Friday, September 13, 2013

Americans - Like It Or Not - You Are Pawns of Illegal Immigration Too

Do Americans really understand the part that play in this insidious immigration "chess game"?  Is it even fathomable to them that they may be just as much pawns in this game as the undocumented are?

Of course not.  They have been brainwashed into believing that the undocumented are the cause of illegal immigration and therefore the cure to the problem too.

Isn't it logical that if undocumented people are stopped from coming into the country that the problem will be solved?  That question assumes two important points that would make a "yes" answer correct:  one:  hungry people can be stopped from crossing our borders illegally, and two:  our government (or those who bankroll the politicians who run it) really wants to stop illegal immigration.

Maybe it would be easier if you compared the problem of illegal immigration to that of the problem of illegal drugs.

Does the moneyed elite who run our government really want to win the war on illegal drugs?  Or as stated above: Isn't it logical that if illegal drugs were stopped from being smuggled into the country that the problem would be solved?  This question also assumes two important points that would make a yes answer correct:  One:  illegal drugs can be stopped from being smuggled into our county, and two:  our government (or those who bankroll the politicians who run it) really wants to stop the smuggling of illegal drugs. 

So here is where you have to do your homework.  Educate yourselves and ask these questions:  How many jobs in the US are connected to the US border and drug enforcement industrial complexes?  Why does Washington keep promoting economic policies (NAFTA) and immigration legislation (reform/amnesty) that actually perpetuate illegal immigration? 

In the case of Mexico where 62% of our undocumented hail from, what do the bi-national elite have to gain by keeping this insidious revolving door (labor, remittances, border build-ups, reforms) in place? 

Americans are brainwashed about illegal immigration and illegal drugs. They believe the government propaganda that these "battles" can be won.  They forget that the US war on drugs has gone on for over 40 years and has produced the highest (and costliest) prison population in the world.  They forget that Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 2003 creation of DHS have all not only failed to curb illegal immigration as promised but have actually (at least in the case of NAFTA) increased it.

So who are the pawns here folks?  The people who keep jumping our borders to get a better life, or the people who suffer the costs and consequences of believing a government which claims it will stop these problems but actually profits from prolonging them rather than fixing them?


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