocumented immigrants can move from provisional status to legal permanent residency".

Sweet. Did eleven million, 10-year undocumented indentured servants just get life sentences? Why would any immigrant rights groups support this travesty of justice?

We spend billions upon billions of dollars trying to keep people out, yet these congressional profiteers have not said one word about our neighbor Mexico as being the source of over 50% of all of the undocumented in the US.

Please take a look at how our own Department of State describes our relationship with Mexico (link below). We need to look at these economic ties in order to understand why Washington coddles Mexico. These bi-national shysters simultaneously profit off of amnesties, border build ups, cheap labor, trade, oil, weapons sales, NAFTA, Merida funding, legal and illegal immigration and drug profits.

What a rip-off of US taxpayers. We need to look at this and compare it to our 40 year long drug war. The illegal products are different, but the insidious dynamics and their Mexican connection are the same: make something illegal, unenforceable, then profit off of both.

The Supply and Demand of Illegal Immigration

Supply and demand. The more undocumented people that Mexico supplies the more money our congressional immigration reform profiteers demand for border security. Then these self-serving politicians demand another amnesty du jour which supplies their cronies with profit from an eleven million strong sub-class of immigrant workers which will in itself increase the demand for even more undocumented.

These are the other truths that these shysters are not voicing. Oh they may pretend that drones, more agents, and more fencing will stop the supply of undocumented. Yet tell me when any wall in the history of the world has successfully stopped the demand of hungry people for higher paying jobs and a better way of life?

This entire issue is eerily similar to the supply and demand of illegal drugs and the Mexico connection to that too. We have been tossing that hot potato around for over 4 decades, and after 1 trillion dollars and the largest prison population in history, the supply and demand is just as strong or even stronger than it has ever been.

The supply of Mexican illegal aliens, Mexican illegal drugs, and the demand from people who use them both. They use them for labor, for profit, to get high, to get elected, and to repeat the entire insidious cycle. BTW, don't forget the entire multi-billion dollar industries who demand money to enforce the unenforceable.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Duopolistic Immigration Reform Profiteers Are Tag-teaming Us

In Response:

The fact that so many posters make immigration reform (especially as it pertains to illegal immigration) a Republican or Democrat issue helps these duopolistic profiteers keep their reform hocus pocus baloney in place.

Immigration reform as it pertains to Mexican illegal immigration is about the bi-national elite simultaneously screwing the Mexican undocumented for labor and US taxpayers for billions in "border security" monies (that will not effectively prevent these people from sneaking in).

Oh sure they will string you along with their "triggers" ruse (kind of like how we have been strung along for 40 years of failed drug war policies, no?). How many crony industries will make millions before we figure out that their ruse was yet another scam?

They need to scrap this reform can of worms with all of its amendments and focus on one issue that pertains to over one half of all undocumented in the US:

Mexican illegal immigration.

Yes, these duopolistic scammers are tag teaming us. One plays the good (immigration) cop roll and the other the bad.

Meanwhile - they both keep getting richer off of undocumented labor, amnesties, and US tax dollars vacuumed into border security hysteria.

The disparity in wealth keeps growing no matter how many millions of ten-year indentured servants they let jam into our country. US taxpayers lines in emergency rooms keep getting longer. More taxpayers are losing jobs to the undocumented or are being undercut by their under the table wages.

Do you think that this 2013 reform will pan out any differently than Reagan's War on Drugs, Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, or Bush's creation of DHS?

Meanwhile the US and Mexican 1% share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. One million people and 300 thousand cars and trucks cross the Mexican border into the US legally on a daily basis. Mexico is our number two source of oil. And the good old corporate US 1% invests more money in Mexico than anyone else.

This immigration reform scam is right up there with the going to war lies of Iraq, failed health care, the mortgage rip-off/Great Recession of 2008, our 40 year long drug war, and our US backed Mexican drug war that has left 100,000 dead since 2006.

All were preventable. All generated and generate huge profits for the select few.

All cause the US middle class to suffer and pay, and pay, and pay.

"Reality Based Immigration Reform" ROFLMFAO

Just whose reality is your "reality based immigration reform" article referring to? Not mine. These Washington profiteers are attempting to parley undocumented labor and taxpayers' "border security" monies into cash cows for their own selfish interests.

Does this not remind you of our trillion dollar, 40 year long, failed drug war? Is it a coincidence that both are connected to the Mexican government? How about ex-Mexican President "100,000 Drug War Dead" Felipe Calderon being coddled by Harvard University as I type?

Over 50% of our undocumented come from Mexico, and these corrupt conspirators of the corrupt Mexican government remain silent about Mexico? 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and that filthy corrupt, cartel-run government can't provide for its own poor? Mexico is our number two source of oil and they can't give their own citizens a decent living wage at home?

Do you know anyone who would tackle a problem by ignoring over 50% of that problem's root cause?

That's because the cronies running our own government profit by passing those medical, educational and job loss costs of the Mexican undocumented on to common US taxpayers. On top of that they rape us for billions in "border security" monies that go down the rabbit hole of ineffective "border security" and interior enforcement.

Yes dear Pogo, we have met the (greedy) enemy, and it is our own government.  

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Insidious Machinations Of Immigration Reform Profiteers

The insidious machinations of these immigration reform profiteers highlights the extreme value of undocumented and foreign labor in the US.  The Mexican undocumented make up over 50% of our undocumented.  Logically one would think that if Washington was serious about resolving illegal immigration it would first address our direct southern neighbor as the country where the majority of undocumented come from.

Yet these immigration reform vultures circling around the carcasses of previously sacrificed  undocumented people and US taxpayers do not operate logically.  Greed is their motivation - not the well being of the people whose lives their self-serving decisions directly undermine and hurt.

Immigration Reform: Greed Is Their Motivation

The insidious machinations of these immigration reform profiteers highlights the extreme value of undocumented labor and the border security monies that are supposed to used to stop these undocumented.    Is this not very similar to the value of illegal drugs and the one trillion dollars that has been allocated to our failed 40 year long drug war?

Isn't it interesting that the Mexican undocumented make up over 50% of our undocumented and also provide the US with the vast majority of illegal drugs? 

Sorry about the drug detour from immigration reform.  As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I have a difficult time separating the two industries. 

With that said,  would not one logically think that if Washington was serious about resolving illegal immigration it would first address our direct southern neighbor as the country where the majority of undocumented come from.

Yet these immigration reform vultures circling around the carcasses of previously sacrificed  undocumented people and US taxpayers do not operate logically.  Greed is their motivation - not the well being of the people whose lives their self-serving decisions directly undermine.

I am convinced that the bi-national governments work together to profit off of the Mexican undocumented for labor, remittances, amnesties and Latino votes.  They also profit off of Mexican oil, Mexican trade, Mexican drug wars, NAFTA, billions for border security industries, global banks laundering drug profits, and Harvard University giving ex-Mexican Drug War/NAFTA President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leaders Fellowship.

US taxpayers suffering over-crowded emergency and school rooms, unfair demographic changes to their home towns all because Clinton's NAFTA pushed more Mexican undocumented here than ever before.       

Dig deep folks because this immigration reform is much more convoluted and insidious than you can imagine.

The Tangled Web of Immigration Reform Machinations and Deceit

Oh the tangled web of reform machinations and deceit these con men weave.

Over 50% of our undocumented come from Mexico. Yet rather than admit that they simultaneously profit off of cheap labor and "securing the border" tax monies,  these con men choose instead to go through all of these reform machinations and deceit.

Rather than admit that their own NAFTA quadrupled the number of undocumented in the US, while generating 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, these con men go through all of their reform machinations and deceit.

Rather than admit that their US backed Mexican drug war killed over 100,000 people since 2006, these con men go through all of their reform machinations and deceit.

Rather than admit that they are co-conspirators with their corrupt trading partner in the pushing of the Mexican undocumented here for cheap labor profit, these con men go through all of these reform machinations and deceit.

"Closing The Border" Myth

Closing the border is a myth perpetuated by politicians who are in the pockets of the border security industry.

1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade outweighs any truthfulness to their "closing the border" propaganda. Do you know that Mexico is our second largest source of oil? Don't forget the one million people and 300 thousand cars and trucks that flow north from Mexico on a daily basis.
Closing the border would cause both countries' economies to collapse.
In response:

Rand and Rubio prove that not only the undocumented but US taxpayers are just pawns in their insidious presidential-hopeful chess game.

You go boys! Use foreigners and the undocumented for cheap labor which steals jobs from US taxpayers. Add insult to injury by taking those very taxpayers' monies and fattening the pockets of your border-security industries conies' pockets.

But wait there is more! In a couple of decades Rand and Rubio clones will be pitching some other immigration "reform" program that deals with 40 + million undocumented and border security programs for the northern and southern borders plus the eastern and western coastlines too.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Washington does not deserve the benefit of any illegal immigration reform doubts

In response:

Very similar to over forty years of futile attempts to effectively enforce illegal drug laws. This is also very similar to the miniscule prosecution rates for banks ripping off the public resulting in the mortgage meltdown of 2008..
Do most of you know that INS (now ICE) has been enforcing similar employer sanction laws since 1986?

Billions upon billions of our tax dollars pumped into border and interior enforcement yet we are now dealing with 11 million undocumented rather than Reagan's 3 million.
Washington does not deserve the benefit of any illegal immigration reform doubts.

We have to objectively question what the decades-long motives of Washington's immigration reform really are and have been because we are not in Kansas anymore Toto.

A Mexican-American Fairy Tale

Once upon a time the parents of a neighboring family shamefully disregarded the needs of its own children.  These parents were wealthy but would not provide clean water, housing,  decent jobs, education, or any chance of prosperity to their own children.  These abandoned kids were forced to live at home in abject poverty or escape to another place where they could be paid ten times the money that they could ever possibly make at home.   Sadly some of these kids died making the dangerous journey to this land called the US.  These kids were de facto murdered by their own parents.   Yet the ones who made it sent money back home to their poor brothers and sisters who were held captive by these abusive parents.  In reality those abusive parents benefited by avoiding the responsibility of not only taking care of their kids who they forced to leave home, but also the kids who they held as hostages at home.

Expand this this fairy tail concept to today's corrupt Mexican Government run by the corrupt Mexican elite.  If these people were actually considered "parents" of their own citizens, they would be arrested and jailed for abuse,  neglect, and murder.

Back to the make-believe analogy.  Now the wealthy  "parents" who control the US where these "kids" go also benefit from these "kids" leaving home.  You see these "kids" are expert workers and are used for US labor at cheap prices.  Now it appears that those "parents" in control of the US don't want these Mexican "kids" to come to their country.   They have laws, build fences and make promises to stop these "kids" from coming.  Yet if enough "kids" make it through they are actually allowed to legalize and stay in the US?  Here is another insidious twist to this very confusing story.  The USA wealthy "parents" actually profit off of these Mexican "kids" while simultaneously passing their medical and educational costs on to other common US "parent" taxpayers.   This set-up is not only unfair but unjust to the Mexican "kids" and their common US "parent" taxpayers who suffer the costs and consequences of this bi-national abuse .

By the way, the wealthy bi-national "parents" of these two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross country trade.  They share money for oil.  They mutually benefit from the US wealthy "parents" investing in the Mexican wealthy "parents'" industries at home.  

The final slap in the face is that the wealthy US "parents" have convinced the common US "parents" that the Mexican "kids" are at fault and are to blame for this problem .  These wealthy US "parents" even promise to fix the problem by stealing more and more tax dollars of the common US "parents" for a false idea they invented called "Border Security".   However, some common US "parents" have lived long enough and have heard this same lie over and over again.  The common US "parents" who hire wealthy US "parents" to govern their land are angry about being used and lied to.  

They no longer trust their governing "parents" and are arranging for their own release of custody.