Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Whole Reform Enchilada Needs To Be Scrapped (Again)

In response:

Behind all of the emotional reform hoopla lies the insidious truth: people with money and influence are attempting to pass a bill that will simultaneously take advantage of undocumented laborers and US taxpayers too.

I know most Americans see the undocumented as foreigners, separate from themselves, or even as the "enemy invaders". If you look a little deeper you might see that the undocumented have been sold out not only by their home country elite, but the US elite too.

That fact does not justify the costs and the consequences the undocumenteds' presence put onto US taxpayers. I might help explain it though.

My point is we are all being used for profit. Our abusers take no responsibility for this mess that they create and use political rhetoric to disguise their own complicity in it.

Until these profiteers start fessing up to the truth, they can take their reform dog and pony show and go somewhere else because something is rotten in Denmark. Their whole enchilada needs to be scrapped (again).

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