Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Washington - Mexico Connection: Illegal Immigration and Illegal Drugs

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As I retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent, I am continually dismayed that Washington refuses to address the root cause of 60% of the undocumented in our country:  Mexican illegal immigration.  More specifically, Mexican poverty that pushes Mexican illegal immigration.
This  is the "elefante" (elephant) in their discussion rooms that is ignored.  Since the 60% cause is ignored (and considering the past stops to illegal immigration that have failed i.e. Amnesty, NAFTA, and the creation of DHS), one would have to be very naïve to take this 2013 reform seriously as it relates to stopping illegal immigration.

I personally think that Mexico has many wonderful people and I have nothing against the Mexican undocumented themselves.  I respect how the vast majority love their families and in fact love Mexico deeply.  I do think they are being played as pawns in the bi-national elite's game of labor in exchange for remittances.  I question if it is to their best interests to simultaneously "play along" with their home government that rejects their needs and the US government that sells them the hope of citizenship for ten or more years of labor.

Many citizens here in the US are also beginning to understand how Washington uses them for immigration politics and financial gain.  Clinton's NAFTA may have helped the economic interests of the US elite, but for many normal citizens it pushed the undocumented into our overcrowded medical/educational systems and caused unfair hometown demographic changes that have all become very problematic.

As a retired law enforcement officer I see a deep rooted Mexican connection between illegal immigration and Washington's fight against illegal drugs.  Here is an institutionalized governmental program that has been up and running for over 40 years.  Is this not comparable to the illegal Mexican immigration/border security "battles" Washington has officially waged for close to thirty years?  At a minimum both battles encompass Washington programs that increasingly cost taxpayers billions of dollars more while being ineffective at solving the problems that they were initially created to stop.  

Since both Nixon's 1971 War on Drugs and Reagan's 1986 Amnesty "We the People" now see more potent and prevalent street drugs than ever before and four times the amount of undocumented people than ever before.

I am appalled that US politicians are not up in arms about the horrific Mexican drug war that Mexican President Felipe Calderon started in 2006.  Do you know that over 100,000 people have been sacrificed in that continuing US backed nightmare in Mexico?   Don't believe the Mexican propaganda that mostly only criminals have been killed.  That is not the truth.

Washington coddles the Mexican government about their illegal immigration and illegal drugs, yet together they share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  I say it is because of the very lucrative trade that Washington coddles Mexico.
In my mind the most outrageous and insidious proof of this shameful bi-national relationship is the fact that Harvard University recently awarded Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon a prestigious fellowship as Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader.

Finally, one has to wonder if Professor James Petras's assessment of the ties that bind the two countries' elite are not in fact true.

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