Monday, September 2, 2013

Why Does Obama Draw A Red Line With 1,400 Deaths In Syria But Not With 120,000 Deaths in Mexico?

In response:

Washington refuses to turn a blind eye to Syria while ignoring the horrific results of the Mexican Government's and Mexican Military's failed drug war in which 120,000 of their own people have been killed?

Where is the outrage about the Mexican Government's collaterally slaughtered souls and that continuing US-backed quagmire-slash-nightmare?

At the most basic level of human suffering both countries have witnessed thousands of innocent people being massacred.  Bombs, bullets, and chemical gas have been employed as each governments' militaries fight their respective enemies (anti-government "rebels" or organized crime's "cartel thugs") for control of their respective government's power, oil, and drug profits.

Who in their right minds would ignore the atrocities committed by either of these governments' militaries?  There are of course many documented cases of corruption, civil rights abuses, and murder by the militaries of and in both countries. 

Is there really a substantial difference in death by chemical gas or death by torture, machine gun fire, or beheading? 

Why does Obama draw a red line with 1,400 chemical weapon deaths Syria but not with 120,000 drug war deaths in Mexico?  Why does Obama not only turn a blind eye to Mexico's drug war, but also to Mexico's failure to provide for their own citizens which in turn pushes their poor into the US as 62% of our undocumented?

Does not Mexican illegal immigration and the Mexican illegal drug trafficking across our bi-national border pose just as much a threat to our national security as the use of chemical weapons half way around the world in Syria?

It is all about the governmental control of power and profits and the use of our tax dollars to protect the same.   In Mexico it comes from trade, drugs and labor and in Syria it comes from oil and Israeli cronyism.



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