Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mexican Drug War Costs and Profits

In response:

"The Truth Behind The War on Drugs" - 40 years and 1 trillion dollars later, the two industries on each side of the "battle" are thriving. Mexican cartels and US banks are raking in billions as is the US drug enforcement complex, BIG PHARMA, the "Border Security/anti-terrorism" industries, DHS, the FBI, DEA, and every police department across the US.

Washington's illegal immigration reform (in a nutshell): simultaneously profiting off its illegality and its de facto ineffective enforceability.

Throw in the US prison and gun manufacturing industries and one starts to get a sense of just how massive drug war costs and profits are.

Do we even want to peer behind the horrific door of personal tragedies suffered from drug addiction? Is there anyone out there who does not know someone who has been affected by either side of this war?

One recent example of this insidiously insane war - Mexican President Felipe Calderon's US backed 2006 drug war. Propagandized as a fight against drug cartels and organized crime, 100,000 people have been sacrificed and 25,000 are still missing. Many were innocent bystanders. The Mexican government, military, police and judicial agencies all have factions on the cartels' payrolls.

The Obama administration backed Calderon and continues to send our tax dollars to Mexico to "fight" this faction of our never ending drug war.

The biggest slap in the face - Harvard University's recent award for Calderon as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader's fellowship.

Calderon's Harvard fellowship stems from drug war lies, hypocrisies and graft of both governments.

Mexico gets our guns, drug profits and trade; we get their illegal drugs, oil and undocumented.

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