Monday, September 30, 2013

Immigration Reform: How Doing Nothing Makes Much More Sense Than Passing Washington's Insidious Comprehensive Reform

Immigration Reform:  How Doing Nothing Makes Much More Sense Than Passing Washington's Insidious Comprehensive Reform

"Doing nothing" will stop the US government from bribing 11.2 million undocumented with a chance at US citizenship for 13 years of labor peonage.

"Doing nothing" will stop Washington's immigration reform profiteers from ripping off US taxpayers for billions more of their tax dollars for Washington's "border security" crony industries.    

We must not doing anything until Washington addresses the undocumenteds' home country poverty as the cause of continuous illegal immigration.

Doing their insidious "something" guarantees that our decades-old illegal immigration for profit system becomes further institutionalized and profitized against the best interests of the undocumented and US taxpayers.

Doing nothing will help postpone the next wave of undocumented from crossing illegally, overcrowding US hospital emergency rooms, taking US jobs, creating further unfair demographic changes to American's hometowns, and demanding some type of future legalization program.

This current corrupt reform scam clearly demonstrates that Washington cares nothing about the actual cause of 62% of our illegal immigration:  Mexican poverty.  

"Doing nothing" concerning this convoluted, corrupt immigration reform is the only sensible choice to make for American taxpayers.  We need to do nothing until the "something" that Washington does actually does something to resolve and discontinue our problem of illegal immigration.

Now Is The Time To Drop The "A (Asylum) Bomb On The US/Mexico Border"

In response:

Now Is The Time To Drop The "A (Asylum) Bomb On The US/Mexico Border"

How about just rejecting this immigration reform bribe and organize as 11.2 + million undocumented people in the US.  Pick a date, cross into Mexico, hook up with a couple hundred thousand more non-criminals deportees then turn around and peacefully bombard  major US ports of entry with asylum requests. Claim asylum as a group who have been persecuted because of home-country poverty and drug war violence. 

This bombardment of 11.2 + million asylees would bring the entire illegal immigration system to its knees.  Then Washington should negotiate with (and if necessary sanction) the undocumenteds' home country corrupt governments and force those corrupt governments (especially Mexico) to start taking care of their own citizens.

World-wide coverage and embarrassment for these profiteering governments- priceless. 

In doing so Washington will be forced to start taking care of its own citizens by being shamed into fixing illegal immigration.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Why The Mexican Undocumented and US Taxpayers Should Reject Immigration Reform Bribery

In response:

Yes. That is exactly what I believe.  We are all being bribed. 

You/we are being offered a bribe which basically states that the US government we will give you the undocumented conditional legal status and possible citizenship in exchange for 13 years of labor peonage.  This bribe also touts to the US citizenry the end of illegal immigration but in reality will only guarantee the continuance of both governments' system of "illegal immigration for profit" which passes all US costs and consequences on to that same US citizenry.   

You the Mexican undocumented and we the US taxpayers are pawns of a corrupt bi-national system that puts profit and greed above human dignity and human life.

The elite of our own countries control our corrupt governments.  If they did not you the undocumented would have the opportunities to prosper at home working with your families and living in the country that you love.  We the US taxpaying citizenry would not have to watch as our own systems of health care, education, and home town demographics are unfairly overburdened. 

This illegal immigration for profit not only destroys your lives but our lives too.  On one hand the US government makes laws that say it is illegal for you to cross our border and live and work in the United States.   

On the other hand many nevertheless hire you because of the hard, inexpensive labor that you provide.  Again, all the US costs and consequences of this scam are passed on to US taxpayers.    

Yes this is bribery to US taxpayers too!  Washington's current reform politicians again are promising the end to illegal immigration!  Yes they say that this time that the billions of our tax dollars spent to stop, jail and deport you the undocumented will finally put an end illegal immigration. 

Yet Washington then turns around and offers you the undocumented legal status and possible US citizenship for only thirteen more years of labor and billions more of our tax dollars for border security?  Pardon my French, WTF? 

If you accept this bribe - do you not sell out the next generation of Mexican undocumented who undoubtedly will be forced from Mexico to illegally find their way into the US?  Do you not continue the rape of your own people by accepting a bribe which does absolutely nothing to stop the insidious bi-national system of "profit poverty" that will draw them here as it did you?

Do we the US taxpayers not sell out our own children's and grand children's futures by accepting this reform bribe and again kicking the illegal immigration can down the road for them to handle?  Will we not continue to lose jobs to future Mexican undocumented?  Will not the acceptance of  Washington's reform bribe further institutionalize the profitization of Mexican poverty and illegal immigration to the US? 

What about the people who continue to live in abject poverty in Mexico?  What about the ones who will starve or die because of that poverty and NAFTA?  What about the ones who in the future will die trying to cross the border if this reform is passed?  What about the innocent ones who will continue to die because of the US backed drug war in Mexico?

Yes you/we are being bribed and this bribery is just as corrupt and immoral as the bribery that runs both the US and Mexican governments.  If you/we accept this bribe you/we are just as corrupt as the bi-national politicians who profit from this ungodly deal. 

Yes this reform may take care of you the undocumenteds' present needs but do you not know in your hearts that more lives will be lost because the same system of "profit poverty" that brought you here will remain intact?  This reform will coax more people here and let the two governments continue the abuse of their own citizens.

I am a dreamer too.  I dream that the good people of the US and Mexico will unite and stop these two insane governments from raping not only their own citizens but each others citizens too.

They get richer while we suffer.  Look at their NAFTA trade which allows them to share 1.25 billion US dollars a day in cross border trade!  Yet 50% of Mexico lives and poverty and 62% of the undocumented living in the US are from Mexico?

I envision a bi-national peaceful border-wide protest.  Let's bring worldwide attention to these two corrupt governments who hypocritically pretend to be democracies "of and by the people".  Let's expose their disgraceful militarized border that lies between these two supposedly friendly, neighboring trading partners.

Let's peacefully shut down their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Let's expose that horrendous US backed Mexican drug war that has slaughtered some 120,000 people since 2006.  Let's expose these corrupt conspirators who allow ex- Mexican Drug War Tyrant President Felipe Calderon to be glorified at America's prestigious Harvard University. 

Let's bring these to insane governments to their knees and to their senses.              


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mexican Poverty and Illegal Immigration: A Bi-National System Capitalizing Upon The Abuse of Common People

In response:

Mexican Poverty and Illegal Immigration:  A Bi-National System Capitalizing Upon The Abuse of Common People  

I spend a good four hours a day reading and writing about immigration - specifically as it applies to illegal immigration and Mexico.

I used to be a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent and I bring that experience to my present day activism. 

People ask me "Are you for illegal immigration?" 

I am not - especially when I see that the US/Mexico system of illegal immigration is entirely designed to put profit above human dignity and life.  It insidiously not only uses the undocumented for cheap labor, remittances and political influence but also uses US taxpayers to pay for the costs and consequences of said system of illegal immigration.

We all need to step back from the propaganda on both sides of illegal immigration reform debate and see Mexican poverty and illegal immigration for what it is:  a bi-national system capitalizing upon the abuse of common people and designed for the enrichment of the bi-national elite.

Everyone knows that there is something very sinister and wrong with this illegal immigration system yet few take the time to really investigate its root cause.

The undocumented blame the US government for meddling in their home-country economies and promoting immoral deportations that separate families.

Many Americans blame the undocumented for breaking US immigration laws and stealing American jobs.  They also blame the undocumented for causing undue financial burdens upon the US health care, social welfare and educational systems.

Few see the economic and financial ties of the US and Mexican elite as causing Mexican poverty and Mexican illegal immigration (62% of US undocumented) into the US.

Few see Washington's profitable role in causing the very illegal immigration that it pretends to fix.

Few see that the US border security industrial complex as another arm of the corporatized US Military Industrial Complex designed to thrive upon the very illegal wars or illegal immigration that Washington co-produces. 

Few see the insidious connection of the US and Mexican elite as their intuitions of illegal immigration and illegal drugs enrich each other lives yet destroy that of their own citizens'.

Few Americans know about the US backed Mexican Drug War that has since 2006 claimed the lives of some 120,000 people (the majority of whom are innocent collateral damage victims). 

Check out this Democracy Now! interview with Mexican Author and Investigative Reporter Anabel Hernandez. 

Do you have the courage to entertain the possibility that what Ms Hernandez says might be the truth?

Few see the US backed Mexican Drug War as the actual government sponsored take over of one of its rival Mexican criminal organizations.  Few realize that in 2012 ex-Mexican Drug War President/Tyrant Felipe Calderon  was awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award.  Also that Calderon is now enjoying a year's long lucrative fellowship at Harvard. 

Few Americans realize the economic NAFTA stranglehold that the two countries now have on each other.  Mexico is our second largest source of foreign oil.  Our two countries share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.  Yet Mexico has a poverty rate of 50% which continues to push their poor here to take some American jobs? 

We (the decent, hardworking good people on both sides of the border) are being raped by both governments.  Most Americans will not willing accept the fact that they are just as much pawns of this despicable scam as the undocumented are.

The current immigration reform legislation in Washington will not solve this problem because it does not address Mexican poverty that is caused by the two governments which are run by the bi-national, corrupt elite.

We all need to stand up against the truth of Mexican illegal immigration.  We need to refuse the deceitful reform bait that they now dangle in front of our noses.  It is a bribe to shut us and keep us quiet about the profiteering system that will only be sustained by accepting their reform.      


No to Washington's Immigration Reform Sham!

In response:

No to this reform sham!

Illegal immigration will never stop until the undocumenteds' home-country poverty (exacerbated in Mexico by Washington's NAFTA) is addressed. The bi-national 1% and their corrupt politicians profit from illegal labor while the common people on both sides of the border pay the price. Reform prolongs home-country poverty (illegal immigration) while increasing US taxpayer costs and increasing the bi-national 1% profits.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

The US Border Patrol is a tragic symptom of Washington's and Mexico's corrupt, immoral, self-serving illegal immigration for profit labor/remittance system

In response:

The US Border Patrol is a tragic symptom of Washington's and Mexico's corrupt, immoral, self-serving illegal immigration for profit labor/remittance system.

If the majority of Americans and Mexican citizens could unhook from their multi-generations long conditioning by the insidious elite who run both the US and Mexican governments - then maybe, just maybe, they could see this system for what it really is.

You must be willing to entertain the worst case scenario here.  You must willing to agree to set aside any previous automatic trust and faith that you might have been brainwashed into putting into your governments.  For it is only then that you may see the horrendous abuse these elite governments commit upon their own citizens.

The elite of both countries have created economic conditions that push Mexico's (and others) undocumented illegally into the US.

This abuse of laborers is not just a US/Mexico phenomena.  Are you willing to consider the possibility that this is a global problem?

The Mexican elite caste off millions of people who their economy cannot sustain.  Said elite receive billions pumped back into their economy by remittances continually sent home by their undocumented.  Yes, that is the deal.  They in effect export their own poor for money sent back home. 

The American elite - despite propaganda and laws to the contrary -  receive a never-ending supply of hardy, cheap labor.  Yes, many are deported.  That is known as the survival of the fittest which to a large degree insures that only the fastest and most fit will make it through to be modern day slaves to their American masters.

The American elite has also created another division of the US military industrial complex that makes immense profits from the "war" on illegal immigration:

It is eerie to me to see the similarities in Washington's 40 year + long war on drugs and the their "war" on illegal immigration.  For those of you who do not think that this is a war, I suggest that you travel to El Paso or San Diego border crossing points and see the walls and razor wire fencing.  We are supposed to be friendly neighbors with Mexico, yet could you imagine what it would look like if we were enemies?

Do you really understand the economic ties that the US has with Mexico?  This is not about firecrackers and chicle;  this is about oil and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.   Notice how our own US Department of State raves about "our" relationship with Mexico:

Please consider what Professor James Petras has to say about "our" ties with Mexico:

I better come back to the US Border Patrol.  I did that work and know from my own experience that the overwhelming majority of the people I dealt with were simply people looking for jobs.  I am not saying that there were and are not still hardened criminals in the mix.  There were and are and we should not have to put up with ex-cons coming back into the US.  We also should not have to put up with hungry people pouring across our border due to our own governments' financial greed.

I also know from my experience that the vast majority of US Border Patrol Agents are honest, hard working men and women doing what could be considered the most difficult job on earth.

Undocumented Mexicans (62% of our undocumented) would not come or stay here if that filthy corrupt trading partner of Washington's took care of its own people.

Notice how VP Biden kisses the Mexican governmental elite's asses while failing to mention the US backed Mexican Drug war and its 120,000 dead during his September 20, 2013 visit to Mexico:

The good people of both nations have been sold out by the puppet governments who are supposed to protect them.

Finally the most recent slap in the faces of the good people of both nations and the most outrageous example of bi-national government corruption:  Ex-Mexican  NAFTA/Drug War President Felipe Calderon being awarded Harvard University's First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award with accompanying one year's lucrative fellowship at Harvard.

God Damn It, I wish I could shake the majority of really ignorant Americans out of their stupors.  Why in God's name do we put up with this insanity?

Please, at a minimum, sign this petition to Harvard to deport that tyrant Calderon back to Mexico.

My vision - a bi-national, peaceful border protest.  Shut down their system for a few days and watch these criminals quiver in their boots.





Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Clinton's NAFTA Threw The US Middle Class Under The Northbound Mexican Illegal Immigration Buses

In response:

Illegal Immigration: 

Are you under the assumption that Washington really wants to fix this or have enforcement programs really work?
This is what I believe after having worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent: 
The US and the undocumenteds' home-country elite profit from illegal immigration and will use the following formula until we stop them: 

Produce economic policies that create poverty in the undocumenteds' home-country (NAFTA)
Produces Illegal immigration (cheap labor)
Produces Repeated legalization programs
Produces Billions more for border security
Produces Starting at the beginning and repeating ad infinitum 

We want to bomb the world for supposed weapons of mass destruction but coddle Mexico for delivering millions of illegal "weapons" of mass production?

Our VP Biden was just in Mexico.  Do you wonder why HP barely (if even at all) covered that?   Do you wonder why Biden did not mention Mexico's US backed drug war (120,000 dead and climbing)?

I  am telling you folks.  Clinton's NAFTA threw the US Middle Class under the Northbound Mexican Illegal Immigration Buses.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frankensteinian Immigration Reform

All of our self-serving political masters are trying to patch together again another immigration reform monster and pretend it will serve all of our best interests.

Line up you lobbyist thieves and get your piece sewn on:  high tech, low tech, BIG AGRI, border security corporations, privatized immigration prisons, immigrants' rights groups, hotel/motel/meat packing/construction/fast food industries/nanny groups and fill in the blank with anyone else who wants to profit off of cheap labor.  

To the undocumented and your supporters:

You blindly froth at the mouth as you believe any reform is better than none.  Millions of you will willfully sell thirteen years of your laboring souls for a chance at US citizenship.  You believe this is progress?  

Meanwhile, what effect will this reform have upon your friends and families at home?  Their home-country poverty will only worsen as "reform" neglects this very poverty as the cause of your past and their future illegal immigration.

Many from your countries will take the same chances of crossing as you did.  Yet now we have an ever more dangerous and militarized border.  Some will die in the process.  Yet none of you seem to care about them.  And for those who do make it through what will their "reform" deal be decades from now?  Twenty-five years of hard labor for twenty-five (or more) million undocumented?  Won't they too eventually be discarded and shunned from their home countries and offered immoral labor peonage in the US?

You are just as greedy as the people who caused you to come here.  You will continue this illegal immigration nightmare by accepting this reform "deal" with the bi-national devils.

To American taxpayers:

You are just as much pawns in this illegal immigration scam as the undocumented are.  Maybe even more so as you again put your faith and trust in Washington and its crony "border security" corporate profiteers to "fix" this problem.  Wake up folks.  Never-ending, cheap undocumented labor is a continuous profitable venture for the rich (as is the use of billions upon billions of our tax dollars for their "border security" black hole).  You will continue to pay the price of job losses, over-crowded emergency/school rooms and unwelcomed demographic changes to your home towns.

Wake up:  this illegal immigration (for profit) scam is no different than their 40+ year long "war on drugs".  All their profit is made in the fighting of the battle - not in fixing the problems.

To American workers:  watch as your jobs and retirements are sold down the river to Registered Provisional Immigrants, "temporary" foreign workers and more undocumented aliens.

Washington immigration reform profiteers:

How do you sleep at night or keep a straight face when you look your constituents in their faces?  Look what your self-profitizing NAFTA has done to the Mexican poor and American workers:

You simultaneously give amnesty to millions of illegal migrants and billions of our tax dollars to your cronies who are paid to stop it. 

This is no different than your 40+ year long war on drugs, failed health care, and your continuous illegal military wars.  

Read how our Washington and Vice President Biden glorifies the economic rape of not only Mexican citizens but American citizens by the bi-national corrupt elite:

Finally, take a gander at how your Harvard affiliates coddle and pamper ex Mexican "100,000 Drug War Dead" President Felipe Calderon with their First Angelopoulos Global Leader Award and lucrative Harvard fellowship:

I again call for a peaceful, bi-national protest of your insane immigration and drug war policies.  The only way to bring you to your senses is to shut down your 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.

Don't let them assemble this reform monster again.  It only feeds off of the good people of the undocumenteds' countries and the good US taxpayers.


NAFTA = Narcotic (or Narcissistic) American Financial Treason Association

In response:

I would vote for one in a heartbeat if he or she would attack/expose the US and Mexican elite for self-profitizing poverty that pushes Mexico's undocumented into the US. 

NAFTA = Narcotic (or Narcissistic) American Financial Treason Association

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Decades Long "Screw The US Tax Payers With Illegal Immigration" Scam

In response:

They profit by continuing this decades long "screw the US tax payers with illegal immigration" scam:  insidious economic programs that create poverty in the undocumenteds' home countries which create illegal immigration for cheap labor which creates yet another US legalization program and billions more tax dollars flushed down the border security black hole.

This is nothing more than Washington's 40+ year long "war on drugs for profit" strategy applied to illegal immigration for profit.

Bend Over America As Biden Kisses Mexico's Ass

In response: 

Bend over American taxpayers as Vice President Biden speaks to his Mexican counterparts and glorifies another great American sellout.    

Bend over because American taxpayers are getting raped by not only their government, but the Mexican government too.  Read what this man conveys to the corrupt Mexican cronies.  Sure amigos, send us your poor, we will bring them out of the shadows! 

And guess what?  Washington again officially ignores the US backed Mexican Drug War which has now claimed some 120,000 lives.

Instead of kissing Mexico's ass Biden should be dressing them down for creating the conditions in Mexico that makes some of the good people of Mexico to have to leave their families in order to come North to work. 

Oh my bad.  I forgot.  Our own NAFTA did and is doing that too.

Read as Biden raves about the rise of the Mexican middle class.  What about the rise in the Mexican poverty rate to 50%?  What about the fact that 62% of the undocumented in the US are Mexican?  What about the drug war that slaughtering innocent citizens and pushes people here too?  What about Washington's s crony border militarization that makes it look like we are at war with Mexico instead of being such chummy trading partners?

Biden claims that Washington must do what it can to bring 11.2 million undocumented out of the shadows yet says nothing about the filthy corrupt Mexican government that profits by forcing its own poor to escape north?

Every American who has lost a job to an undocumented worker, waited in long emergency room lines, or watched his or her hometown demographics change for the worse is paying the price for Biden's hypocrisy. 

Who in the hell are these politicians of ours working for?   Meanwhile that tyrant 100,000 drug war dead ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon is waltzing around Harvard with a lucrative fellowship?

We need a peaceful bi-national shutdown down of their 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trading system.  Maybe that will bring these two corrupt governments to their senses.


Money and Murder - No Morals

In November 2012 Clinton and Gianna Angelopoulos supported Harvard University in giving 100,000 Drug War Dead (NAFTA cohort)  ex Mexican president Felipe Calderon Harvard's First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Award and a one year's lucrative fellowship at Harvard.

These people have no morals when it comes to money and murder.

Please google Harvard, Petition, Calderon, 100,000 dead and sign.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who Hordes The Riches Back In Mexico?

In response:

These self-serving governmental buffoons will do anything but address the very conditions that caused the separation of the undocumented's families to begin with:  home country poverty.
These low down horse thieves have no common horse sense whatsoever.  

So guess what amigos?  The horses are already out of their home-country barns yet these profiteers haggle about how to reunify 11.2  million horses (people) back with their familial barn mates?

Rather than address the issues of the designed lack of sustenance, prosperity, negligent foreign "masters" and gateless barns these Washington bozos want to spend billions attempting to heard horses together that never should have been forced to scatter to begin with.    

If these politicians were serious about fixing illegal immigration once and for all they would demand that their corrupt Mexican counterparts and government start providing living wages and services for their own herd (so US taxpayers would not get saddled with that burden).

Any reform talk short of the above is fictitious horse trading and will not solve illegal immigration.

The "horses" will continue to be driven from their native lands.  The "horses' masters" will again profit by avoiding responsibility for their own herd.  Hungry stampeding "horses" will settle on new pastures that can barely maintain its native population.

New US horse masters will use subtle coercion in order for food, shelter and work to be unfairly shared with their own US population.

Meanwhile, who hordes the riches back at the ranchos grandes in Mexico?   

The new "masters" will profit from this venture while their ordinary working stock will be forced again to suffer all the costs and consequences of this immoral migration.

Washington's immigration reform is rigged and is not fair to anyone involved because it will not solve illegal immigration.


Friday, September 20, 2013

A Racist Politician Trying to Capitalize Off Of 911 And The Undocumented

In response:

King is clearly another racist politician trying to capitalize off of 911 and the saga of the undocumented.
ICE and DHS surely have records of how many undocumented prisoners have been deported after murder convictions or who are presently awaiting deportation after serving murder sentences.

What timeframe is King talking about in which these hypothetical murders by the  undocumented outnumbered the 911 deaths?  One year, five years, ten, twenty or thirty?

I wonder how King's propaganda would report or count the murders of undocumented by other undocumented?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The US and Mexican Governments Create Illegal Immigration For Profit

In response:

The cause of illegal immigration is home country poverty.  Thanks to Washington and Bill Clinton's NAFTA the number of undocumented in the US went from some 3 million to the estimated 11.2 million that it is today.

This reform push is yet another sellout because it does not address the home country poverty that keeps the undocumented coming.  62% of the US undocumented come from Mexico yet "we" share
1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico? 

These lying immigration reform politicians will not admit that this poverty, illegal immigration, cheap labor, and amnesty cycle are all part of their insidious plan to enrich the bi-national elite. 

Mexico's undocumented would not come or stay here if they had equal opportunities at home.   US taxpayers' would not have to suffer the costs and consequences of illegal immigration if Washington stood up to that filthy corrupt government down there and made them take care of their own people.

Meanwhile the elite who run Harvard reward Mexico's 120,000 Drug War Dead President Felipe Calderon with a lucrative fellowship?

Anyone who favors this reform bill is selling out someone else for their own personal gain.  The undocumented sell out their home country poor by accepting 13 years of labor peonage for a shot at US citizenship.

Americans who believe Washington's "border security" propaganda sell themselves and their families out by pouring billion more of their tax dollars into the border industrial security complex's lies.

The Mexican government sells out its own citizens for remittances sent back home.  The US government sells its own citizens for cheap labor, Latino political capital, and billions for crony border security industries.

US business who want to hire foreign nationals to work in the US sell out American workers for cheaper labor costs and higher profits.

This reform hysteria stinks because it will not solve our illegal immigration and employment issues.
We have expose Washington's insidious role in creating illegal immigration for profit in order to solve this issue.   

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Continued Deportations Are Key To Maintaining Our Insidious Immigration System

In response:

Suspend deportations?  Are you people nuts?  Obama and Washington can't keep the lucrative Mexican/American "Merry Go Ground" going without deportations! 

My God How could DHS justify the largest police agency in the United States without continued deportations?  How could the US Border Patrol justify its existence if they suddenly stopped re-arresting the same people they keep deporting?  How could Washington's crony US Border Security industries keep pumping taxpayers for more billions more in border enforcement dollars without continued deportations?  How would their crony privatized immigration prisons keep their beds filled and taxpayers' dollars flowing without deportations?

How could the US elite keep a fresh supply of laborers under their thumbs if Washington did not maintain this deportation status quo?  How could Washington continue to give US taxpayers false hope of ending illegal immigration if deportations were suspended?

How could US politicians and racists scapegoat the undocumented if none of the undocumented feared deportations?  How could those same politicians plan their next amnesty without decades of continual deportations?  How could immigrant rights groups continue the fight for family unification if the undocumented were not deported? 

What would the Mexican smuggling crooks do if they suddenly lost all of their returning customers?  How could the Mexican Government continue to blame the US for being the "bad guy" if deportations from the US were halted?

It is easier and cheaper to get a gun than it is to see a good therapist

In response:

What contributes to this violence?  Poverty, loss of jobs, poor health care, wars, media violence, loss of hope, deep despair and easy access to guns.


Sunday, September 15, 2013

Earth to American Voters

In response:

Earth to American voters: Washington's immigration reform is not designed to solve illegal immigration. It is designed to rape taxpayers out of billions more for Washington's crony border security industrial complex and to rape the current and next wave of undocumented for labor peonage in exchange for a chance at citizenship.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Americans - Like It Or Not - You Are Pawns of Illegal Immigration Too

Do Americans really understand the part that play in this insidious immigration "chess game"?  Is it even fathomable to them that they may be just as much pawns in this game as the undocumented are?

Of course not.  They have been brainwashed into believing that the undocumented are the cause of illegal immigration and therefore the cure to the problem too.

Isn't it logical that if undocumented people are stopped from coming into the country that the problem will be solved?  That question assumes two important points that would make a "yes" answer correct:  one:  hungry people can be stopped from crossing our borders illegally, and two:  our government (or those who bankroll the politicians who run it) really wants to stop illegal immigration.

Maybe it would be easier if you compared the problem of illegal immigration to that of the problem of illegal drugs.

Does the moneyed elite who run our government really want to win the war on illegal drugs?  Or as stated above: Isn't it logical that if illegal drugs were stopped from being smuggled into the country that the problem would be solved?  This question also assumes two important points that would make a yes answer correct:  One:  illegal drugs can be stopped from being smuggled into our county, and two:  our government (or those who bankroll the politicians who run it) really wants to stop the smuggling of illegal drugs. 

So here is where you have to do your homework.  Educate yourselves and ask these questions:  How many jobs in the US are connected to the US border and drug enforcement industrial complexes?  Why does Washington keep promoting economic policies (NAFTA) and immigration legislation (reform/amnesty) that actually perpetuate illegal immigration? 

In the case of Mexico where 62% of our undocumented hail from, what do the bi-national elite have to gain by keeping this insidious revolving door (labor, remittances, border build-ups, reforms) in place? 

Americans are brainwashed about illegal immigration and illegal drugs. They believe the government propaganda that these "battles" can be won.  They forget that the US war on drugs has gone on for over 40 years and has produced the highest (and costliest) prison population in the world.  They forget that Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 2003 creation of DHS have all not only failed to curb illegal immigration as promised but have actually (at least in the case of NAFTA) increased it.

So who are the pawns here folks?  The people who keep jumping our borders to get a better life, or the people who suffer the costs and consequences of believing a government which claims it will stop these problems but actually profits from prolonging them rather than fixing them?


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Illegal Immigration: Many Americans Are Torn

In response:

Many Americans are torn. 

On one hand they see their hometown demographics unfairly change as a result of Washington's failure to enforce US immigration laws.  Long emergency room lines and losses of jobs due to illegal immigration do not help either.  Then we have the never ending "border security" suck on our tax dollars that never seems to get the job done. 

This is very similar to our 40 year long drug war.

On the other hand many Americans know that many people from other countries (especially Mexico) are starving.  These Americans have compassion for people who simply want a better way of life.

Noting will anger Americans more than undocumented people displaying an "in your face" attitudes they those undocumented have he right to be here.  The truth is that when the undocumented do not display a humbleness toward Americans who are also effected by those undocumenteds' presence that a sense of frustration and anger does build up in those Americans.

I ask both groups to consider educating themselves to the real cause of their dilemma:  US foreign and economic policies with home country governments that create poverty in order to ensure their  continuous process of profiting off of illegal migration .


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Profit Is Made From The Perpetual Fight Not In Winning The War

In response:

As someone who as worked as a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent I say the corrupted and moneyed elite who run the US and Mexican governments will never allow our southern border to be so "secure" that people and drugs do not make it through.

The financial setup between the two groups guarantee bi-national profit from undocumented labor, remittances, illicit drug industries, border security industries, arms sales, political capital, Mexican oil and NAFTA trade. 

Common, hard working, honest citizens on both sides of the border pay the price of the insidious two-way rip-off.  Step back and take an honest look at our forty-year plus failed drug war or our continuous military wars.  Illegal immigration is very similar.  Profit is made in the perpetual fight; not in winning the war or coming up with a solution that solves the problem.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The US/Mexican Border Hunger Games

In Response:

How many posters here are so brainwashed by American exceptionalism propaganda that they do not realize how Washington's NAFTA has substantially contributed to not only Mexican poverty, but US illegal immigration too?

Yes you are getting screwed;  so are the Mexican undocumented.  Bi-nationally screwed by not only your own government but the Mexican government too. 

The crony, corrupt politicians who run both governments profit via the exportation/importation of Mexico's poor.  It's labor in exchange for billions in remittances.

Then Washington caves in with another variation of Amnesty as the two supposed political parties of our plutocracy (parading as a democracy) haggles over immigration reform.

Yes - how to screw US taxpayers out of billions more for their elite's "border security" arm of the US military industrial complex (MIC) while keeping those undocumented Mexican laborers coming.

Is it a coincidence that the "drug enforcement" arm of the MIC has been profiting off of their failed mission for over forty years?  "Illegal" immigration is no different.

Meanwhile the stage is being set for the next wave of undocumented.  Sure the border is more secure.  It now has turned into the "US/Mexican Border Hunger Games" where only the strongest and most fit will make it through.  But mark my word:  they will keep coming because that is where the political and industrial profit is.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bio - John Randolph AKA "twopesos"

My name is John Randolph.  I am a twenty-six year retired veteran of the US Border Patrol, INS Criminal Investigations, and ICE.   I have now been an anti-drug war/pro immigration awareness activist for eight years.  

I spent my first ten years working in San Diego as a US Border Patrol Agent.  I experienced firsthand how Washington politics helped create the ineffectiveness of my agency.  I then worked for sixteen years as a special agent and supervisory special agent with the Criminal Investigations Section of the INS (which became Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE after George W. Bush's questionable creation of DHS in 2003).

My area of self-study and concern in retirement includes the ongoing US backed Mexican Drug War and the insidious politics of US illegal immigration.

The current Mexican Drug War was started with US support by Mexican President Felipe Calderon in 2006.  It rages on today under President Pena-Nieto and with its present collateral, government-induced slaughter of some 120,000 people.   I see the Mexican Drug War as an extension of Washington's forty-year long failed - yet highly profitable - war on drugs.  

I also stay informed about today's illegal immigration issues and I am against the current immigration reform legislation in congress.  I believe Washington turns a blind eye to NAFTA which has increased Mexican poverty and US/Mexican bi-national greed as the root causes of 62% of our present undocumented population.  I believe Washington intentionally  fails to address our Mexican illegal immigration problems and the current drug war deaths because of their need for cheap labor and the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and Mexican oil that the bi-national elite share.  Not only the undocumented but US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of our ineffective, decades-long US immigration policies.  

I have created a power point presentation that details my experiences as a Border Patrol Agent.  I can also adjust the presentation to address the issues noted above. 

My blog (I write under the name of twopesos)



Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mexican Oil = Yes; Iranian Oil = No?

In response:

Meanwhile - since 2006 Washington has supported Mexican President Felipe Calderon in Mexico's failed drug war where some 120,000 souls have been collaterally slaughtered right across our southern border?  Isn't Mexico's corrupt government fighting Mexico's criminal cartels for control of all those chemicals that they turn into drugs which kill people too?

How many of our shyster Washington politicians have overlooked and remained silent about our friendly southern neighbor's continuing atrocity right next door? 
Could it be that Washington does not want to upset the Mexican trade/oil teacart but does want to upset the Syrian/Iranian oil teacart on behalf of  Israel?

Just sayin'.


Washington Intentionally Profits By Simultaneously "Fighting" Illegal Immigration And "Perpetuating" It Too.

In response:

This government of ours and its current immigration reform fiasco will not solve the illegal immigration problem.  With that being said, we need to wake up and consider the worst and most insidious case scenario against Washington here:  Washington intentionally profits by simultaneously "fighting" illegal immigration and "continuing" it too.  We the People are paying the price.

NAFTA intentionally shipped our jobs away while causing the largest influx of undocumented ever in American history.

Don't "buy" their border security lies.  I learned as a young Border Patrol Agent that nothing our government does on the border is designed to effectively stop hungry, motivated people.  Washington and its cronies simultaneously capitalize off the never-ending, expendable source of cheap labor and  billions from our "border security" tax dollars.

The only thing they secure at the border is the profits they make from our tax dollars.

Illegal immigration and border security have become another specific arm of the US Military Industrial Complex (MIC).  Compare their fight against illegal immigration to the 40+ year long failed US war on drugs.  The money to be made is not in solving the problem;  it is made in the prolonged fight.  The MIC needs wars and terrorists to thrive.  Their drug enforcement arm needs illegal drugs to thrive, and their illegal immigration/border security arm needs illegal aliens to thrive.

Again - we need to wake up and see their worst case scenario for what it really is:  the simultaneous profitization of the illegal activity and the "war" against the illegal activity.

They simultaneously profit from making (fill in the blank) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (fill in the blank). 

They simultaneously profit from making (illegal drugs) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (illegal drugs).

They simultaneously profit from making (illegal immigration) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (illegal immigration).

They simultaneously profit from making (terrorism) a crime while going to perpetual "war" against (terrorism).

Wake up folks.  This is exactly what US intervention in the Mid-East (Syria) is about.  They use the crime or threat of terrorism to secure oil or the US and Israel.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Why Does Obama Draw A Red Line With 1,400 Deaths In Syria But Not With 120,000 Deaths in Mexico?

In response:

Washington refuses to turn a blind eye to Syria while ignoring the horrific results of the Mexican Government's and Mexican Military's failed drug war in which 120,000 of their own people have been killed?

Where is the outrage about the Mexican Government's collaterally slaughtered souls and that continuing US-backed quagmire-slash-nightmare?

At the most basic level of human suffering both countries have witnessed thousands of innocent people being massacred.  Bombs, bullets, and chemical gas have been employed as each governments' militaries fight their respective enemies (anti-government "rebels" or organized crime's "cartel thugs") for control of their respective government's power, oil, and drug profits.

Who in their right minds would ignore the atrocities committed by either of these governments' militaries?  There are of course many documented cases of corruption, civil rights abuses, and murder by the militaries of and in both countries. 

Is there really a substantial difference in death by chemical gas or death by torture, machine gun fire, or beheading? 

Why does Obama draw a red line with 1,400 chemical weapon deaths Syria but not with 120,000 drug war deaths in Mexico?  Why does Obama not only turn a blind eye to Mexico's drug war, but also to Mexico's failure to provide for their own citizens which in turn pushes their poor into the US as 62% of our undocumented?

Does not Mexican illegal immigration and the Mexican illegal drug trafficking across our bi-national border pose just as much a threat to our national security as the use of chemical weapons half way around the world in Syria?

It is all about the governmental control of power and profits and the use of our tax dollars to protect the same.   In Mexico it comes from trade, drugs and labor and in Syria it comes from oil and Israeli cronyism.



Sunday, September 1, 2013

All of their profit comes from continuing and not fixing the problem

In response:

The most important question that these so-called "reform" profiteers should be discussing is how are they once and for all going to address and solve the undocumenteds' home country poverty as the cause to US illegal immigration.
62% of our undocumented are Mexican citizens, yet the bi-national elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  Meanwhile Mexico's undocumented would not come or stay here if they could have similar wages and services working and living at home with their families.

This is a scam by which that they profit off of the backs of undocumented labor, potential voting power and US citizen's tax dollars.

All of their profit comes from continuing and not fixing the problem.

Obama Kicks The Chemical Can To Congress