Thursday, June 27, 2013

Is Washington in Cahoots With Mexico Concerning Immigration Reform?

After 26 years with the US Border Patrol/INS/ICE and  8 years into retirement, I  can finally synthesize the relationships of the US and Mexican governments to the Mexican undocumented and to US taxpayers. 

The bi-national elite simultaneously and continually capitalize on Mexican illegal immigration by:  

1.  cheap labor in exchange for remittances

2.  legalization in exchange for votes 

3. the propagandization of  the problem for the profitization of border build ups

4.  passing all costs and consequences to US taxpayers

60% of our 11 million undocumented (6.6 million) are Mexican yet Washington reformists remain completely silent about Mexican illegal immigration during their reform discussions.

Hey Gang of 8 why is Mexican illegal immigration taboo?   Do any of 1 through 4 above have anything to do with it? 

Is it your 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trade?  Mexican oil (your second largest supplier)?  The US 1%'s business investments in Mexico?  The Mexican 1%'s business investments in the US?  US corn in Mexico?  Wal-Mart in Mexico?  NAFTA? Mexican drugs?  US weapons in Mexico?  How about your support of the 2006 Mexican Drug War (100,000 killed to date and 25,000 missing)?  Mexico's Drug War President Felipe Calderon astonishingly being given a year's long fellowship at Harvard University as their First Angelopoulos Global Leader?    

Or is the insidious combination and decade after decade repetition of all of the above so dark, so complex, and so enriching that you best just not go there?

One might begin to think that you guys are in cahoots with the corrupt Mexican elite who profit from illegal drugs and illegal immigration? 

You should be ashamed of yourselves.  You profitize and promote the bi-national conditions that push the Mexican undocumented from their homes while some die crossing our border.  You dangle the carrot of amnesty in front of their hopeful faces knowing that all of the US taxpayers' billions of dollars pumped into your border security cronies' pockets can't stop them from coming. 

The primary reason that the Mexican undocumented come here is Mexican poverty.  You and your corrupt Mexican partners profit from Mexican poverty.

You put US taxpayers in a position where they are forced to accept the unfair demographic changes to their home towns, their loss of jobs, the overcrowding of their emergency and school rooms, and their unwelcomed absorption of the undocumenteds' medical/educational costs.

You blame the undocumented for coming here while rewarding them for the same. 

You try and sell us an immigration reform bill that completely dismisses all of the above and yet you expect us to trust and believe in you?

I suggest a bi-national, peaceful border demonstration .  Imagine all of the good people of Mexico and the US standing together to show you that we have had it with your greedy ways? 

It seems the only things that might bring you to your senses are global media embarrassment and the peaceful interruption of your bottom line profit margins.    

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