Thursday, January 15, 2015

Why Are Immigration Polls Meaningless? Because "We The People" Inevitably Lose

In response:

Why Are Immigration Polls Meaningless?  Because "We The People" Inevitably Lose

Most people taking these polls agree with Obama's immigration plans because they naively believe his plans will include effective control of illegal immigration.

I ask those people who give a thumbs up to Obama's immigration plans (or in fact any Washington immigration reform plans) to consider the reality of "border security" effectiveness as it relates to Washington's 40+ year long war on drugs.

The game is the same with illegal immigration. Enforcement will remain ineffective because there is simply too much money being made on both the dark sides and ineffective enforcement sides of their scandalous "border security", illegal drug and immigration coin.

No matter how they flip it or spin it, We The People lose.

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