Sunday, June 23, 2013

Border Crossing and Drug War Deaths Are Costs of Them Doing Their Business

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From article: "The answers don’t lie in border security. The answers lie in understanding the economics [that drive migration],” said Daniel E. Martinez."

God forbid any of Washington's immigration reform profiteers consider Daniel Martinez's logic. If they did they would have to admit how their very own NAFTA and Mexican drug war have strongly contributed to the very poverty in Mexico which in turn pushes the Mexican undocumented here.

Meanwhile, the "remittances for labor" Mexican-American (NOT SO) Merry-Go-Round has continued spinning for decades.

How can any so-called democratic neighbors not only create but allow the conditions which cause human beings to die from crossing their mutual border?  To add insult to death and injury, both governments (and many US voters) blame the undocumented for sneaking into the US.

Then take the illegal immigration and apply that to the illegal drugs/drug war and watch as their insidious, bi-national, two headed snake rears its cancerous, greed filled heads.

Ex Mexican President Felipe Calderon now is enjoying a year-long fellowship at Harvard University. Harvard glorifies Calderon's economic "achievements" in Mexico while overlooking his drug war that has left some 100,000 people dead and 25,000 people missing.

The only thing that matters to the bi-national elite are the cross border economics that fatten each others pockets.

Border crossing deaths and drug war deaths are the costs of them doing their filthy, "profit above human life" businesses.

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