Sunday, September 22, 2013

Who Hordes The Riches Back In Mexico?

In response:

These self-serving governmental buffoons will do anything but address the very conditions that caused the separation of the undocumented's families to begin with:  home country poverty.
These low down horse thieves have no common horse sense whatsoever.  

So guess what amigos?  The horses are already out of their home-country barns yet these profiteers haggle about how to reunify 11.2  million horses (people) back with their familial barn mates?

Rather than address the issues of the designed lack of sustenance, prosperity, negligent foreign "masters" and gateless barns these Washington bozos want to spend billions attempting to heard horses together that never should have been forced to scatter to begin with.    

If these politicians were serious about fixing illegal immigration once and for all they would demand that their corrupt Mexican counterparts and government start providing living wages and services for their own herd (so US taxpayers would not get saddled with that burden).

Any reform talk short of the above is fictitious horse trading and will not solve illegal immigration.

The "horses" will continue to be driven from their native lands.  The "horses' masters" will again profit by avoiding responsibility for their own herd.  Hungry stampeding "horses" will settle on new pastures that can barely maintain its native population.

New US horse masters will use subtle coercion in order for food, shelter and work to be unfairly shared with their own US population.

Meanwhile, who hordes the riches back at the ranchos grandes in Mexico?   

The new "masters" will profit from this venture while their ordinary working stock will be forced again to suffer all the costs and consequences of this immoral migration.

Washington's immigration reform is rigged and is not fair to anyone involved because it will not solve illegal immigration.


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