Sunday, June 9, 2013

Two Sides of the USA's Schizophrenic illgeal Immigration Coin

In response:

Does anyone really think that either of the two sides of the United States' schizophrenic illegal immigration coin are going to be changed by the lying governing party of the US 1%?

Obama plays them both. "We love Latino voters and will let the undocumented stay" and we are a nation of laws and border security "hasta la vista a los indocumentados".

Most Americans do not realize that in the case of Mexico the Mexican 1% are hooked up with the US 1% to shaft not only the Mexican undocumented, but US taxpayers too.

Wise up USA. The two party system here is tag teaming you despite their rhetoric that they are on different sides of the illegal immigration coin.

The enemy is not the undocumented. The enemy is the rich on both sides of the border who push the undocumented here to capitalize on undocumented, cheap labor, and the billions in remittances sent back home.

Meanwhile we all know who foots the emergency room bills and suffers the losses of jobs.

That is the only thing that our Washington profiteering "immigration reformers" need to fix.

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