Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Duopolistic Immigration Reform Profiteers Are Tag-teaming Us

In Response:

The fact that so many posters make immigration reform (especially as it pertains to illegal immigration) a Republican or Democrat issue helps these duopolistic profiteers keep their reform hocus pocus baloney in place.

Immigration reform as it pertains to Mexican illegal immigration is about the bi-national elite simultaneously screwing the Mexican undocumented for labor and US taxpayers for billions in "border security" monies (that will not effectively prevent these people from sneaking in).

Oh sure they will string you along with their "triggers" ruse (kind of like how we have been strung along for 40 years of failed drug war policies, no?). How many crony industries will make millions before we figure out that their ruse was yet another scam?

They need to scrap this reform can of worms with all of its amendments and focus on one issue that pertains to over one half of all undocumented in the US:

Mexican illegal immigration.

Yes, these duopolistic scammers are tag teaming us. One plays the good (immigration) cop roll and the other the bad.

Meanwhile - they both keep getting richer off of undocumented labor, amnesties, and US tax dollars vacuumed into border security hysteria.

The disparity in wealth keeps growing no matter how many millions of ten-year indentured servants they let jam into our country. US taxpayers lines in emergency rooms keep getting longer. More taxpayers are losing jobs to the undocumented or are being undercut by their under the table wages.

Do you think that this 2013 reform will pan out any differently than Reagan's War on Drugs, Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, or Bush's creation of DHS?

Meanwhile the US and Mexican 1% share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. One million people and 300 thousand cars and trucks cross the Mexican border into the US legally on a daily basis. Mexico is our number two source of oil. And the good old corporate US 1% invests more money in Mexico than anyone else.

This immigration reform scam is right up there with the going to war lies of Iraq, failed health care, the mortgage rip-off/Great Recession of 2008, our 40 year long drug war, and our US backed Mexican drug war that has left 100,000 dead since 2006.

All were preventable. All generated and generate huge profits for the select few.

All cause the US middle class to suffer and pay, and pay, and pay.

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