Monday, June 3, 2013

The Mexican-American Ilegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round

In Response:

Washington illegal immigration reformists are like a bunch of vultures picking at the carcasses of the undocumented and US citizens who have been sacrificed for Washington's insatiable greed for cheap labor, border security taxes, trade with Mexico, and Mexican oil.    

And here 99% of the angry posters only argue the discussion points that these corporatist representatives present to them. It is as if they propagandize the illegal immigration reform game and  rules and watch as the taxpayers foolishly fight it out amongst themselves.   One major flaw:  their game in not only rigged but the rules and the propaganda do not and can not apply to the actual real life illegal immigration problem.     

For decades now over 50% of the undocumented in our country have come from Mexico. That is over one half of the illegal immigration population that we are faced with today.

Piecemeal Approach:  Start at Home With Mexico

Step 1: Tell the truth about how Clinton's NAFTA claimed to be the end of illegal immigration yet caused the largest influx of illegal immigration from Mexico ever!

Step 2:  Tell the truth about how corporatist Washington puts profits from undocumented labor and taxpayers' "border security" monies above the welfare of the good citizens on both sides of the border.

Step 3:  Tell the truth of how the bi-national elite gain 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade which could fund equivalent US wages in Mexico if the bi-national elite would quit putting their greed above the lives and welfare of the good citizens of both sides of the border.

Step 4:  Tell the truth of how the Mexican undocumented would not come or stay here if they could make equivalent US wages working at home with their families.

Step 5:  Tell the truth of how the bi-national elite profit off of their Mexican-American Illegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round:

The Bi-national elite hoard wealth which primarily causes Mexican poverty which causes Mexican illegal immigration which causes US profit from cheap undocumented Mexican labor which causes Mexican remittances when combined causes continuous immigration reform which causes profits from billions more in US taxpayers "border security" tax dollars which causes their bi-national Mexican-American Illegal Immigration Merry-Go-Round to perpetually spin. 


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