Friday, May 31, 2013

Angry American "Bulls" Charge (The Undocumented) Red Flags

Like angry bulls bleeding from stuck knives, Americans charge the (undocumented) red flags not knowing that they are not only being stuck by but taunted by their own government.  

Immigration Reform: Sticks It To All US Taxpayers, Voters and The Undocumented Too

In response:

How much truth is there in this article title comment "Just Stick It To The White Voters"? 
How about "Just stick it to the Black Voters" ?  How about  "Just stick it to the Latino voters"?
Here is the only headline I believe:  "Immigration Reform Sticks It To All Taxpayers, Voters and The Undocumented Too".   

It is sad and unfortunately true that all sides have to play the voter race card to get people to act.

The truth is the Gang of 8's plan (like its predecessors  Amnesty, NAFTA, and the creation of DHS)  is entirely self serving to the 1% while propagandized as necessary for the welfare of the common citizens.  Yet as usual, the majority of the 99% either does not take the time to figure this out, or can't figure this out.  Oh they know something is very wrong as they stand in long lines at hospital emergency rooms or see the unfair demographics changes in their towns.  The undocumented have become the red flags that the 1% profiteers wave around like Matadors.   Sadly many angry American bulls see only the flags and not their own government hands behind those flags.     

Earth to America:  Mexican poverty is the cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US (over 50% of our present US undocumented).  The 1% on both sides of the border profit off of Mexican illegal immigration and the entire border security hoax that gobbles up our tax dollars with insatiable greed.  Not unlike the lies of the Iraq War, our own government pushes immigration policies that rape tax payers while fattening their cronies' pockets.  

Think forty years of our US drug war: one trillion tax dollars fattening someone's pockets, the highest prison population/weapons sales in the world, and business is still booming gracias a your tax dollars.

These corporate profiteers who claim to be our representatives are not on our side.  The immigration "reform" game is rigged against us all: US and Mexican citizens, non-citizens, documented, non-documented, and all other undocumented from around the world who are pushed here by the 1%'s global greed.    




Thursday, May 30, 2013

Immigration Reform: Stop The Bleeding By Blaming The Blood

American taxpayers are on the emergency room operating table.   They are being bled to death from over twenty-five years of failed illegal immigration policies and enforcement.

Previous "Washington doctors" have tried 3 major unsuccessful "reform" surgeries:  Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS.  None have effectively curtailed illegal immigration as they promised or (considering the costs) should have.

Now the "Gang of 8" is going to do another immigration "surgery" in an attempt to "reform" Washington's past three failures.   They are doing so by tweaking the same failed border security/legalization strategies while increasing the taxpayers'  border security costs by billions.     

In the case of NAFTA and Mexico, Washington's own economic policies actually pushed the largest influx of  Mexico's undocumented here ever.

So tell me why we should trust this current regurgitated plan?  You guys are trying to stop the bleeding by blaming the blood.  It's the blood's (undocumented's ) fault.  So pile on the bandages and clamps - we will stop all that blood from bleeding through this time.       

Earth to Gang of 8:  Mexican illegal immigration is caused by Mexican poverty -  not the Mexican undocumented.   Stop fostering Mexican poverty (NAFTA and 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade).  Negotiate with Pena Nieto and persuade Mexico to start taking care of its own citizens by providing equivalent US wages and services in Mexico .  If Mexico were to provide equivalent US wages for its own the undocumented from El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras would not need to come all the way here for those same wages.

Immigration Reform - Take No Prisoners

Uninformed US taxpayers propagate not only the rape of themselves, but the rape of us all by failing to see that Washington is a duopoly whose immigration "reform" takes no prisoners from either side of the isle.

Immigration Reform - Let The Self-Serving Sellout Begin

Shine the light on the darkness of illegal immigration and the 1% greedy cockroaches scramble to thrive and survive. 

This lust to cash in on "immigration reform" causes many people to sell out the very people they are supposed to defend and care about.

Washington representatives sell out their own constituents by propagating their "tried and failed" immigration reform strategies.  Do they actually believe that soaking US taxpayers for billions more for tougher border security will stop hungry people from sneaking into the US?  Do they actually believe that giving 11 million more undocumented people legal status in the US will curtail further illegal immigration?  Do they bother to listen to the taxpayers who have suffered the unwelcomed demographic changes that prior immigration and economic reform (Reagan's Amnesty,  Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS) have failed to effectively curtail? 

US taxpayers are also sold out by the US elite and the undocumenteds' home country elite too.  Why should the US poor and middle classes have to pay for and suffer the consequences of other countries' poor being "exported" here?  This sellout is evidenced by the long lines and waits at hospital emergency rooms coupled with jobs either being lost or undercut by undocumented laborers.

US taxpayers sell out themselves too.  They majority tend to vote and believe Washington's propaganda about immigration reform.  They tend to believe Washington's rhetoric that our southern border can and will be sealed off in such a way as to effectively control illegal immigration.  They believe this despite 25 years of evidence to the contrary.  Their frustration turns to blaming the undocumented for this problem.  They can't see that their lack of understanding of the problem (the elite's rape of laborers and taxpayers for profit) actually perpetuates their own abuse.       

The undocumented are sold out by their own home country elite as the "haves" hoard the wealth by creating home-country poverty.  Those undocumented than are sold out by the US elite by being used and abused  for profit off of the undocumenteds' labor and prospective voting capital. 

The undocumented then sellout their fellow citizens at home by accepting an "RPI" status in the US which is one step above indentured servitude.    Maybe if all the "triggers" are met you can become a permanent resident immigrant after 13 years of labor.

They sell out their home country fellow citizens by accepting this RPI bribe and accepting the systemic cycle of poverty and abuse that the elite use to expand their disparity in wealth.
All of the above continue our illegal immigration reform nightmare by jumping on this self-serving sellout.  

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Designed To Be Very Profitable And Ineffective

In response:

Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA, and Bush's DHS did not effectively stop illegal immigration. Does anyone trust that Washington and its reuse of previously failed "reform" strategies will finally fix this?

Three swings, three misses, you're out!

Yet current Washington hype and media chatter portray this reform not only a shoe-in, but a solid hit too. Is it possible that Washington is purposely attempting to "reform" illegal immigration again (especially Mexican illegal immigration) knowing that their decades old policies simply do not work?

At least two of the three previously mentioned administrations "wheeled and dealed" for substantial increases in border security and one for increased trade. Why do we still have 11 million undocumented here today?

 Washington either can't stop illegal immigration or it really doesn't want to. My money's on the later as that is how they get the most bang for OUR buck! Cronies simultaneously profit off of cheap labor and a "designed to be very profitable and ineffective " border security strategy.

Over 50% of the US undocumented are Mexican. The next highest groups are El Salvadoran and Guatemalan (via Mexico). Common sense dictates that home-country poverty pushes them here. Why doesn't "The Gang of 8" or the Whitehouse discuss poverty as the cause of illegal immigration at their hearings?

Do you think the undocumented from Mexico would come or stay here if they could make equivalent wages working at home with their families? Why do you guys let the corrupt Mexican government get away with this?

Washington Immigrarion Schizophrenia Brings Joe Arapio Types Out Of The Woodwork-

Washington's own schizophrenic policies and treatment of illegal immigration bring types like Joe out of the woodwork.

It allows for the abuse of people under the color of immigration law:

Washington Profiteers: Oh hungry people of Mexico, thou shall not cross our border, BUT we just love how hard you work for such cheap wages! Since enough of you made it through again will give you Registered Provisional Immigrant status. Sorry, we can't give you "green cards" right away because that looks to much like Reagan's Amnesty. So we will just have to work you for a good decade or so more before we might consider if the "triggers" allow you to be permanent residents or citizens.

 Mexican Profiteers: Oh hungry people of Mexico, please go North and keep those billions in annual remittances coming back into our economy! We will make sure that our poverty rate remains so high that millions more of you will be following soon.

The above is what needs to be reformed with the current Washington immigration "reform" de jour.

Fix this, otherwise you guys are going to run out of euphemisms: Immigration Reform and Control Act, AKA amnesty, AKA Family Unification, AKA Dream Act, AKA Deferred Action, AKA Temporary Protective Status, AKA Immigration Modernization Act, AKA Immigration Reform, AKA raping undocumented people for more cheap labor/ Latino votes while raping US taxpayers for "border security" insecurity taxes ad infinitum.

Immigration Reform - Raping People for Labor and Tax-Dollars

John A Randolph a few seconds ago                                                                            

"Americans are willing to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the country, but only “if they’re not a public charge,” Diaz-Balart said.

Mario my man, who died and left you in charge? Maybe you and your Washington "immigration reform for profit" cronies are willing - I am not.

The US and Mexican elite not only cause but profit from Mexican poverty that causes Mexican illegal immigration (over 50% of our undocumented in the US) that causes US taxpayers to fund your "immigration reform" recurring nightmare.

This scam is about raping the good people of both countries for their labor and tax-dollars.

Why don't you of the bi-national 1% give up some of that 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade and give the good people of Mexico equivalent US wages, services, and drug-war safety so that they can live, work and prosper at home with their families?

That in turn will give the good people of the US more jobs and the demographic quality of life that has been stolen from them by your previous "immigration reforms" and NAFTA.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Business With Mexico - More Important Than US Taxpayers?

In response:

They woo Hispanic leaders while disregarding their own constituents. 

Many Americans are outraged because they see Washington's corporate business with Mexico being more important to Washington than the prosperity of US taxpayers.

After Reagan's 1986 Amnesty, Clinton's 1994 NAFTA, and Bush's 911 creation of DHS,  we have seen billions of our tax dollars pumped into a "border security" economy while "we the people" still have to deal with 11 million undocumented people and another "immigration reform" in the US.

We see our lives and money thrown under the immigration reform bus while Washington does the Mexican Hat Dance for the Latino vote and Mexican trade.  We see that the US and Mexican elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, yet the corrupt Mexican government refuses to provide for its own citizens in Mexico. 

Please tell me why our politicians never criticize the corrupt Mexican government for the part it plays in pushing its own people into the US? 

Like it our not, the qualities of life for some US citizens have been adversely affected by the number of undocumented people in the US. That is not our US citizens' faults, nor is it fair to them to have this unwelcomed change in demographics completely shoved into their faces and down their throats.

And of course it is not right that either white or brown racists blame the other people of either country for these travesties of justice that effect us all.

Both groups of people are being raped and have been raped for decades. The Mexican undocumented are raped by their own government and the US government too.  In return, US citizens are raped by Washington and the Mexican elite as both elite create and allow failed immigration policies to continue on for decades.
It is our duty to educate ourselves as to who is really at fault and how to fix the problem. Those who profit from this mess really don't care about anyone but themselves as evidenced by decades of their insidious immigration reform hoaxes and the continuing growth of poverty not only in Mexico but the US too.

Mexico - Illegal Immigration, Drugs and Washington's Immigration Reform

Mexican poverty is the primary cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US. 

Over 50 per cent of Mexicans suffer at or below the poverty level.   Over  50 per cent of the undocumented who live and come to the US are from Mexico.

"According to the World Bank, 53% of Mexico' population of 104 million residents live in poverty, which is defined as living on less than $2 a day. Close to 24% of Mexico's population live in extreme poverty, which means they live on less than $1 a day."

Does it not hold true that US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences of Mexican illegal immigration due to the high level of poverty in Mexico?

Can't this equation be extrapolated to explain our next highest source of undocumented people from El Salvador,  Guatemala, and the other countries represented by their undocumented in the US?     

Question:   Does anyone in Mexico benefit from poverty and therefore Mexican illegal immigration?  Someone in Mexico must benefit from the billions in annual remittances back home.

Does anyone in the US benefit from Mexican poverty and therefore Mexican illegal immigration?   

Cheap labor has always been in demand, from the single person cleaning houses to the agricultural, construction, hotel-motel, and food processing corporations who hire the undocumented by the thousands.

Politically speaking, just how big is the Latino voting bloc?  Likely to double by 2030?

Economically speaking, just how big is our trade with Mexico?  1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade you say?

Who launders Mexican Cartel Profits?

Who pampers Ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon, despite his reputation of corruption and 100,000 drug war dead?
Do you know about the results of illegal immigration after Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA?

With the above in mind, is Washington really interested in reforming illegal immigration or stopping our drug war?





Monday, May 27, 2013

Reagan's Amnesty - How Much Fraud?

In response:

Interested in some behind the scenes facts of Reagan's Special Agricultural Worker (SAW) Amnesty program? I worked as a Special Agent for INS. I know firsthand that our agency was not provided the resources to investigate the hundreds of thousands of fraudulent "SAW" applications submitted during this program. Agents in the field knew this - as did our powers to be in Washington. Yet it was more important to the Reagan administration for Amnesty to "appear" successful than to deal with the truth. Applications were eventually rubberstamped through and their applicants received permanent resident cards despite the fact that they were obtained through fraud.

How many people committed fraud? Unfortunately privacy act provisions negotiated prior to the passing of Amnesty would not let us find out. Those in the know say that the SAW program fraud ranged from 30% to 70%. Check out this NY Times Article:

Another fact you may not want to hear: I worked as an ICE liaison agent with Sacramento DEA targeting the Mexican Mafia who ran methamphetamine labs in central and northern California. I know first hand that the majority of the convicted defendants in our meth manufacturing cases had received permanent resident status through Reagan's "SAW" program. Where these defendants' "SAW" cases fraudulent? Again, it was against the law for us to look. That information was off limits and contained behind the red "privacy act" sheets in their immigration "A" files.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Obama - Get in Pena Nieto's Face!

In response:

Why isn't Obama doing something constructive like getting in Mexican President Pena Nieto's face demanding that Pena Nieto provide living wages and services to his own Mexican citizens in Mexico so that we don't have this "immigration reform" problem here?

Face it folks. Profit from Mexican trade, oil, and labor are more important to Washington than the welfare of its own US taxpayers.

So neither government gives one hoot about its own citizens. These two governments create insidious laws like NAFTA that create profit for the bi-national elite at the expense and welfare of the common bi-national citizens on both sides of the border.

NAFTA shipped out many US jobs and brought US corn and Wal-Mart to Mexico. Small Mexican corn farmers and business owners were put out of business thank you Bill Clinton.

Adding insult to injury, NAFTA promised an end to illegal immigration with border maquiladoras (factories) that were supposed to employ all of those millions of Mexican citizens who would normally sneak over here. Wrong. Many of those jobs went to China, and we in turn received the largest influx of undocumented to the US ever.

These Washington corporatists/immigration profiteers do not give us any reasons to trust them. Immigration reform again is about profit from foreign labor (legal or not). It is also about Washington continually selling the American public on their "secure the border" myth in order to justify the billions poured into programs that are designed (to profit) by failure.

Do Americans Matter In The Immigration Reform Debate?

As far as Mexico is concerned, many Americans are outraged because they see that in this so-called democracy of ours, that the (Mexican) undocumented matter and they don't.  After the 1986 Amnesty, the 1994 NAFTA, and the 2002 DHS creation after 911, we see billions of our tax dollars pumped into "border security" and yet we the people are still dealing with 11 million undocumented people in the US.

We see our lives and money thrown under the immigration reform bus while Washington does the Mexican Hat Dance for the Latino vote. We see that the US and Mexican elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade, yet the corrupt Mexican government refuses to provide for its own citizens?

Like it our not, the qualities of life for some US citizens have been adversely affected by the number of undocumented people in the US. That is not the US citizens' faults, nor is it fair to them to have this unwelcomed change in demographics shoved down their throats.

And yes, it is not right that either White or Brown racists blame each other for this travesty of justice.
Both peoples are being and have been hosed for decades. The undocumented are hosed by their own home country governments and the US government too. US citizens are hosed by Washington and the undocumenteds' home country elite too.

It is our duty to educate ourselves as to who is really at fault and how to fix the problem. Those who profit from this mess really don't care about anyone but themselves as evidenced by decades of their insidious immigration reform hoaxes.

Poverty Pushes and Pulls Much Like Gravity

Poverty and hunger push and pull people from Mexico like gravity pushes and pulls water. Until poverty and hunger are abated or subside, the undocumented much like water, will find their way North.

Immigration Reform Remains A Hideous Lie

In response:
This article at least gives me some hope that maybe someone in Washington will not go along with this Gang (Bang) of 8's rubber stamping  "immigration reform" down the taxpayer's throats.

What a convoluted, complicated, insidious scam which simultaneously screws US taxpayers and the undocumented too. 

But wait - John "Operation Streamline" McCain pushing for immigration reform?  Is the not the same Arizona Senator who helped ramrod groups of 80 to 100 undocumented people through Arizona Federal courts right into the awaiting hands of his crony "Corrections Department of America's" privatized immigration prisons?   We the people pay $100 to $125 a night for CCA's and McCain's hotel guests?

How can anyone agree to pumping more money into their "secure the border" hoax when anyone with common sense knows you can't effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into the US?

Yet Mexico (which provides us with over 50% of our undocumented) and the US share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade?  And Harvard University recently grants ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leader's fellowship despite 100,000 people killed in his failed, US backed Mexican drug war?  

Have these people lost their minds?

Then these corporatists spend hundreds of hours dreaming up yet another layered class of pseudo- slave immigrants called RPI's?  "Let's work these people for a good decade before we even consider giving them green cards and eventual citizenship.  If fact, let's make their citizenship dependent upon some hocus-pocus triggers that will first ensure billions more tax-dollars pumped again into our border security industries before these (illegal aliens as McCain insists on calling them) RPI's get anything."

This immigration reform is all about profit over people;  profit from ripping off the undocumented for their cheap labor and US citizens for their tax dollars. 

They take our tax dollars promising to fix illegal immigration while simultaneously rewarding people for  evading the laws of that system .  Meanwhile, the Mexican elite will continue to export their poor for profit while the US elite imports those poor for profit.     
Until this atrocity is addressed, reform remains a hideous lie.     




You "Can't Get To There From Here" With Their "Immigration Reform" Swindles

In response:

John McCain co-author of "Operation Streamline", pushes for immigration "reform"?

Google Operation Streamline, Texas Observer to see the truth behind this money-making scam for McCain's cronies at the Corrections Corporation of America.  All brought to you buy, you guessed it, taxpayers' hard earned dollars. 

The undocumented are simply pawns in an insidious game.  This game is all about labor, remittances, and the abuse of US taxpayers' money for privatized profit.  Think of the billions used for the undocumented's educational costs, medical expenses, and the corporatists'  insatiable "border security" industries greed for more and more money.

By the way, on the greedy 1%'s playing field, we are all pawns for their profit too. 

Reagan's Amnesty, Clinton's NAFTA and 911 all supersized INS/DHS border security resources, yet we still are dealing with 11 million undocumented today?

How many times must it be shoved in our faces that "you can't get to there from here" with their "immigration reform" swindles?  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Questions The Gang of 8 Won't Discuss

Do you want to know why there is so much anger, heartache and confusion centered around immigration reform, especially illegal immigration reform? Here are a several questions that may reveal why:

1. Would the Mexican undocumented (over 50% of the US undocumented) come or stay in the US if they could have equivalent US wages and services working at home with their families in Mexico?

2. Why do we pay US Border Patrol Agents to chase people around at night like animals when many of those same people are Mexican undocumented workers coming to harvest fruits and vegetables for our tables?

3. Are the bi-national governments (US/Mexico) more concerned with bi-national trade, Mexican oil, US investments in Mexico, remittances, drug profits, NAFTA, and cheap labor than they are the safety and welfare of their own bi-national citizens?

4. Why did the largest influx of Mexican undocumented occur after the passage of Clinton's NAFTA during the mid-1990's?

5. Why is the disparity in wealth and poverty in Mexico worse now than it has ever been?

6. Why does Washington seldom if ever discuss Mexican poverty as the major cause of Mexican undocumented coming to the US? 

7. Why does Harvard University award ex Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon their First Angelopoulos Global Leaders Fellowship when Calderon's 2006 drug war policies left over 100,000 people dead in Mexico?

8. Why are the above topics either not talked about, glossed over, or simply taboo during this Gang of 8's immigration reform hearings? 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Water Seeks Its Own Level and So Will Hungry People

In response:

Like-minded Republic captains will go down with their immigration ship as they furiously blame those darn eleven million "illegals" for causing the USS USA to sink.

Water seeks its own level as will hungry people. Some republicans blame the gushing water rather than fixing the holes in their ship. Put another way some Republicans and their cronies should be blaming Mexican poverty as the cause of over 50% of our undocumented population, not the undocumented themselves.

You can't damn off the border from a flood of hungry people any more than you can damn off the border from a 2,000 mile long title wave.

By the way, we the people need to blame both governments and their insidious NAFTA for causing the Mexican poverty that causes illegal Mexican immigration to the US.

The bi-national elite also have it twisted around in order to avoid any hint of responsibility for the undocumented nightmare that they profit from creating and maintaining in the US.
Those elite are not the ones who have to be chased around at night like animals in order to run al Norte to feed their families. Nor are they the ones who suffer losses of job and horrendously long lines at US hospital emergency rooms.


The Mexican elite sit back and collect billions in remittances and drug profits while the US elite collect billions from cheap labor, privatized prisons, their US border security industries, their drug war industry, their bank laundered drug profits, their guns flowing south, and from their immigration "reform" lobbyists who pay them dearly to retain their lucrative (and our failed) immigration status quo.

Our Representatives Need Reforming, Not Immigration

In response: 

From the above article: "Under a tentative deal reached Thursday, immigrants who are in the United States illegally would need to buy their own insurance, and if they accept government subsidized care, they’re out of the country. Republicans agreed to exempt emergency care."
Please tell me who is going to suddenly swoop down and take them out of the country?
Also, "Republicans agreed to exempt emergency care". Sweet.
I would love to see any of these elite representatives of ours take their 98 year old parents to an emergency room in Sacramento, CA. I would love to see any of them stand in line and wait for 4 or more hours while 50 to 60 undocumented people and people with obvious mental problems have to wait too.

Many of them have to wait outside because there is not enough seating in the emergency room waiting room for them to be able to sit down.
I am afraid that these so-called representatives of ours are either clueless, great liars, or simply don't care.
They are what needs reforming, not immigration.

The Media's Propaganization of Immigration Reform

The way the media propagandizes immigration reform you would think there are no downsides to it.

They of course only tell one side of the story.

Why doesn't one new agency go talk to longtime residents of San Jacinto, CA, located 1.5 hours away from the Tijuana border? After NAFTA was ramrodded through in the mid-1990's, San Jac was flooded by primarily undocumented people from Mexico.

How do I know that they are undocumented? Let's just say it is an educated guess. I was a border patrol/INS/ICE agent for 26 years.

NAFTA coupled with the Great Mortgage Meltdown/Recession of 2008 (another preventable Government failure for the 1%'s profit ) turned San Jacinto into a border town that is unrecognizable from what it used to be.

I don't blame the undocumented. I blame two corporatist governments who screw not only the undocumented, but US taxpayers too.

I blame the media today who is hell bent on reform and telling the problems of the undocumented, but who throw the people of towns like San Jacinto under their immigration reform bus because they do not matter. And that is why Americans are so angry.

Tell me how our governments failed immigration policies (which this reform joke will turn out to be) helps long-time citizen taxpayers of San Jacinto, CA?

You can't, because it is to late. The only thing that would save them is for Mexico to start taking care of its own people, and we know there is no reason for them to do that.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Washington - Jerking Us Around About Illegal Immigration for Decades

In response:

Washington - you have been jerking us around about illegal immigration for decades. You told us Reagan's Amnesty in the mid-1980's and Clinton's NAFTA in the mid-1990's (coupled with the billions in "border security" increases) would solve the problem. The number of undocumented jumped from the some 3 million then to the estimated 11 million that it is today.

You guys tell us that Mexico is our friendly neighbor, yet the fencing at the ports of entry look like we are at war with Mexico. You guys share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico yet why do their poor keep coming? You guys never discuss the corrupt Mexican government's responsibility in maintaining the conditions that push their poor here when you pass immigration reform. I wonder why?

You pay border patrol agents to chase people around at night when many of those being chased are the same people who harvest our fruits and vegetables?

You stand by and let this travesty of migrants' rights continue when over 50% of our undocumented (Mexicans) would not come or stay here if they were to allowed to receive similar US wages and services in Mexico?   Could it be that you also profit from their undocumented labor and Latino politics? 

Your NAFTA shipped US jobs away and ruined small corn farmers and small business in Mexico. You support Calderon's 2006 drug war in Mexico which left some 100,000 people dead (including several US agents). Anyone with half a brain knows that Calderon's drug war was and still is a cartel take over of the competition. Then Harvard University grants this tyrant the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Fellowship with a year of lucrative speaking engagements?

Both governments conspire to rape the good people on both sides of the fence. You guys stand back and let Mexico "export" its poor north so you can profit off of cheap labor while US taxpayers suffer the costs and consequences?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Immigration Reform: Abusing Foreigners For Labor and US Taxpayers For Money

Ultimately "immigration reform" is all about the 1% insidiously turning a profit by abusing foreigners for labor and US taxpayers for jobs and money.

Our wonderful leaders attempt to create a RPI class of indentured slaves while soaking US taxpayers for billions more to "secure the border". 

Washington, Mexico and US Immigration Reform

In response:

As Washington scrambles to reform immigration the issue that concerns Americans most is the part about 11 or so million undocumented people "hiding in the shadows".

Current PEW research studies indicate that roughly 50% of those 11 million undocumented people are from Mexico. One would think that our Senators would address the fact that about one half of our current undocumented population, approximately some 5.5 million people, are from Mexico.

Yet Washington remains eerily silent about this fact and anything that Washington shuts up about should be of concern to us all.

Will Washington admit that the largest influx of undocumented to the US (including Mexicans) came after the passage of Clinton's NAFTA in 1994? Why would a free trade agreement that must be benefitting someone actually cause the largest influx ever of undocumented people to come to the US (from some 3 million in the mid 1990's to the 11 million or so today)?

You know I don't hear them say much about these facts either:  NAFTA ruined small corn farmers in Mexico and many small Mexican businesses were lost to no other than US Wal-Mart.

So why should we trust Washington's immigration reform today after they created NAFTA which actually nearly quadrupled our population of undocumented?

Today the US and Mexico share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade which clearly does not benefit the Mexican poor who still try to come here.


Monday, May 20, 2013

More Immigration Reform Ad Infinitum

In response:

Washington's Corporatist lawmakers create and then profit off of economic conditions that produce illegal immigration. They then use government propaganda to reform those conditions which again will create more profit and more economic conditions that produce more illegal immigration and more immigration reform ad infinitum.

The above process is entirely paid for but not brought to you by or approved of by US taxpayers.

Immigration Reform: The Elite Win And the 99% Pay The Price

In Response:

Pandering to the up and coming Latino vote while simultaneously sticking their RPI immigrants and US taxpayers with all the costs and consequences.

PRI immigrants are their newest creation of a sub class of indentured laborers. Our Washington profiteers will make sure they get their border security profits before allowing these people any chance of citizenship.

Meanwhile, US taxpayers will foot the bill for billions in border security capitalism not to mention the loss of jobs and long lines at hospital emergency rooms.

They will push this convoluted "reform" through because Americans are too lazy to figure out what they are really doing.

Washington and the undocumented's home countries elite create the conditions to push laborers here then shaft US taxpayers in the process. The elite win and the 99% pay the price with their own apathy.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Undocumented Sell Their Souls to Corporate America

At what cost are you forced to leave your home-countries and sell you labor as American RPI slaves?

Immigration Reform Scandal Won't Be Derailed

In response:

Of course it won't be derailed by any scandals especially the scandal that it is.

Immigration reform is primarily about corporatists lining their pockets off of labor (legal or not) and deferring the costs and consequences to the US taxpayers.

Bend over America you are about to get re-reformed by your own government again!

Immigration for Profit

In response:

Of course they are cheering.  Immigration for profit (legal or not) is primarily about the US corporate elite lining their pockets off of labor (legal or not) and deferring the costs and consequences to US taxpayers.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Immigration (Legal and Not) Is Only About Money

Immigration (legal and not) is only about money i.e. profit for the corporate elite at the expense of US taxpayers and the lives of the undocumented.  

Who has paid for decades of failed immigration enforcement? Who loses jobs to the undocumented who work under the table or use false documents? Who sends remittances back home because their home-country elite financially rape their own citizens? Who profits from cheap undocumented labor? Who profits from immigration prisons? Who profits from the border security industry that by design will never effectively stop hungry people from crossing into the US? Who gains political profit by pandering to the Latino vote for immigration reform? Who shares 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade? Who receives millions in aid and drug war funding? Who buys whose oil? Whose banks launder whose billions in cartel profits? Who profits when illegal firearms are smuggled south? Who profits by force-feeding immigration reform that does not work for the common good of US taxpayers? Who "exports" their laborers to the US because of the mutual economic policies that only benefit the US and the undocumented's home-country elite? Who will not address Mexican poverty as the ultimate cause of over 50% of our undocumented population? Which two counties put 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade above the welfare and even the lives of their own citizens? How much does the US dependency on oil contribute to our government ignoring Mexican poverty as the cause of our illegal immigration from Mexico? Whose citizens continue to let Washington get away these immigration reform scams despite evidence that previous attempts have failed?

Friday, May 17, 2013

"Agreement in Principle" About The Princial Cause Of Ilegal Mexican Immigration? Not On Your Life!

In Response:

How can they have "Agreement in Principle" concerning anything to do with Mexican illegal immigration when they refuse to consider the extreme poverty in Mexico as the principal cause of Mexican illegal immigration to the US?

All of the reforms, drones, agents, and fences in the world will not effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into the US.

Those of you who live long enough will see that this "immigration reform" nightmare will be a recurring nightmare come true.

And I don't know what is worse: Washington telling us (again) that we can effectively stop it or US taxpayers believing (again) that we effectively can.

Actually, I do know what is worse: Washington pretending that they actually want to effectively stop or fix it.

This immigration "reform" rhetoric is so very similar to their 40 year-long, one trillion dollar rhetoric about illegal drugs.

Our illegal drugs and our illegal aliens both have a Mexican connection. And Felipe Calderon, Mexico's Drug War President whose US backed drug war policies have left over 100,000 dead in Mexico is now a Harvard fellow?

The tangle webs they (we) weave.

Fix Broken Immigration? Fix Broken Washington

In response:

If you want to "Fix What's Broken" with immigration, you will have to fix what is broken in Washington. 

Washington serves the profiteers - not the public - and it is no different with immigration.

Immigration reform is all about the profitable use (and abuse) of labor - documented or not.

US taxpayers are just as much Washington's pawns (almost used the plural "b" word) as the laborers are. 
For decades now American taxpayers have been suffering the real costs and consequences of Washington's failed immigration polices.  If you want  to experience a double-whammy of Washington's failed policies (for-profit health care/immigration) go to a hospital emergency room in Sacramento, CA and wait in line for hours with the hoards of people (documented and not).

They could cut over one half of the public's costs and consequences of failed illegal immigration by forcing Mexico to take care of its own citizens.

But that could affect the profit margins of the bi-national 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade and oil revenues.   

Senator Lindsey Graham recently slipped by calling Mexico a "hell hole" during this month's Senate markup to their proposed "Gang of 8's" immigration bill.   He was quickly corrected by Senator Jeff Sessions.

This slip and correction t by the two senators reveals exactly what Washington thinks of Mexican illegal immigration and trade:  we profit off of a " hell hole" which simultaneously sends us illegal laborers, trade and oil so don't reform that.     

Washington's Bag of Immigration Propaganda

In response: 

E Verify and "border security" are just two insidious fallacies within Washington's bag of immigration propaganda.  

I am not saying that either wouldn't work.  They would.  Yet these double-talkers will never allow any version of E Verify to be so effective that it cuts their undocumented Mexican labor flow.  Nor will they make the border so "secure" that it disrupts their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade.

Their smooth talking rhetoric may give some hope.  Yet immigration reform is all about their profit while having little or nothing to do with hope.    

Consider immigration enforcement and drug enforcement as two sides of the same coin.  Our one trillion dollar drug war started over 40 years ago.   Yet today's illegal drugs are more powerful and more potent than ever.  Consider their over-flowing privatized prisons as part of that scam too. 

On the immigration side is Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA.  Both promised to end illegal immigration.  Curiously both caused the our undocumented population to soar from 3 million in the mid-1990's to the 11 million that we have today.

Only a fool would believe the "Gang of 8's" immigration reform nonsense that they are pushing today.  It is (as it has always been) about simultaneously profiting off of illegal laborers and US taxpayers while selling both groups on their illusions of security and prosperity for all.   

Kill their bill until these profiteers starting telling the truth.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tell The People of San Jacinto, CA About Immigration Reform

In response:

Go to the town of San Jacinto CA and ask long time residents what they think about immigration reform. San Jacinto is located in Riverside County just about 1.5 hours north of the San Diego border. It is unrecognizable because of the shift in the demographics after NAFTA was passed in the mid-1990's. If one did not know differently, one would think that they were in a border town.

Tell those long time residents of San Jacinto how this newest 2013 immigration reform is going to bring back the town that they once knew. Convince those residents that this reform will really stop illegal immigration (just like they were promised during the run-ups to Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA).

The cause of Mexican illegal immigration is poverty in Mexico. Our US President Clinton pushed for NAFTA which caused the single largest influx of undocumented into the US ever (from 3 million to the 11 million it is now).   If the experts are right today, the amount of undocumented from Mexico in the US today makes up more than 50% of the overall total.   

So you can post all of the studies that boast how wonderful 2013 immigration reform will be for us all. Just don't go to San Jacinto CA and tell the them that line of baloney. They have heard Washington's immigration lies before and are still suffering the consequences of the last two immigration "reforms" that not only worsened their poverty but worsened the poverty in Mexico too.

Scrap The Reform Process And Start From The Truth

In response:

They act like a bunch of vultures picking at the carcasses of the poor and starving. 
They need to smack down their deformed (morally perverted; warped) attempts at immigration "reform" and admit the truth: someone is simultaneously profiting from the undocumented's labor, US taxpayer's "border security" monies, and Mexican trade/oil/investments.

Their self inflicted reform fire-storm is designed as a smoke-screen for the above.

Good people on both sides of the border are being played as bi-national pawns of their insidious plan: no one (US taxpayers or the undocumented) should accept this for the few scraps they might offer.

Scrap the entire reform process and start from the truth: the bi-national elite profit by pushing and pulling Mexico's undocumented here while US taxpayers suffer their costs and consequences.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why Do We and The Good People Of Mexico Put Up With This?

In response:

Profit from undocumented labor and the border security industry are more important to Washington than the welfare of US taxpayers is.
Otherwise, Washington would get in Mexico's face and make them clean up their act and make them take care of their poor.

We can't make them do anything you say? Why? We sanction Iran because we don't like the way they behave. 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade with Mexico, and we are powerless? Or maybe  Mexican trade and oil are more important to Washington than the welfare of US taxpayers?

"They should stand up to their own government!" Not real easy to do especially if you are poor and your first priority is putting food on the table.

The Mexican elite dump on us as do our own elite who profit by letting them get away with it.

I don't know why we or the good people of Mexico put up with this.

They will pass immigration reform come hell or high water because the system is so convolutely corrupt that any apparent fix is better than nothing. Or are our banks so dependent upon laundering cartel money that Washington will keep kissing Mexico's culo by letting their rich dump their poor on our doorsteps?

I don't know why we or the good people of Mexico put up with this.

Kill The Bill Until They Fess Up To The Truth

In response:

A more humane border policy when the Mexican government effectively starves its own citizens North while the US Government condones and profits from this abuse too?

For decades now someone has been raking in billions made off of Mexican undocumented labor and the US taxpayer funded "border security" mirage.

Do you ever hear one senator from this Gang of 8 mention the US backed drug war in Mexico and its horrific results of 100,000 people dead? Does it ever dawn on these profiteers that their own failed drug war pushes people North (not to mention the devastating results of their predecessors' NAFTA on common citizens' lives on both sides of the fence)?

These clowns profit from the conditions that cause illegal immigration then profit from their "border security" industry that they create to supposedly stop it.

Do you think that they really want to "kill" the Mexican goose that lays those golden eggs?

They profit from Mexican poverty caused by their predecessors' NAFTA's dumping US corn and Wal-Mart in Mexico then profit from the US/Mexican undocumented who they helped proliferate?

I have had it with their "reform" and "immigration modernization" propaganda that simply creates more of the same suffering and costs for not only the undocumented but US taxpayers' too.

On top of everything else, they pretend to care about the undocumented by creating a new sub-class of RPI immigrants intended to suck the blood and labor out of them for somewhere between 5 and 13 year before considering giving them a "pathway' to citizenship? 

Kill the bill until they fess up to the truth.

Monday, May 13, 2013

US Taxpayers Thrown Under the Immigration Reform Bus: The Undocumened Are Taken For A Ride Too

In response:
For decades now Washington's cronies have insidiously profited by throwing American taxpayers under the immigration bus.

Of course the undocumented people on that bus have been taken for a ride too.
Washington now puts the pedal to the metal on their 2013 immigration reform bus model.    
What a scam!  Billions upon billions of dollars poured into a border security industry that simultaneously thrives off of the poverty-driven labor of the undocumented while thriving off of the hard-earned tax dollars of Americans too!   

Is it conceivable that Washington's foreign and economic policies with the undocumented's home country governments are simultaneously designed to not only cause this problem but perpetuate it too?
Short term memory folks:  Clinton's NAFTA caused the largest influx of undocumented into the US ever.  The jump went from the +/- 3 million it was in the mid 1990's to the +/- 11 million it is today. 
By the way, remember all those promises of how border factories (maquiladoras) would end Mexican illegal immigration?  
My apologies to all good people who trust or who have trusted our government.   I am sad to say that we can no longer afford that luxury.  As with their failed war in Iraq, their failed "attempts" at health care, their failure to stop the Great Recession of 2008, and their failed 40 year-long drug war, Washington neither deserves our trust nor the benefit of our doubts.

Immigration "reform" creates profits off of illegal immigration while also creating profit for the industry that (theoretically) is designed to prevent it.

If this nightmare wasn't so wrong I would have to admit how brilliant it is!  Is this not eerily similar to our forty-year long trillion-dollar war on drugs?  Isn't it interesting how both the war on drugs and illegal immigration have astronomical profits and Mexico as common denominators?    

Here is the deal folks:  look at Mexico because it is our closest southern neighbor who "provides" over 50% of all undocumented people we have in the US.

Illegal Mexican immigration is designed and co-created by the bi-national elite.  Billons in remittances are yearly pumped back into Mexico's economy by the very people who their elite "pushes" or "exports" al Norte.  Then the US elite "imports" or "pulls" them here for profit as a never ending supply of cheap laborers. "Illegal aliens" or human beings who harvest America's food and construct American homes?

Then that American elite further profits by filling their privatized immigration prisons, breaking all their previous records of deportations, and then holding their US Senate hearings in order to "reform" their 1% madness.  Then they tout how they will "modernize" immigration laws by creating a sub-class of RPI "immigrants" who will be rung for every drop of labor and blood before being granted resident alien status and possible citizenship?    

Washington must address this insidious scam and face not only the Mexican elite but the US elite too.  Demand that Mexico provide equivalent US wages and services to their own citizens in Mexico.  
That bi-national elite share 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross-border trade and can well afford what the good citizens of Mexico and the US no longer can, or will.  

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Effective Control of the Entire Southern Border? Throw in the Northen Border, Both Coasts, and the Moon Too!

In Response:

"Effective control of the entire Southern border" causes the Border Security Industrial Complex to wet its pants.

Throw in the Northern border, both coasts and the moon while you are at it!

Earth to Washington, or better yet, Earth to US taxpayers: You can't stop hungry people from sneaking into the US. And if you dig deep enough you will see that these con-artist politicians really don't want to stop them. Their bosses profit off of undocumented cheap labor as well as taxpayers funds for their illusion of "border security".

Dear Senators: Do you want "effective control of the entire Southern border"?

Postpone all "immigration reform" hearings and have the Gang of 8 immediately enter into emergency negotiations with the Mexican Government. Objective: the Mexican government will provide equivalent US wages and services in Mexico to its own Mexican citizens.

Means To This End: The 1.25 billion dollars a day in bi-national trade will be negotiated and applied to finance the above.

This is the "right thing to do" for US taxpayers as over 50% of the US undocumented come from Mexico. This is the "right thing to do" for the Mexican undocumented as it will stop their border crossing deaths and family separations.

PS Please consider ending the failed US backed Mexican Drug War of 2006 which has resulted in the deaths of over 100,000 people:
PSS Please consider advising Harvard University to rescind Calderon's "First Angelopoulos Global Leader's Fellowship" before Calderon (like Guatemala's Rios-Montt) is prosecuted for (drug war) genocide.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Grahm's Failed "Hell Hole" Immigration Reform: Is It By Design?

In response:

Here is the cause of that Senator Graham's "hell hole" Mexican illegal immigration:  the corrupt Mexican government disposes of their undocumented here while the corrupt US government lets them get away with it.

Or put another way, the bi-national US/Mexican elite profit off of undocumented immigration while simultaneously profiting off of the border enforcement industrial complex that will never effectively stop those undocumented.

For decades US taxpayers have suffered the costs and the consequences of this bi-national elite's "illegal" immigration setup.  God only knows how many undocumented immigrants' lives have been lost, or how many US citizens' lives have been lost to Mexican criminals who are a part of those getting through too.     

By the way, substitute "illegal" drugs for the undocumented and we have the other bi-national scam that our bi-national elite profit from while sending all the costs and consequences to US taxpayers.

Do you know that Harvard University recently awarded ex-Mexican Drug War President Felipe Calderon the First Angelopoulos Global Leader's award with a year's long fellowship at Harvard?  Harvard ignores Calderon's legacy of corruption and blood (100,000 people sacrificed during Calderon's senseless US backed war).  Harvard then greases the way for Calderon to lecture at crony US universities for $100,000  a pop (or more). 

Is this a coincidence that our Senators' attempts at "reform" never quite solve illegal immigration (or illegal drug) problems?  Or is it by design?    

Someone Profits From This Border, Drug War and Immigration Insanity

In response:

Washington gives billions in trade and aid to the corrupt Mexican Government and for all intense purposes turns a blind eye to said corrupt Mexican government as it pushes its own poor into our country and uses its own military to fight a drug war that has killed 100,000 of its own citizens?


Someone profits from this border, drug war and immigration insanity which all are created and maintained by both governments.

Many good people on both sides of the border suffer and die from this self-inflicted quagmire.

We need a peaceful bi-national border shut down. Maybe if they lose a few days of their 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade they will come to their senses.

The 800 Pound Gorilla of Poverty (GOP) - The True Cause of Illegal Immigration

I find it pretty disturbing to watch our Senators at the border security segment of their immigration reform hearings on C-SPAN. These Senators with their hell-bent, myopic stance on border security ignore the proverbial 800 pound gorilla sitting in their hearing room.

You know that gorilla holding that 6'X4' sign with the word "POVERTY" written in English on one side and "POBREZA" written in Spanish on the other side?

Poverty - specifically home-country poverty - or even more specifically Mexican poverty - the root cause of our Mexican illegal immigration - seems to be a taboo subject for these senators' minds and hearings.

I find it amazing that we share with Mexico (make that the bi-national US/Mexican elite share) 1.25 billion dollars a day in NAFTA cross border trade, yet we have to build border war-zone fencing to keep their citizens from coming here for a better life?

This hideous Gorilla of Poverty (GOP - pardon the PUN) sits there sewn together like a multi-national Frankenstein: body parts primarily from the Mexican poor, the Central American poor and from poor American taxpayers.

This same hideous 800 pound "GOP" who sat there ignored and shunned during the Reagan Administration's  mid-1980's Amnesty hearings and the Clinton Administration's early 1990's NAFTA hearings.

These senators pretend that smelly old gorilla is not there - as if they faced him they would have to face their own culpability in ignoring the cause of illegal immigration to the US.  They would have to fess up to how they profit from the backs of undocumented laborers while sending all of the costs and consequences to the US taxpayers. 

They would have to admit their own responsibility for the decades-long proliferation of profit for the US Border Security Industrial Complex and other US corporations who use undocumented laborers. 

US illegal immigration problems will never be solved until this Gang of 8 (or their clones down the road) scrap their own greedy, profiteering ways and admit US economic culpability in the creation of our own insidious illegal immigration nightmares.    

Otherwise Dear Senators keep up the charade as the good people of Mexico and other NAFTA/CAFTA/TPP stricken countries AND American taxpayers pay the price of your lies and greed.  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Illegal Immigration - Illegal Drugs / Same Agenda/ Same Modus Operandi

They cannot effectively stop hungry people from sneaking into the US. And why would they? There is simply too much profit to be made from illegal labor and all of the privatized components of US Border Security Industrial Complex for these politicians to reform their ways.

This is the exact agenda of the US Drug Enforcement Industrial complex only applied to illegal laborers instead of illegal drugs.

Make the taxpayers believe it is a national security threat and that our government will fix the problem. Never mind that the trillion dollar scam has been going on for over four decades with no apparent end in sight.

Sanction Mexico and until they start taking care of their own people. That would sting the US 1% who profit off of the 1.25 billion dollars a day in cross border trade. Yet it would be better to stick it to the bi-national 1% than to stick it to the good people of Mexico or the good US taxpayers.

What Our Immigration Reform Representatives Won't Discuss

In response:

After 26 years of being a US Border Patrol/INS/ICE Agent (and seven years of home study) I can sum up illegal Mexican immigration "reform" as this:

The bi-national elite profit off of illegal immigration and pass the costs and consequences on to the US taxpayers.

Those elite have created and institutionalized corporations which not only profit from undocumented labor, but profit from the ineffective enforcement of illegal immigration too.

It is all about profit. It is all about labor. It is all about profit for the Border Security Industrial Complex at the expense of US taxpayer's.

Those who profit do not suffer the consequences of dangerous border crossings, extreme poverty, divided families, over-crowded emergency rooms, losses of jobs, and unfair changes in home town demographics.

The above is what our representatives will not discuss. If they did they would have to admit the part that they play in continuing this failed immigration status quo.

Priorities and the Overall Scheme of (Immigration) Things

In response:

For decades now US foreign and economic policies (NAFTA, CAFTA, and Plan Merida) have helped create such poverty and drug war violence in parts of the Latin American undocumented's home countries that it is no wonder they keep coming here.

How many people will eventually die crossing our southern border because this current reform bill will fail to address the 1%'s economic greed as the cause of illegal immigration?

Reagan's Amnesty and Clinton's NAFTA actually exacerbated illegal immigration to the US rather than end it as promised.

So here we go again.

Can't sleep at night Chuck?

Try going to a hospital emergency room in Sacramento at 11PM with your 98 year old parents and experience firsthand what previously failed immigration reform has done to American citizens.

Nighty night Chuck.

Immigration Reform Gang Bang

In response:

Watch as this Senate Judiciary Committee does the Mexican Hat Dance while tap-dancing around the real truth of their immigration reform bill. Tap Dancing like that sombrero was a bonfire!

Everything that they are considering boils down to simultaneously profiting of off US taxpayers AND the undocumented. It is all about using taxpayers' money and the undocumented's' labor to fatten their cronies' pockets.

Oh sure they will appeal to our emotions and throw some crumbs to their starving and barking constituents.

But the very bottom line of all their lines is about profit for themselves and their cronies. That profit of course includes profit for their foreign country cronies.

You know - like those rich folks in Mexico who discard their own citizens North in order for those discarded citizens to become the US undocumented.

Americans have had it with this scam. I hope so have Latinos too - "documented or not".

This "reform" is a gang bang - and we the good citizens of all of the Americas are being lied to while being raped.

Don't stand for this. Let's demand that these hearings include the American elite's and the undocumented's home-country elite's insidious agendas to capitalize off of the backs of undocumented labor while sending the bills to the US taxpayers.

Email to Colorado Senator Bennet ref: Immigration Reform

Senator Bennet,

It has taken me years to figure out what underlies Washington's  approach to illegal immigration is really about.

Question:  there is something so very wrong with our leaders allowing a major trading partner (Mexico) to discard their poor North at the expense of US taxpayers.

Or put another way, there is something so very wrong with our leaders ignoring that US taxpayers suffer the cost and consequences of the Mexican elite not providing for its own citizens.

Or put another way, the US and Mexican elite simultaneously profit not only off of the Mexican undocumented, but US taxpayers too. Consider cheap labor, billions in remittances pumped back into Mexico's economy, and billions in taxpayers' costs for the privatization and government corporatization of the US Border Security Industrial Complex Complex.  

These are the insidious truths you guys are not discussing.  These are the insidious truths that left ignored will cause any immigration reform to fail. 

US Taxpayers Pay the Price While the Mexican Elite Disown Their own

There is something so very wrong with our "democratic" government which allows a major trading partner (Mexico) to disown* its own citizens at the expense of our own US citizens.

* discard, delude, demoralize, deny, disregard, destroy, deploy, disfranchise,  dehumanize, dump, dispose, destruct, drain, derail,  despise, disgrace, discourage, deceive, decry, defeat, defray, defy, defile, degrade, demote, demonize, deport, deposit (for remittances), disparage, deprave, derange, despair, deter, devour, detour, devastate, diminish, disapprove, disengage, discredit, dishonor, disfavor, disoblige, dislocate, dislodge, deport, disperse, distress, disuse, divorce, divide, dominate, dupe, etc.