Sunday, June 9, 2013

US Immigration Reform Guarentees Future Illegal Immigration

In response:

Paul Rand: "I am the conduit between conservatives in the House who don't want a lot of these things and more moderate people in the Senate who do want these things."

I sure wish someone in Washington was a conduit to the American taxpayers and the undocumented who will suffer the costs and consequences of yet another immigration reform boondoggle.

You guys are like a bunch of greedy vultures circling above the border in order to pick over the carcasses of the next round of undocumented workers and US taxpayers who will be sacrificed as yet another of your immigration reform bills fails to end to illegal immigration.

The problem you won't acknowledge is that your NAFTA and CAFTA fatten your cronies pockets while creating and promoting poverty that guarantees future continued illegal immigration.

This is not unlike insidious foreign policies and drone strikes that guarantee future wars (and privatized profits).

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