Thursday, June 6, 2013

You Can't Get to There From Here, But They Will Sure Get Rich Tryin'

In response:

"Cornyn’s amendment would also add 10,000 Border Patrol officers over five years and deliver emergency funds for border control, including $1 billion a year in entry staffing and infrastructure."

"Border security" brainwashed; not unlike "drug war" brainwashed.

You can pump all of the billons upon billions more of American tax payers' dollars into either endeavor, and the results will be the same.

You can't get to there from here, but they will sure get rich tryin'.

Drugs and labor are at an uncontrollably high (no pun intended) demand which translates to profit for those who not only push them, but for those "trying" to stop them.
Earth to American Voters: Washington profiteers cash in on both ends of these games while you foot the frickin' bills.

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