Monday, September 30, 2013

Now Is The Time To Drop The "A (Asylum) Bomb On The US/Mexico Border"

In response:

Now Is The Time To Drop The "A (Asylum) Bomb On The US/Mexico Border"

How about just rejecting this immigration reform bribe and organize as 11.2 + million undocumented people in the US.  Pick a date, cross into Mexico, hook up with a couple hundred thousand more non-criminals deportees then turn around and peacefully bombard  major US ports of entry with asylum requests. Claim asylum as a group who have been persecuted because of home-country poverty and drug war violence. 

This bombardment of 11.2 + million asylees would bring the entire illegal immigration system to its knees.  Then Washington should negotiate with (and if necessary sanction) the undocumenteds' home country corrupt governments and force those corrupt governments (especially Mexico) to start taking care of their own citizens.

World-wide coverage and embarrassment for these profiteering governments- priceless. 

In doing so Washington will be forced to start taking care of its own citizens by being shamed into fixing illegal immigration.

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