Saturday, June 29, 2013

You Would Think

In response:

As a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I suggest one succinct bill that focuses upon the source of 60% of our illegal immigration.  That would be instead of a 1,200 page, 700 amendment convolution that certainly should be shot down.

One might ask why our Washington representatives would not address the source of 60% of our illegal immigration problem.  Logically that seems like a prudent place to start. 

OK I will shut up.  This is politics and not logic. 

Yet Mexican poverty pushes 60% of our undocumented across our border and some of those people die in the process. 

You would think that two countries who are supposedly friendly, democratic neighbors would not allow conditions to persist that cause the displacement of one's citizens to their neighbor.

You would also that two major trading partners would not have fencing along their mutual border that makes it looks more like they are at war than at trade.

You would also think that Washington would say something about the Mexican government's responsibility for 60% of our undocumented.  Or Mexico's (US supported) drug war that has slaughtered some 100,000 people. 

You would think that major US news organizations would report on the fact that Harvard University has recently made Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leader and given him a year's long, lucrative fellowship.

You would think that the American people would learn to read between the lines.

You would think.  

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