Thursday, September 5, 2013

The US/Mexican Border Hunger Games

In Response:

How many posters here are so brainwashed by American exceptionalism propaganda that they do not realize how Washington's NAFTA has substantially contributed to not only Mexican poverty, but US illegal immigration too?

Yes you are getting screwed;  so are the Mexican undocumented.  Bi-nationally screwed by not only your own government but the Mexican government too. 

The crony, corrupt politicians who run both governments profit via the exportation/importation of Mexico's poor.  It's labor in exchange for billions in remittances.

Then Washington caves in with another variation of Amnesty as the two supposed political parties of our plutocracy (parading as a democracy) haggles over immigration reform.

Yes - how to screw US taxpayers out of billions more for their elite's "border security" arm of the US military industrial complex (MIC) while keeping those undocumented Mexican laborers coming.

Is it a coincidence that the "drug enforcement" arm of the MIC has been profiting off of their failed mission for over forty years?  "Illegal" immigration is no different.

Meanwhile the stage is being set for the next wave of undocumented.  Sure the border is more secure.  It now has turned into the "US/Mexican Border Hunger Games" where only the strongest and most fit will make it through.  But mark my word:  they will keep coming because that is where the political and industrial profit is.


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