Monday, September 23, 2013

Bend Over America As Biden Kisses Mexico's Ass

In response: 

Bend over American taxpayers as Vice President Biden speaks to his Mexican counterparts and glorifies another great American sellout.    

Bend over because American taxpayers are getting raped by not only their government, but the Mexican government too.  Read what this man conveys to the corrupt Mexican cronies.  Sure amigos, send us your poor, we will bring them out of the shadows! 

And guess what?  Washington again officially ignores the US backed Mexican Drug War which has now claimed some 120,000 lives.

Instead of kissing Mexico's ass Biden should be dressing them down for creating the conditions in Mexico that makes some of the good people of Mexico to have to leave their families in order to come North to work. 

Oh my bad.  I forgot.  Our own NAFTA did and is doing that too.

Read as Biden raves about the rise of the Mexican middle class.  What about the rise in the Mexican poverty rate to 50%?  What about the fact that 62% of the undocumented in the US are Mexican?  What about the drug war that slaughtering innocent citizens and pushes people here too?  What about Washington's s crony border militarization that makes it look like we are at war with Mexico instead of being such chummy trading partners?

Biden claims that Washington must do what it can to bring 11.2 million undocumented out of the shadows yet says nothing about the filthy corrupt Mexican government that profits by forcing its own poor to escape north?

Every American who has lost a job to an undocumented worker, waited in long emergency room lines, or watched his or her hometown demographics change for the worse is paying the price for Biden's hypocrisy. 

Who in the hell are these politicians of ours working for?   Meanwhile that tyrant 100,000 drug war dead ex-Mexican President Felipe Calderon is waltzing around Harvard with a lucrative fellowship?

We need a peaceful bi-national shutdown down of their 1.25 billion dollars a day cross border trading system.  Maybe that will bring these two corrupt governments to their senses.


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