Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"Reality Based Immigration Reform" ROFLMFAO

Just whose reality is your "reality based immigration reform" article referring to? Not mine. These Washington profiteers are attempting to parley undocumented labor and taxpayers' "border security" monies into cash cows for their own selfish interests.

Does this not remind you of our trillion dollar, 40 year long, failed drug war? Is it a coincidence that both are connected to the Mexican government? How about ex-Mexican President "100,000 Drug War Dead" Felipe Calderon being coddled by Harvard University as I type?

Over 50% of our undocumented come from Mexico, and these corrupt conspirators of the corrupt Mexican government remain silent about Mexico? 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and that filthy corrupt, cartel-run government can't provide for its own poor? Mexico is our number two source of oil and they can't give their own citizens a decent living wage at home?

Do you know anyone who would tackle a problem by ignoring over 50% of that problem's root cause?

That's because the cronies running our own government profit by passing those medical, educational and job loss costs of the Mexican undocumented on to common US taxpayers. On top of that they rape us for billions in "border security" monies that go down the rabbit hole of ineffective "border security" and interior enforcement.

Yes dear Pogo, we have met the (greedy) enemy, and it is our own government.  

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