Saturday, June 29, 2013

Comment: Mexico Is Happy With The (US) Senate and Immigration Reform

In response:

Mexico is happy with the Senate? Which part of Mexico? The part that profits from the US Senate?

That same Senate that supports the Mexican Drug War which has slaughtered (and continues to slaughter) over 100,000 Mexican citizens?

That same Senate that shares some 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with your corrupt elite but ignores Mexican poverty as a cause of Mexican illegal immigration?

That same Senate that conspires with the Mexican elite to fail to provide for your fellow citizens causing many to die trying to sneak over here?

That same senate that has as a member John McCain whose cronies get rich by putting your fellow citizens in US immigration prisons?

That same Senate that supports NAFTA which put small Mexican corn farmers out of business and put many of your citizens in US owned border maquiladora slave factories?

That same Senate that will take about 6.6 million Mexicans (60% of 11 million) and make them a subservient set of indentured laborers who will have to work for 10 more years before getting green cards?

Mexico this bi-national government abuse goes on because you like US taxpayers let it go on

Why do US politicians remain silent about this horrific violence in Mexico?

They call Mexico our friendly neighbor and our important trading partner, while saying very little about this common practice of murdering Mexican politicians?

It is for the same reason that they remain silent about 100,000 people being slaughtered in Mexico's war on (actually for) drugs? It is the same reason that they remain silent about the fact that 60% of our undocumented are Mexicans? (Could you even imagine attempting to "reform" an immigration system while ignoring the root cause of 60% of that problem?)

Check out this State Department site. Perhaps Washington remains silent because of 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, and US investments in Mexico?

Do you know what Clinton's NAFTA did to Mexico and the US?

How about the US backed Mexican Drug War?

In the case of the US and Mexico, it is about putting bi-national greed above the lives of the good citizens of both sides of the border.

By the way, do you know where ex-Mexican Drug War President/NAFTA CEO Felipe Calderon is enjoying a lucrative fellowship in the US?

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