Thursday, June 13, 2013

Washington Regurgitates Their "Fetid Fix" for Illegal Immigration

Pass economic "agreements" like NAFTA to create wealth for the bi-national (US/Mexico) elite and poverty for the bi-national poor.  This ensures more undocumented sneaking into the country and the "necessity" for future amnesties.  This ensures ad infinitum bigger and better border build ups.  This  ensures billions upon billions more of taxpayers' monies parlayed into profit for their crony border security corporations.  All of the above ensures a never ending supply of cheap labor and future political capital all guaranteed by their Mexican/American Merry Go Round that has been insidiously spinning for many decades now.        

One could argue that these leaders of our do not know what they are doing.  One might think that because they keep regurgitating the same illegal immigration formula that they are insane. 

I say these shysters know exactly what they are doing.  They put profit above the well being of citizens from both sides of the border.   Meanwhile they use propaganda to blame the undocumented for this hideous state of affairs.  They use cultural and racial camouflage to hide the fact that they (the bi-national elite) not only create this cycle but fatten their pockets in the process too.  

The "pollos" (i.e. "chickens" - slang for the undocumented crossing the border north) are coming home to roost.      

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