Friday, January 23, 2015

Washington's Three Amigos: Illegal Immigration, Illegal Drugs, and US Taxpayers' Money

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Washington's Three Amigos:  Illegal Immigration, Illegal Drugs, and US Taxpayers' Money

Earth to American voters! Earth to American voters!  Come in American Voters!

The legal and illegal sides of Illegal immigration and illegal drugs are huge money makers for the elite who run America. Their political shills will keep shining you on making you think that Washington really wants to fix both problems. H E L L O ---- over 40 years of failure and one trillion dollars later (not to mention 1 million people jailed)  and you still haven't gotten the message?

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who blogs as twopesos.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Are Immigration Polls Meaningless? Because "We The People" Inevitably Lose

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Why Are Immigration Polls Meaningless?  Because "We The People" Inevitably Lose

Most people taking these polls agree with Obama's immigration plans because they naively believe his plans will include effective control of illegal immigration.

I ask those people who give a thumbs up to Obama's immigration plans (or in fact any Washington immigration reform plans) to consider the reality of "border security" effectiveness as it relates to Washington's 40+ year long war on drugs.

The game is the same with illegal immigration. Enforcement will remain ineffective because there is simply too much money being made on both the dark sides and ineffective enforcement sides of their scandalous "border security", illegal drug and immigration coin.

No matter how they flip it or spin it, We The People lose.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Washington's Perfectly Planned Immigration Storm

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Washington's Perfectly Planned Immigration Storm

Illegal immigration 101:  the undocumented are purposely pushed/pulled to the US to benefit the US economic elite's thirst for cheap labor.   Simultaneously the undocumenteds' home country elite benefit from billions of dollars in annual remittances being pumped back into said elite's economies. 

This is a win/win - for the bi-national elite which is primarily funded by US taxpayers.

Washington's immigration narrative does not include the fact that their masters' "free trade" policies such as NAFTA, CAFTA, and the current, sleazily stealthy TPP actually perpetuate and exacerbate illegal immigration.   To put the cherry on the top  they have American's brainwashed into believing that billions more tax dollars in "border security" and "immigration reform" will effectively stop illegal immigration.

Don't hold your breath.

Washington's shenanigans have created the perfect immigration storm.  Immigration profiteers smilingly cash in on billions of dollars in undocumented labor, billions of dollars in border security boodle, and billions of dollars in "free trade" profits that help ensure the scam will stay in operation. 

The only difference between Washington's "war" on illegal immigration and Washington's 40+ year long failed"war" on drugs is the substance or commodity being "controlled".  Both scams have been running for decades. 

Finally - the cherry on top of the cherry - anyone who thinks that the billions of dollars in dark money being made from illegal immigration and illegal drugs are not benefitting the real shot callers in America and the undocumenteds' home countries is very na├»ve.

John Randolph is a retired US Border Patrol/INS/ICE agent who blogs below as "twopesos".



Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Americans Are Angry At Mexico And Ignorant About Its Strong Economic Ties To The US Elite

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Most Americans are simultaneously angry at Mexico because of illegal immigration and ignorant of the strong economic ties that that bind the US and Mexican economic elite.

All ensuing problems brought to America by this corruption are (of course) paid for by those same taxpaying Americans.

Americans think Washington can or will handle the border crises through enforcement. Yet enforcement of illegal immigration, as with that 40 year long failed war on drugs, has become a booming industry for the border enforcement complex too (not to mention the dark money that fills God only knows whose pockets).

Anyone who has studied these issues would have to be out of his or her mind to think that Washington will ever kill the Mexican goose that produces those labor/drug/immigration reform/border security boodle filled golden eggs.

For any real change to take place the massive corruption and insidious political influence of the bi-national elite would have to be resolved - not only in both countries - but the entire world. This is not just a Mexico versus the U.S. problem.

I suggest watching "Thrive" the movie. It is long yet it will address what we are all facing.