Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Immigration Reform: Greed Is Their Motivation

The insidious machinations of these immigration reform profiteers highlights the extreme value of undocumented labor and the border security monies that are supposed to used to stop these undocumented.    Is this not very similar to the value of illegal drugs and the one trillion dollars that has been allocated to our failed 40 year long drug war?

Isn't it interesting that the Mexican undocumented make up over 50% of our undocumented and also provide the US with the vast majority of illegal drugs? 

Sorry about the drug detour from immigration reform.  As a retired US Border Patrol Agent I have a difficult time separating the two industries. 

With that said,  would not one logically think that if Washington was serious about resolving illegal immigration it would first address our direct southern neighbor as the country where the majority of undocumented come from.

Yet these immigration reform vultures circling around the carcasses of previously sacrificed  undocumented people and US taxpayers do not operate logically.  Greed is their motivation - not the well being of the people whose lives their self-serving decisions directly undermine.

I am convinced that the bi-national governments work together to profit off of the Mexican undocumented for labor, remittances, amnesties and Latino votes.  They also profit off of Mexican oil, Mexican trade, Mexican drug wars, NAFTA, billions for border security industries, global banks laundering drug profits, and Harvard University giving ex-Mexican Drug War/NAFTA President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leaders Fellowship.

US taxpayers suffering over-crowded emergency and school rooms, unfair demographic changes to their home towns all because Clinton's NAFTA pushed more Mexican undocumented here than ever before.       

Dig deep folks because this immigration reform is much more convoluted and insidious than you can imagine.

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