Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Supply and Demand of Illegal Immigration

Supply and demand. The more undocumented people that Mexico supplies the more money our congressional immigration reform profiteers demand for border security. Then these self-serving politicians demand another amnesty du jour which supplies their cronies with profit from an eleven million strong sub-class of immigrant workers which will in itself increase the demand for even more undocumented.

These are the other truths that these shysters are not voicing. Oh they may pretend that drones, more agents, and more fencing will stop the supply of undocumented. Yet tell me when any wall in the history of the world has successfully stopped the demand of hungry people for higher paying jobs and a better way of life?

This entire issue is eerily similar to the supply and demand of illegal drugs and the Mexico connection to that too. We have been tossing that hot potato around for over 4 decades, and after 1 trillion dollars and the largest prison population in history, the supply and demand is just as strong or even stronger than it has ever been.

The supply of Mexican illegal aliens, Mexican illegal drugs, and the demand from people who use them both. They use them for labor, for profit, to get high, to get elected, and to repeat the entire insidious cycle. BTW, don't forget the entire multi-billion dollar industries who demand money to enforce the unenforceable.

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