Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Few Immigration Crumbs to 11 Million In Exchange For Their Souls

In response:

Toro! Toro! Here gringo Toro! HP is waving it's anti-Mexican cape and getting all you angry anti-immigration reform posters all fired up!

I can't blame you. I even worked as a USBP/INS/ICE agent for 26 years, and it took me another 8 years in retirement to figure this mess out.

Do you want some advice? Study up on the economic ties of the two nations: 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, Mexican oil, labor, remittances, NAFTA, bi-national investments in each others businesses, drug profits, money laundering, weapons sales, border build ups and Harvard's current connection to Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon.

Here is the deal: our government is supporting their drug war that has left over 100,000 people dead since 2006. 60% of our undocumented are Mexican yet not one of these reform immigration profiteers even mentions those two facts?

This bill is about the bi-national elite screwing the good people of both Mexico and the US. No one from either side should support this bill which throws a few crumbs to 11 million in exchange for their souls.

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